Citi Card Extra Cash Program

If you have a Citi Card you might be familiar with their Extra Cash program. However, its really anything but cash. The way it works is that you get $1 of extra cash for every $10 spend, similar in some ways to rewards cards or points you can get for other credit cards out there. It sounds good, however, in order to use the “extra cash” you have to spend more money. When you first sign up for a card they will give you $100 of “extra cash” and as you can imagine it builds up fast if you use your credit card to pay all your bills. Which is what I do and then I pay it all off at the end of the month, so I write less checks and get out of the checkout lines faster.

Citi Extra Cash Gift Cards

For instance you can get gift cards with extra cash, but the extra cash only gives you a discount on the gift cards, meaning you will have to spend the rest. For instance they give you $5 off $50 gift cards, $10 off $100 gift cards and $50 off $500 dollar gift cards. Now this is good if you know you are going to go on a shopping spree, but the stores they offer the gift cards for are ones you probably won’t use very often. They have gift cards for Old Navy, Gap, Land’s End/Sears/K-mart and several others but you won’t find any for Target or Wal-Mart.

You can also use your extra cash for discounts on car rentals, local stores, airline tickets, etc but don’t expect to save more than a few dollars and the selection of outlets is kind of limited. The extra cash program also has deals on selected merchandise (clothes, electronics, etc) that you can get discounts on. Most of the discounts aren’t very good and the items they feature usually cost too much anyway, but it’s really there so you think you are saving money and spending the extra cash you earned, but its just their way of getting you to spend more money.

Citi Extra Cash Offer for iPod and Walmart

They have a deal of the day every day at 1pm EST, where they offer a higher discount on certain items and sometimes the item is rather good, but the quantity is very low. So you have to login for that 1 day its offered right away and hope you get one of them. Probably the most popular offer they do every month or so is a $50 Wal-Mart gift card for $25, assuming you have another $25 in extra cash, but its very limited, so expect it to be gone in 10 minutes or less.

So basically the extra cash you have will keep building up and up and you probably won’t be able to use it all. But this is on purpose, they really don’t want you to use it, they want you to feel as though you need to keep your credit card with them, because you have earned so much. They had to offer some kind of rewards card, because their competition is doing so. And they could argue they do offer good deals, but they are so limited they are making their customers fight over that small quantity.

Don’t be fooled, even if you have had this credit card for awhile, you need to shop around again to get better deals. And sure most reward cards out there really don’t give you much money back or decent items for whatever points you earn. But there are some out there will at least give you something more usable, without having to spend more money on top of what you have already spent.


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  1. 1 · Dean says:

    Yeah, I got this card/account and it truly does suck! I can go to Amazon or Overstock and find same product or very similar and get a much better deal on what they are trying to offer me. It would be a much better program if they let you use all of your ‘extra cash’ to completely purchase the item instead of a percentage…blah! Useless program, I am up to $300+ and there is nothing worth buying because I can use only so much, i.e. “Surprise a special lady with this elegant necklace. The mixture of exquisite textures and luxurious materials make this piece a feast for the eyes!” This is priced at $195.00, now minus your ‘extra cash’ (-$61.30), final price (=$133.70). Wow, that 31% savings!! How about you let me use my ‘extra cash’ to pay for the whole fricken thing….heck, I don’t even know what the metals are..could be made out of tin for all I know.
    Bad bad program.

  2. 2 · Jill says:

    It allot like when you buy a wig you want it to be Indian/Caucasuian hair, but if you buy the Wig made with real hair from Citi Cash then the Wig is made from Real African Human Hair – ooh lucky Heidi Klum now her kids will nor theirs will ever have silky hair just the kinky kind that cost you so much to keep striagtening out.

    So that is Citi Cash vs real Cash, Heid vs Seal, and it happens ooften enought to keep it going, so Citi Does.

  3. 3 · Tim says:

    Worst of the worst, near scam reward program. Avoid and do not order anything from there. most, i mean all of the item price is much higher than any other online store even after you apply your cash allowance. What a shame Citi@!!

  4. 4 · Anonymous says:

    I don’t like this rewards program either. There are never any good deals. I just noticed, though, that if you do find a lower price on an item – lower than what you paid after deducting Extra Cash – you can submit it for a refund of the difference and they will give you double the Extra Cash you spent on the initial item back to your Extra Cash account. It’s a hassle, but worth noting:

  5. 5 · AnonGirl says:

    This program does suck. I am paying off my CitiCard and getting an American Express HiltonHonors Card, at least then I can save up hotel points and combine them with my boyfriend’s to save up for vacation. I pay my cards off each month so it makes perfect sense.
    Extra Cash is stupid. They give you a few bucks off an already overpriced item (I could find the same item cheaper without using the Extra Cash). It’s no deal.

