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USAA – United Services Automobile Association

Friday, May 1st, 2015
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The United Services Automobile Association, commonly referred to USAA, is a just another financing umbrella with headquarters based in the USA. This association offers banking and investment opportunities, Life and Auto Insurance coverage and brokerage services to individuals who are affiliated with the US military and other few qualified civilians.

United Services Automobile Association is not BBB accredited. BBB has accredited all major corporations in the U.S. One of the standards for BBB accreditation includes a commitment and willingness to listen to customer’s complaints and effort to solve them. So USAA does not meet meets BBB accreditation standards, and therefore cannot be trusted.

Accreditation aside, USAA is no longer the user-friendly corporation people knew early on. They have quickly developed into a corporate giant, and they have quickly forgotten their roots. This company serves Wall Street instead of serving their members. People who moved their banking to USAA have much to hate about this company than good.

When you file a claim or launch a complaint with USAA customer support, their preventatives always give you a cold, impatient and rude response. There is the lack of proper customer service and USAA customer representatives don’t seem to care. Each time you try to follow up with your ticket, they give a one sentence answer like “we don’t know” or “we can’t promise you when your problem will get solved.” Many USAA members are not happy with responses like these, and they have moved to work with Credit Unions instead.

Many customers have a plethora of complaints about USAA insurance. They complain about the way USAA handles insurance claims. Those who make claims find themselves in a roasting pan. USAA tries to use every dishonorable method and stall tactic to avoid paying the victims. The company doesn’t want to take responsibility for the losses even when it is clear from the police report that the other party was at fault. They victimize the victim, and if you are lucky to get the payment, their payments are not satisfactory. One is left with no choice but to accept the offer. When you turn down their extremely expensive military home insurance, and you choose a cheaper choice, they devise tactics to force you to purchase insurance from them.

USAA has designed dubious means to mint money from their customers. They slap customers with unnecessary penalties and fines for mistakes that they didn’t do. One customer complained about how USAA slapped him with a fine for late fee payment. He had set an automatic insurance payment for monthly payments. He was expecting USAA to deduct the amount from his credit card on every 30th of each month. When he checked his account on 30th, he found that the amount had not been processed. He decided to pay manually to avoid any late fees. When he checked his credit card, he found that USAA had deducted a late fee fine. The customer representatives told him that there was no money on his credit card on 30th of that month, so the fine was justified.

USAA Mortgages and personal loans is a cheat. Their bank increases the interest rate, only to tell you to pay certain amount of money to keep the interest rates down. This current interest rate is cheaper than their original quote, but they want to scam you through hidden fees. They may also process your loan slowly so that the contract and current interest rate lock-in expire. USAA will then ask you to pay a fee to get the interest rate lock extended. USAA will raise the interest rate on you if you fail to pay this fee.

Last but not least, USAA is just another corporation in the United States with low-interest rates. When you open any savings account, you expect the most out of your money. If you are trying to get more interest from your saving account, USAA saving account will disappoint you. There are several credit unions that you can approach to open a high-interest savings account.

American Express Reward Dollars

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015
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Is it me or does American Expres seem to make getting cash back from their Reward Dollars aka Reward Card a little too complicated? They have one of the best reward credit cards out there, but lately the site has been bugging. I’m already logged into the American Express website and to get my cash back, I have to login again? Why? And after I login I have to verify the CVV2 info on the card, then on another screen verify my phone number and email address? Why? I’m logged in already! Not to mention the login fails 2 to 3 times and the checkout for the reward dollars also fails 2 to 3 times before it finally works, all that plus multiple screens and verifications, makes me think, they really don’t want us to use the reward dollars. Either that or the code is coded like crap.

Healthcare Penalty Tax Doesn’t Care If You Were Unemployed

Monday, April 13th, 2015
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If you were unemployed for months you can’t claim that as a exemption for not having health insurance. So if you made over the $15k a year they require, but were unemployed they think you should still be spending money on insurance while unemployed. Really? The tax system is really screwed up.

Hard Water Leaving White Film In Dishwasher?

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015
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Do you have hard water or calcium in your local water? I’ve had black plastic utensils get covered completely in white powder. I’ve also seen the calcium effect even humidifiers and vaporizers leaving dried up white chunks after repeated use. There are only a few solutions I know of:

  • Get a water softener which can cost quite a bit of money
  • Try using dishwasher detergent gel, liquid or capsules
  • Add some white vinegar to each load of dishes you wash

Corn Bread shouldn’t be Sweet

Sunday, March 8th, 2015
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I’m not a foodie, but why is it that for the last 10 or 15years or so, every quick mix of cornbread includes sugar? Sweet cornbread just doesn’t taste right to me, I feel like I’m eating cake or a corn muffin. I understand lots of people like sweets and sugar is used to help bring out taste, but cornbread should not be sweet. I make cornbread from scratch, just so the instant mix packages don’t ruin my palette or dish where I need cornbread. It totally ruins any meal I make.