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I’m not a A-List Blogger or anyone famous, I’m just an person that writes about the web, technology, electronics and general consumer shopping. You won’t find many reblog posts about big tech news, nor will there be lots of top ten lists. If the blog goes awhile without being updated, it’s probably because I’m busy working. I’ve never understood how other bloggers can take the time to make blog posts almost daily, while managing a separate full time job.


A note to the grammar and spelling police: I do reread my posts, but I do make typos, it’s the human in me. It seems catching typos on a monitor is harder than on paper. 😛

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  1. 1 · Stanley OByerly says:

    I like shows such as Pickers, Pawn Stars, etc. I would like to see a picker show, that shows people going around and buying antique farm machinery and garden and lawn tractors and related stuff.
    There is great interest in the rural lifestyle.

  2. 2 · Elna(The Dane) says:

    I do like the History Channel .But i do hate the program about Killing Alligators i live in Florida what have that to do with history?Also i hate Swamp people I also like the Pickers and Pawn show even it don’t have nothing to do with history to me?.One channel have beautiful stuff like your channel that is channel 35

  3. 3 · Michele says:

    I am not sure if this is the correct place for a complaint about the History Channel. I see the comments above are.
    I turn the History Channel on before most any other channel to start. But what is shown that is considered history is so boring, so no real history to me. I change it immediately when it comes to cars etc, killing alligators etc.
    I cant stand Swam People or similar shows that involve Red Necks, no offense to country people, people without teeth, speak like they all live in Hootersville, USA, and yell, cuss and carry on like they are totally uneducated.
    Not everyone is a Red Neck and most women are not into these shows. Please tell me how Ax Men is considered history??? Maybe they cut trees and logged like that years ago..is that it?????? Or these stupid shows fixing up old cars, appliances, etc. I suppose some people like that, but all these types of shows are on way to often. Why aren’t there most programs about the Civil War, the 18th/19th century in America, or about a famous person and his/her life story related to history or very important events that shaped America! You show so little of those programs and way to much of all the other nonsense over and over. Occasionally a program does come on about those last topics, but it’s so rare compared to the Hicksville shows.
    One show that was very interesting was….Men Who Built America….excellent, now that is history!!!!! Pawn Stars is fair and American Pickers is ok as long as it’s not overdone.
    But lets get War History, Lives of Presidents etc., Life in America years ago and I love the Civil War era and the only time I see it and it’s not often is early, early morning before 8 am when a lot of people are still sleeping or rushing to get to work or at work. More biblical shows would be great too.
    Get the junk off and get some real history on!!!!!

  4. 4 · tom says:

    Enjoy History Channel. On ANCIENT ALIENS, however, the incessant leading questions ALWAYS ANSWERED WITH “Ancient Astronaut Theorist say YES” is infantile at best and just damned irritating overall. Change it up and bit.

  5. 5 · Vicki says:

    Stop showing shows that show killing God’s creatures such as alligators living in their natural habitat and calling it entertainment! !!!!!!!!!! This is discusting. These so called swamp people are too uneducated to get a real job. I hate hillbilly shows that show Americans in a bad light. No wonder Europeans look down on us. Stop the violence and white trash T.V.!!!!

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