  6. 6 · Anonymous says:

    The Extra Cash is a cheating business. I got 2 $100 gift cards from the Extra Cash web site. If I do not use the Extra Cash, I should pay $180 ($10 discount for each card). However, the citi charged $181+ from my credit card account.

  7. 7 · Anonymous says:

    it’s a scam. Crazy people.

  8. 8 · John says:

    I have accrued over $5800 worth of Extra Cash. It will take me 5 lifetimes to use it up. i had no idea the program existed till today. I checked it out and it definitely sucks. Basically they are coupons. There are much better deals on the same junk elsewhere.

    I wish I never knew it existed cuz now I’m going to obsess over the uselessness of it.

    Maybe there will be a class action suit for the misleading “cash” terminology.

    The card is fine as I have a great APR and pay it off quickly. Don’t get it just for this “rewards” program. You’ll do better clipping coupons in the Sunday paper

  9. 9 · blogger says:

    I’d recommend to get a new credit card. I got a Amazon card and they gave me $40 credit for signing up and have real reward points you can earn for real cash back. It takes awhile to build up enough points for things, but its better than nothing and with all the years I had a Citi Card, I could of gotten probably a few hundred dollars from Amazon with cash back. Just use your credit card for everything and pay it off at the end of the month.

  10. 10 · Tracy says:

    I’m trying to use up my Citi cash too. I just looked at local deals, they are offering that I spend $8.00 Citi cash for a 40% off coupon that I get in the mail every week. There’s other deals just like that too. Why on earth would I spend my citicash to get a coupon? Then there are the so called “deals”. I haven’t looked at everything offered, but the things I have looked at I can get much less expensive elsewhere. This isn’t saving me a dime. The only value I could see would be a gift card, but as mentioned above the cards offered are very limited. I wish there was some class action lawsuit against this too. This was a very misleading program. Why can’t we just buy something and pay for all of it with the citicash. What a joke! Another reason to get away from this company.

  11. 11 · Anonymous says:

    Just like the others posted on here, this program sucks.. This is the absolute worse reward program I have ever seen. What’s the reward that you get to pay more than you do in the store???? I’m like the others, why don’t citi just let us spend all the extra “cash” on the items, why do we have to spend more money, just absolutly useless..

  12. 12 · JH says:

    I actually purchased movie tickets using xtra cash — $6.55/ticket — good deal for me, less than Costco. Have 2 teens that go to the movies all the time.

    Will say they originally shipped me toiletry products and it took me 2 phone calls to get the real items I ordered shipped. Missed giving the movie tickets for teacher gifts, but now we have them to use them!

  13. 13 · Anonymous says:

    I just went through the hassel of registering to find out how much my total Extra Cash was. (I’m already registered on the citi card website, but have to go through another site registration and login to access the stupid Extra Bucks!) $300+ in Extra cash! Goody! But wait, you can only use it like $10 bucks at a time and have to pay another $90 of real cash to get a $100 card for uber pricey Ruth’s Chris steakhouse! What a rip! I only use my Citi card for places that don’t take Discover. If you qualify for a Discover card, GET ONE! You get actual cash that you can apply to your card payment, have sent to a bank account, or use at a Discover Partner for a discount ranging from 5 to 25%. If you pay off the card each month so that you don’t have a interest charge, it’s like they]re paying you to use the card. We charge absolutely everything that will take Discover and get several hundred dollars a year that we then apply to a card payment.

  14. 14 · Jenn says:

    For everyone who’s complaining, wouldn’t you rather get something than nothing.

    You got your card not knowing about the program, then found out there actually was a rewards program associated with it and YET you are complaining about having access to “discounts.”

    I was suprised about about the program and took it for what it was, a discount program. If i plan ahead i can save money using the program. I don’t understand why people are so upset about not getting real cash back. If you want cash back you would have applied for a card that advertises cash back like discover.

    Come on people seriously, use some common sense here. Not every rewards program can be cash back, but with todays economy i’m not one to pass up any way of saving money, and if you are, then lucky you, but i don’t want to hear about how you didn’t get cash back, i want to know what deals people have gotten.

