Free Windows User Interface Programs

February 25th, 2015
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If you have a PC with Windows installed and are looking to make your work routine more efficient try out these free programs. They are mostly inspired from Mac OS X and Linux but they have great user interface tools to better manage multiple windows explorer windows using panes (sometimes called panels) which are side by side views and tabs. You can also get multiple desktops like Linux and better deal with multiple open windows whether you use one or multiple monitors.

If you are tired of dealing with lots of open windows and losing track of what you have open, you’ll want to try these out. If you are a power Windows user or do a lot of multi-tasking, these applications will help you speed up your productivity on your computer.

Windows Explorer Tabs and/or Multiple Panes

  • Q-Dir – tabs, multiple panels (up to 4), favorites – my #1 choice
  • FreeCommander – tabs, dual panel
  • Multi Commander – tabs, dual panel
  • Unreal Commander – tabs, dual panel
  • XYplorer – tabs, dual panel – free version doesn’t have a favorites feature, but it does remember your last open tabs and places last open
  • QTTabBar – tabs, no dual or multiple panes, very clean, Windows Explorer plugin
  • Clover – tabs, no dual or multiple panes, very clean, Windows Explorer plugin

Mission Control clone

Dexpot – Mac OS X Mission Control clone. Free for personal use only! This does what Mac OS X Spaces and Expose clones do in one program. Multiple desktops and easily switching from open windows. Hot corners, keyboard shortcuts and more. If you need something free for a work, business or commercial computer, use the two programs WindowsPager and Switcher, which I mention below.

Multiple Desktop / Spaces clone

WindowsPager – Mac OS X Spaces clone or Linux Multiple Desktops clone. This is the one I like the best, configuration takes awhile to figure out. I like the windows box in my Windows taskbar. You can configure keyboard shortcuts and more. You can configure different wallpaper for each desktop, but you have to edit an ini file.

Expose clone

Switcher – Mac OS X Expose clone. It allows you to more easily switch from all your open windows rather than dealing with alt-tab. If you have a lot of windows open, you’ll want this. You can configure hotspots and it works with multiple monitors.

Netflix Doesn’t Have Western TV Shows

December 8th, 2014
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I’ve yet to get Netflix, as well there are other options out there to view shows or TV. However, one thing I was suprised by was the fact they carry no western TV shows. Classic shows like Bonanza, Gunsmoke and many more older westerns (what made up a lot of early Television programs) are not available on Netflix. Hard to believe, but I guess they can’t carry everything.

Tone’s Garlic Powder and Onion Powder

October 20th, 2014
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If you buy Tone’s spices from Sam’s Club you might of noticed that they dry out so bad it becomes a giant brick even when sealed up tight. I’ve never had spices do that before in the small containers. The products I’ve gotten were the 20 oz plastic shakers of Tone’s Garlic Powder and Tone’s Onion Powder.

Gas Prices Down During Election Again

October 17th, 2014
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Maybe it’s just me but doesn’t it always seem gas prices go down to their lowest points right around election time? Yes, I know summer is over and they lower prices, but I’ve seen this happen several times. As if somehow they want energy and gas to not be an issue. Maybe I’m being over skeptical in seeing some kind of connection.

Capezio shoes suck

October 13th, 2014
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I’ve purchased 2 pairs of shoes by Capezio and both pairs have fallen apart. One pair of dance shoes, were about $90 and they were cheaply made. The soles on them were a thin slip of suede glued onto a thin cardboard (not even the cardboard on a shipping package like from UPS or USPS, but more like from a cereal box) and then that was sewn onto a thin slip of fabric. They ended up with holes in them after a few months. You could feel every crack or uneven surface on the floor, meaning they had no support at all. I took them to the cobbler and they told me they were not able to repair them as they had no real sole to them.

The other pair I got were a pair of dance sneakers, Capezio Canvas Dansneaker. They didn’t hold up but for maybe 2 or 3 months before the canvas started to rip where the plastic soles are glued to the canvas. There is no way to repair them either.