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Adobe InDesign “Publish Online” button

Friday, January 15th, 2016
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Talk about annoying. Adobe InDesign has “Publish Online” button near the top toolbar and whenever I hover over or go by it on accident it brings up a tooltip message. Luckily I found out how to disable it.

Edit > Preferences > Technology Previews and uncheck the box Publish Online (Preview).



Avast Free Anti-Virus Now with Lots of Messages

Saturday, April 4th, 2015
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For over a year now Avast Free Antivirus has been giving more notices and messages and trying to sell other things. I know they want to make more money, but its highly irritating. I don’t need Grime Fighter, Software update notifier and other worthless messages. I set the timeout to 0 for even notices like AV updates, just because I got tired of it telling me anything. I’m about to switch to something else, if they keep this up.

TurboTax Price Went Up

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015
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If you are filing taxes this year TurboTax‘s price just went up a lot, especially for business owners or anyone that needs itemized deductibles. Last year it was pretty cheap, now I feel I’m getting gouged. I guess they know a lot of people do their taxes online.

Alternatives are TaxACT and H&R Block Online. We need competitors to keep the price down, help support competition.

Free Windows User Interface Programs

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015
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If you have a PC with Windows installed and are looking to make your work routine more efficient try out these free programs. They are mostly inspired from Mac OS X and Linux but they have great user interface tools to better manage multiple windows explorer windows using panes (sometimes called panels) which are side by side views and tabs. You can also get multiple desktops like Linux and better deal with multiple open windows whether you use one or multiple monitors.

If you are tired of dealing with lots of open windows and losing track of what you have open, you’ll want to try these out. If you are a power Windows user or do a lot of multi-tasking, these applications will help you speed up your productivity on your computer.

Windows Explorer Tabs and/or Multiple Panes

  • Q-Dir – tabs, multiple panels (up to 4), favorites – my #1 choice
  • FreeCommander – tabs, dual panel
  • Multi Commander – tabs, dual panel
  • Unreal Commander – tabs, dual panel
  • XYplorer – tabs, dual panel – free version doesn’t have a favorites feature, but it does remember your last open tabs and places last open
  • QTTabBar – tabs, no dual or multiple panes, very clean, Windows Explorer plugin
  • Clover – tabs, no dual or multiple panes, very clean, Windows Explorer plugin

Mission Control clone

Dexpot – Mac OS X Mission Control clone. Free for personal use only! This does what Mac OS X Spaces and Expose clones do in one program. Multiple desktops and easily switching from open windows. Hot corners, keyboard shortcuts and more. If you need something free for a work, business or commercial computer, use the two programs WindowsPager and Switcher, which I mention below.

Multiple Desktop / Spaces clone

WindowsPager – Mac OS X Spaces clone or Linux Multiple Desktops clone. This is the one I like the best, configuration takes awhile to figure out. I like the windows box in my Windows taskbar. You can configure keyboard shortcuts and more. You can configure different wallpaper for each desktop, but you have to edit an ini file.

Expose clone

Switcher – Mac OS X Expose clone. It allows you to more easily switch from all your open windows rather than dealing with alt-tab. If you have a lot of windows open, you’ll want this. You can configure hotspots and it works with multiple monitors.


Saturday, May 11th, 2013
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If you like to do most of your developing in the browser using HTML, CSS you sometimes run into an issue where you need to test out some ideas in Photoshop. Somethings just aren’t possible with CSS and HTML. Some things are faster to use Photoshop in, but laying out boxes and content is faster is HTML.

Maybe you want to develop without relying on Photoshop so much. Well, it might not make sense, but you can then create your site in HTML and CSS first then have it converted to a PSD. Page Layers will break each element into a layer. This is also great if you need a PSD to try out some new ideas for a site you don’t have a mockup for. Or if your site has changed so much from the original PSD. And Fireworks opens PSD files so you aren’t just stuck with Photoshop. So yes there is a tool to go from HTML to PSD. Most tools go the other way around, but not this one.

Just to clarify there is a program called Layers which makes every item on your screen a layer in a PSD file. However, it only works with Safari right now and it will not break each element into separate layers, so its really just for taking a browser screenshot. Page Layers is the tool you want to use for HTML to PSD conversions. Unfortunately its only available for Mac.