    For those who are using the program what have you saved on?

    Because I have the card, I have the “extra cash”, i’m not canceling my card and It would be nice to hear specifics on what poeple have bought and the savings.

    I got a dark blue Lacoste polo from the site

    Orginially: $79.50
    After extra cash(-39.00): $40.50
    plus Shipping Cost: $3.97
    plus Sales Tax:$2.67
    I Paid $47.14 in total

    I looked online everywhere. The closest priced item I saw was at which had same 2 button polo for $39.50 but they only had the polo is different shades of pink AND with shipping it would total $46.70. I love Lacoste and I know that the price of their shirts are dicated by color, even in the store. There was no way for me to get the blue jay color polo for anything cheaper than 79 unless i wanted to a used one from amazon which i wasn’t about to do.

    After doing my product research, which i do when ever i purchase items online, I found the extra cash program had the best price for the polo shirt i wanted. 🙂

    I would like to hear from other poeple who have gotten stuff at a good price and did product research to back it.

  15. 15 · tom - in houston says:

    the extra cash points that I have accumulated are close to being worthless – about S750.00. The gift cards they offer are basically worthless, especially during the holidays when legit stores like Outback and Chill’s were offering a twenty percent discounts were huge compared to the measley 10% that citi was offering. I was under the impression that “Cash Back” ment – you actually got cash back for your points. I E-mailed Citi and told them what I though of their scam – Its been more than 6 months and no reply – slow customer service. Where can we sign up for a class action suit.

  16. 16 · Worthless says:

    I have over 3,000.00 in rewards cash. This is the email I sent them; Please cancel this account immediately and any record of it. The discounts available are a total insult to my intelligence and a waste of my time.

  17. 17 · Why? says:

    Why offer a discount program? Consumers do not use Citi ‘extra cash’ as a discount vehicle to purchase online – there are plenty of vendors with more to offer and stronger discounts available. As a card holder, the only benefit would be if you could use the cash in total, not in pieces. I understand the business objective to get card holders to use their card more, but at the end of the day it is an awful brand experience creating terrible brand engagement that results in blogs such as this. Clearly Citi got this one very wrong.

  18. 18 · Anonymous says:

    I may do the movies; I did think I was getting something avtually useable when I got the card. But I do agree, it’s mostly overpriced junk that would not be durable or quality; when something is worthwhile,you are paying about the same as you normally would. Some of the dining discounts might be nice. I don’t remember on the card solicitation it saying you would have to pay more money to use your extra cash…. I will close this card as soon as it’s paid off. It is a horrible deal.

  19. 19 · Anonymous says:

    I just got a card offer from Citi, including “Extra Cash”. Thanks to the OP and all the follow-ups. I won’t bother signing up for this one; I’ll stick with my other bonus cards.

  20. 20 · Jerry says:

    This appears to be the worst rewards program I’ve seen.
    I think I need an attorney to explain the terms and conditions to me.
    What a joke!

  21. 21 · Anonymous says:

    This program clearly sucks, I have over $350 in extra cash and it is useless.

  22. 22 · Confused says:

    I also go this program, but I never saw any headlines about Cash back, its just an extra currency that can help you save. I found it interesting that there was many brands featured that are not discounted anywhere, like Oakley for example. I also like the idea of getting gift cards at 10% off, I counted over 100 different stores and I can get as many as I want, and shipping was 59 cents, not quite the amount a poster here stated. While Im not doing back flips over the program, it is very decent and it doesnt take me 3 years to save up for a free gift card like other programs. Based on what I saw I guess there is just alot of miserable people out there that have nothing better to than complain………about a free program no less……..get a life

  23. 23 · blogger says:

    Most credit cards offer “free programs” (reward programs) like this. The thing is there are programs that are much better than this one. Personally I prefer reward programs that allow you to get real cash back. Some let you apply that real cash to your statement, so you can save money without having to spend any more money. Remember to shop around, don’t keep a credit card forever, better deals come around.

  24. 24 · Anonymous says:

    I found nothing that would care to buy, even if I did the discount would not be worth it. All in all the program stinks. I will use a different card that actually gives you cash back.

  25. 25 · Anonymous says:

    the program blows. Nothing else to say.

  26. 26 · Zombarella says:

    Everything I’ve looked into buying through their program was cheaper elsewhere. I wrote to them about it and got a bunch of nonsensical crap for a response. I have over 900 of their worthless “points”.

