Progressive vs GEICO Auto Insurance

June 24th, 2014
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From my experience Progressive Car Insurance is cheaper than GEICO Auto Insurance for the first 6 months. Progressive gives really good rate the first time you sign up. However, after those first six months, their rate goes up and they are more slightly more expensive than GEICO. In my experience I saved about $40-60 with Progressive over GEICO during my first 6 months with them, then afterwards, GEICO was cheaper by $20-25. Granted both have better rates than State Farm, Allstate or many other insurance companies.

Ziploc Food Storage Containers Don’t Last

June 5th, 2014
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If you have bought any Ziploc Food Storage Containers, then you probably already know, these plastic containers will crack, tear and break after 2 or 3 uses. They are way too thing and not durable enough to last. It doesn’t matter if they are for the refrigerator, microwave or the panty, they will simply not last. Get another brand and save your money.

The New Google Maps Sucks

May 11th, 2014
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Seriously I can no longer make a map or pin items while searching for other areas. Searching for nearby places of a destination is no longer possible. I know I can’t be the only one that hates the new Google Maps.

American Healthcare and Health Insurance

April 19th, 2014
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How does forcing people to buy health insurance really solve the healthcare issue in this country? Especially if they can’t afford it? The fine for not paying is less than the cost of healthcare. Our politicians sold out the the healthcare industry. Medical tourism is something that is becoming more common. Medical tourism is when someone goes out of the US to another country to get their operation, surgery or other medical or dental needs taken care of. It’s cheaper to go to India, get your operation, recover and see the country than it is to have it done in the US.

Healthcare should be a guaranteed right in the America. Now the argument is that people wonder how it will be paid for. Which is valid. Do we all just say, everyone fend for themselves? Everyone go into debt themselves? No one is to blame for being diagnosed with cancer or some other illness. Things like that happen and can take a whole family into debt. Yes, people shouldn’t be getting sex changes or other unnecessary procedures under any free healthcare system. But surely there has to be something better than this.

Employers Now Mention They Don’t Want Job Hoppers

April 14th, 2014
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I’ve noticed lots of employers like to look for people that are not “job hoppers”. But what is considered to be a job hopper? What if someone has moved up from several positions or had a slight slump and needed to move around a bit. What is wrong with testing out new fields of work. Our employers look for “stable” employees in certain fields for years, but yet don’t offer long term retirement or any guarantees they won’t be laid off to cut a little savings. How many jobs and how many months must people have before being considered going from job to job. If each job was for better pay, why is that a bad thing. People are moving up and moving on. Employment in this time period is tough, people should applaud others getting ahead or moving up and not staying with the same thing over and over. The weird thing is even the low end jobs are saying this.