Bloated CMS Sites with lots of plugins, JavaScript and CSS files

Many CMS websites seem to be use between 500kb or more of JavaScript and jQuery plugins and lots of other CSS files based on whatever 10 or more CMS plugins (modules, widgets) they need. Google now takes page speed into consideration for ranking, so it’s not the best way to go. Granted the desktop user on cable internet won’t notice it that much unless the site is almost 2MB or the JavaScript is really slow to load. And lets face it a desktop user is the one building the site most and that’s where it’s tested mostly was well. In the end I guess people are trading fast development times to just get the site done rather than hand tweaking and crafting a site to make it lightweight. Just make sure it looks good, who cares if it’s calling JS and CSS files it doesn’t need on every page. Be sure to add a slider/rotator/slideshow at the top with at several huge images as well. End rant. :/

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