    Also, I’ve paid the card off in full twice. The first time, they charged more interest after the fact to keep a balance on the account. The second time they simply forgot to process the payment.

    I’m canceling this card ASAP!

  27. 27 · Scott says:

    Looked like a scam. Found this web site and I was right!

    Thanks for the article and the comments to confirm my thoughts.

  28. 28 · marilyn says:

    i just wasted an hour looking at the site…what a joke….dont even bother

  29. 29 · piper ata says:

    I have had a Citibank card for several years and have an excellent credit rating. My balance was $11,600 approx. I do online banking and pay my bills that way. I was receiving harassing computerized calls from Citi saying that my payments were not being received. I called my bank which did a conference call with Citi to try to figure out what these chimps are up to. I was very upset. The next month my credit limit was suddenly dropped to $11,000 so I was over my limit!!! I think it was retaliation because I had to get my bank on the phone with them. Now that I am over my credit limit my interest rate shot up to almost 30 percent.


  30. 30 · Anonymous says:

    I signed up for the card a week ago and was pleasantly surprised to learn that I was rewarded with 100$ in cash. Then I went to spend the cash and realized that it was basically a scam and not worth my time. I’ve never used the card and now I never intend to. The rewards program is horrible.

    Just off the top of my head I’d recommend the Amazon credit card or the Sony Rewards credit card instead.

  31. 31 · Anonymous says:

    How is this a scam??? For those people saying this REWARDS PROGRAM is a scam need to learn what a real scam is.

  32. 32 · Anonymous says:

    This is probably the worst credit card “rewards” program I have seen (if you are generous enough to even call it “rewards”). Citibank used to be a decent bank. People trusted them and did not need to read their fine prints. With more “rewards program” like this, Citibank is pushing its customers to its competition.

    I know this because I just switched from Citibank card to Chase card. Very sad…

  33. 33 · ^ What they said says:

    Yeah I’ve had the card for a while and I realized I earned a hefty amount of points…So I login and within 5 minutes I hate it. I too looked online and the prices are lower at lots of other places…This is a friggen scam and my card will definitely not be used thanks to the chase freedom card which actually lets me cash out my earnings…hell even the amex rewards are better and that’s pretty sad because no one takes em lol

  34. 34 · Anonymous says:

    If you are getting this card for the rewards, there are far better cards out there. But, if you are getting it for the interest rate like I am, right now I have 0% for 21 months on purchases and I am putting part of the cost of a used truck on it. So no interest for 21 months. Not a scam. Just check that any card you get fits what you need.

  35. 35 · marisee says:

    I found extra cash totally useless and then WOW the card was offering 5-8-10 dollar coupons toward fast food, pizza, etc. restaurants. With my family that was great. Oh yeah! I downloaded a $5 “coupon” to Arby’s that said buy one beef n cheese and get one free. They wanted $5 in cash not the phony coupon. I can’t blame them. Nowhere on the coupon did it tell them it was worth $5. What a waste of my time. My 600 extra cash can sit there forever for all I care.

  36. 36 · Kevin says:

    Just found I had $900 in extra cash. Nice I thought…

    I needed to buy a flight so I looked at airline tickets they offer. I found I get to spend $27 extra cash on 700 dollars worth of travel. At that rate I’d have to spend 23,000 dollars to use all my extra cash! It seems inconceivable that I would ever be able to use up all my rewards points. WORTHLESS PROGRAM.

  37. 37 · Anonymous says:

    I concur with all the rest of the comments that this program is most definitely USELESS. I have over $700 of “citi cash” which means in order to use it all I’d have to spend of thousands and thousands of my own money just to get few dollars off here and there. Ridiculous! They need a lawsuit for sure…. or allow people to somehow transfer these worthless points to an actual program that does allow normal usage of reward points.

  38. 38 · BanksterBonfire says:

    CITI “extra cash” is a bona fide rip-off, carefully manicured to be legal, but entirely unethical. You don’t make money using this “program,” you lose money, generally, and the wrongful impression that you are going to come out ahead is soon turned around once you “shop around” trying to make use of it. To make matters even more ironically perfect, CITI will from time to time email you pointing out that you need to make use of your extra money! Certainly the firm has marketing geniuses at work to keep the money flowing (check out their program for getting money from the FED!); this end of their effort seems markedly crude and not likely to succeed. I would guess that most of us using their card (s) ignore it. Am I correct in this assumption?

