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WooCommerce Sucks? Here’s Our Review

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017
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WooCommerce is a free ecommerce plugin for WordPress. However, its only free with basic functionality. If you need more than a basic store, have some unique functionality or abilities, want to customize the experience you will most likely need plugins. While there are some free plugins the majority of them are not. Most plugins are $79-$200 a year and only good for that website. Many people don’t realize this until later. They see free and install it, start setting it up and then realize they have bought 3-9 plugins to get the functionality they need. Shopify is about $29/month and comes with secure hosting, so a year or Shopify is $348. This is important to note because unless you really need something custom, have the funds for development, need to own the site completely, Shopify is the better and more economical solution.

Also do you have a developer or can you code? WooCommerce is best for someone that has access to developers or coders to actually customize and make the site function how they want. Keep this in mind as a cost, even if you are coding, that is still time you could spend on something else. That is another hidden cost of WooCommerce, but really any ecommerce platform will require some work and configuration.

Security wise I have to wonder. So many WordPress sites run with about 10-30+ plugins which to me is insane, so if you add on WooCommerce and then several more plugins, to me that spells a disaster waiting to happen either with a broken plugin, bugs or security holes. As you know, you have to keep WordPress up to date for security reasons, so there is always the chance something might break from a plugin. So you need to have backups, and maybe have to code or have a developer to help with any issues. Not only that but keep in mind your plugins for the store basically have to be up to date more or less, so you are most likely going to pay for the yearly updates to the plugins.

I’m not trying to bash WooCommerce, but I think people really need to evaluate their needs first. Find out what you really need in an ecommerce site (the functionality), what your resources are and see if its actually economical to use it. Because even with paying for plugins you have even got web hosting or SSL (https), something Shopify comes with. I mention Shopify because they the #1 online e-commerce solution with great customer reviews. WooCommerce is great if you have the time and/or money for development and need something totally custom for a unique situation, want to control every aspect and have the funds for putting it together. But in all honesty the odds that you will get by with the free version is very unlikely. The free initial install and setup of the basic plugin is what gets you into the WooCommerce ecosystem, once you are in you will start to put down money and if its more than $348 a year for basic things that Shopify can do, well you might of been better off with Shopify.

Windows Sleep / Hibernate mode and programs not responding

Sunday, December 4th, 2016
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One thing that is totally annoying about Windows sleep mode is that so many applications crash or wont run right after you wake the computer back up. Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, etc) and Spotify are great examples of programs I have to end task on and then reopen. :/ I used to always shutdown my computer, but realized it was just a nice timesaver by keeping the computer on and letting it go to sleep. Although it does use more energy (not a lot as it shuts things down), but I dont have to reopen programs to get back to my last stopping point.

Often times the sound on my computer is all cracklely or static sounding. However, I did find out the way to fix that was to disable it and reenable it.

Gmail App Notifications

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016
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Why doesn’t Google allow you to disable the Gmail notifications on the Android app? The only option is to disable all notifications. I would like to just disable the sound notification for it, I don’t mind it showing up in the notification area or the little icon at the top, but I dont want the sound to disrupt me, as the emails aren’t that important to me.

Since iOS8 or 9 the official Apple VGA & DV adapter is broken

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016
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I gave up on this about 2 years ago, but it seems multiple people have had this problem also. Even if you bought the official adapter it won’t work anymore after iOS 8 is installed. Granted iOS 10 is almost out now, but its not like its going to get fixed. I finally looked back into this issue, seems like the many reviews for it and the digital AV communicate the same thing. Which sucks because these adapters cost $30 but now we have to buy new ones just because they changed something and now they old official ones don’t work anymore.

According to one of the comments:
You need to BUY a updated 1.0 VGA Adapter – it MUST say its a 1.0 or its the older unit. Be careful because a ton of the old adapters are still in stock at Apple stores, retailers, Amazon and eBay.

So fork out another $30 for an adapter you already had, or I guess if you have the receipt you might be able to take it to the Apple store to let them know it failed.

Google Maps on Android Asks to Take Picture On Its Own

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016
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Really? First off I didn’t even have Google Maps running the background on my Android smartphone. So Google Maps pays attention to where I am and is wasting my bandwidth (as small as it is) to locate me? And as I mentioned in a previous post I disabled Location permissions on the default Camera app. The Gallery app doesn’t ask for Location permissions. I was at Wal-Mart of all places and my the Google Maps app on my cellphone was asking me to take a picture. Really why? Is Google going to pay me? It was a notification of all things. So with that said I guess the next thing to disable notifications on Google Maps.