  39. 39 · chitibank says:

    glad to know im not alone. even the movie tickets are “no special engagement” meaning u have to wait 2 weeks after the movie opens to be able to use them.

    i did use a coupon for a local deli and the owner got all pissy w/ me for using it. i emailed citi about my experience and still have had no response.

  40. 40 · Extra Crap from Citi says:

    In effect the program is spend your citi dollars and print out a coupon to get 5 or 10% off of some minimum purchase or get a 2 for 1 on a taco or a pretzel.

    If your lucky you might find a worthwhile offer in the program but I think I could do as well or better with coupons from my local newspaper or other sales flyers.

  41. 41 · Anonymous says:

    We should all complain to citi that their rewards program is an insult to loyal customers.

  42. 42 · Anonymous says:

    I am glad I found this site as well. I can’t believe how bad this rewards program is. I took advantage of their promotional 21 mo 0% APR to pay my tuition for graduate school, so I can’t complain about that. But the rewards program truly is awful. In order to claim your ‘rewards’, you need to spend more money. To me, that is not a reward. It’s just absurd. I already have over $550 as well and I am not even going to attempt to use it, knowing that I will be spending money that I don’t really want to spend just to feel like I am using my ‘rewards’. I complained to Citi via e-mail, but judging by others responses I won’t be getting a reply.

  43. 43 · Uhhhh says:

    Complete waste.

  44. 44 · Anonymous says:

    There are much better cards out there!! Extra Cash…is a JOKE!!

  45. 45 · Anonymous says:

    after reading these actual peoples experiences im glad i scraped the junk mail

  46. 46 · 0% interest card shopper says:

    I got a Capital One card with 0% interest for 12 months, I will be paying it off just before the promotion expires; I accumulated over 20000 points (drop 2 zeros and that is your cash value) and was able to redeem them for a $200 HD gift card. My City card also is 0% interest and I paid this off before the promotion expired, but based on what I read here, they can keep their points as I do not intend on buying coupons. The 0% interest was good savings though.

    Thanks for the info

  47. 47 · Gail from PB Gardens says:

    I recently applied for a Delta Skymiles AMX card when I purchased two Delta airline tickets. I received 30,000 miles, free baggage (1 piece per person) check-in both ways (worth $100.) and a $50 credit on my statement. I knew I was going to pay off the bill when it arrived so that was a very good deal for me. This Sh__ie card (which is what it shouild be called) is just so Citi big bank. I have been trying to figure out what this rewards program is all about but the emails tell it all – NOTHING. However, when I applied for this SH__ie card I knew I had 15 months 0 interest if I needed it and that was a draw for me.

  48. 48 · Stupid says:

    Think of it this way.. i have $730 in “extra” cash, and to spend that all as 10% discounts, that means I will need to spend $6570 in “real cash”, but by then I would have built up another $657 in “extra” cash, which repeats as a vicious cycle…. so if you think that sounds like a worthy deal, go all out. With 5 minutes spent researching online, you can get better deals than most that are posted on extracash site.

  49. 49 · John says:

    Hey guys,now this citi extra cash is worthfull.they introduced auctions where we can use our points without real paying cash..there are a lot more items like ipads,ipod,etc

  50. 50 · Mike says:

    This is by far the STUPIDEST program I have EVER come across. Like others, I have tried to use it, and you would be a COMPLETE MORON to think you were getting any deal. I have checked prices on the same hotel same day and even with the “extra cash” discount, I can get a BETTER price by going directly to the hotel website.

    As for the JUNK they offer, even though most of it is pure trash, I searched just to compare and again, you can beat their DISCOUNTED price by barely lifting a finger.

    BIG Fn deal….use your EXTRA CASH to get $10 off a $100 gift card….any moron can get 10% off any day of the week!

    As for the AUCTIONS…holly crap…who wants to wait 10 days and compete against the entire nation for a SINGLE auction item that ends up going for HUGE amounts of EXTRA CASH just so people can DUMP their points!

    Most of you SUCKERS have under a 1000$ in Extra cash….I have $3400 and I haven’t been able to DISPOSE OF IT YET!

    I was so mad I called up Citi and told them they should CLOSE IT DOWN…its a complete RIP OFF!!!

    I’ve already got another card and I am closing this looser program down next month…they can keep my points, the Mexican Peso is worth more!

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