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Seems Citi is changing the name of their Citi Extra Cash program to Citi Easy Deals. From what I can tell it’s the same program they have right now. So perhaps they realized everyone figured out their program sucks and is not really cash or money in any way. There are better rewards programs for credit cards out there, shop around.


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  1. 1 · Chris says:

    Yea that citi easy deal program is a big scam & rip off. No one ever wins at the auction. They have it rigged to out bid anyone that bids. It stops taking my bids in the last 15-20 second of every auction. I never won a bid NEVER. And I have 12059 points. I got mad 1 day and called easy deals. I told them I’ll spend all my points on 1 item. Which was a 16gig apple iPad. That iPad went for 12060 points. 1 point more then what I had. That was easy deals way of stopping me from spending my points. No iPad, kindle or any other tablet ever went for that many points. Check their closed auctions.

  2. 2 · billy says:

    they cant make things easy, like the program, cancel my card and do it the easy way

  3. 3 · Darren says:

    Easy deal is a joke. Gift cards. Kohls. 100$ card cost you 90. You spend 50 at kohls you get 10$ n kohls cash. Most people don’t spend 100 at a time. Do the math its easyer to just go to kohls than it is to deal with easy deal screw overs. Coleman elite lantern. At easy deal cost you 69.99 you can use 14pts towards this purchase. Go to Walmart and find the same lantern and only spend 20-30$ on the same lantern. So tell me where is the savings

  4. 4 · DIANE says:


  5. 5 · Anonymous says:

    Im in the same boat as everyone on here. Has anyone ever won an item on here?????

  6. 6 · Mike says:

    The program is the worst I have EVER seen. I think maybe the attorney general should be aware of such scams!!

  7. 7 · Anonymous says:

    I agree with all comments here. Total joke. A complete dissapointment as I have invested a lot of time “trying” to win things when I have plenty of points to do so. They always end up selling for way less points than I have and you can’t ever seem to actually get your bid to count in the last few seconds. I even tried “bidding things up” early in the week, which is totally a strategy that you would never use with regular auctions. My idea was to get the points high enough that you would cut down on the amount of people who could be getting in the way of your bids in the final minutes when it counts. Didn’t matter. In the end I still lost out, and had 1,000 points more than the winning bidder. Shame on Citi for endorsing this lame program.

  8. 8 · Anonymous says:

    I agree that this program stinks. Who has the time to bid for these items? Is there someone we can complain to? I’ve quit using the card.

  9. 9 · Josh says:

    Under Contact Us I sent them a message that their auctions are boring and take too long and are infrequent, and their other deals aren’t very useful. I suggested they do something different or discontinue it alltogether so to not waste peoples time finding out how pathetic it is. I also said I’d be taking myb usiness elsewhere, I have around 2600 points. I have discover, when my balance transfer is paid off soon I’m using it for I’ll be trying that one out for its benefits.

  10. 10 · Marta says:

    I agree with all of you. I got the deal of the day and it said it was o.k. to continue shopping and they will hold the deal. When I went to check out, I was not able to get it. In red letters it said “item is no longer available”

  11. 11 · Bev says:

    So I am not the only one that fell for this. This is not an honest business. What can be done besides taking our biz some where else?

  12. 12 · Bidder says:

    Same deal as everyone else – today was trying to get an item and I saw they had a 15 minute deal (25 gift card for 39 points ) – no one was bidding on it…as soon as I started to bid on it the website locked up and went temporarily out of service, we apologize for the inconvenience soon as the 15 minutes were up I was able to log in but no one got the item….SCAM

  13. 13 · Anonymous says:


  14. 14 · denise says:

    I actually won an auction, BUT it was on Christmas Eve when people were probably eating dinner. I still have points but there are too few to win anything else I would want…. It took me weeks to win an auction and the other posters are right on. It’s amazing how an item is not being bid on and when you bid on it, all of a sudden the bid starts to climb. Wonder what kind of algorithm is doing this.

  15. 15 · Dan says:

    In full agreement with the critical comments about the Easy Deals and Extra Cash programs of this giant Corperation …… examples set by these type activities of big business is partially the culpret for the underlaying negative
    attitudes prevelant in our society today …… a lot of wasted time trying not to lose something that we may qualify for—–only in our dreams!

  16. 16 · Jen says:

    Citi easy deals is a joke. The items for sale are overpriced, and the auctions are rigged. I have 2200 points that will never be used, I guess that was their plan all along.

  17. 17 · Liza says:

    I bought a pair of Kenneth Cole shoes for $39.99 plus tax and shipping (which was reasonable). Shoes shipped right away and came in a Kenneth Cole shoe box, but they are so cheap looking and don’t fit or feel right — I’m beginning to think that they’re not even real Kenneth Coles. They’re return process is made to discourage you from returning anything. First, I have to call cust svc and get an auth/ticket # and their return address, then I call them back with a tracking # for shipping which will be at my expense after I return the shoes. Once they process my return I’ll get my refund, minus a 15% re-stocking fee. What a bunch of B.S. I’ve never had a mail order return cause so much headache.

  18. 18 · Pete in SC says:

    More of the same. Big scam. Glad to hear you knocked backed ur CEO’s bonus today from $23m to $10.5m

  19. 19 · Delores from the South says:

    I discovered the Citi deals about a year ago. I have not used the auction site, hotels, or travel. Mainly I have purchased gifts from clearance, deals of the day etc. I have gotten some beautiful jewlery for a good price when using the citi easy deals dollars. When I’ve purchased the name brand jewlery I have found the prices lower than those advertised by department stores or on-line stores. I purchased a sterling silver cz tennis bracelet that I gave for birthdays and Christmas and everyone raved have beautiful it was.
    I purchased Crislu cz earrings for less than half the published price of other stores. I think you can get good deals if you take your time and check other sources before placing your order.

    When purchasing the deal of the day and you place in the order status and continue shopping they tell you they will hold for some many minutes. If it is not there when you go back to check out, you can reenter and most times they have not sold out and you can continue to check out.

    I can say I have not been disappointed with my purchases.

  20. 20 · Midwest Joe says:

    This is a horrible rewards program. What baffles me is why ANYONE is even bidding until minutes before an auction ends. I know one person said they want to get the bids so high that others can no longer bid, but I’m pretty just about everyone has plenty of points to drop since it’s difficult to use them. I also have to wonder if Citi hasn’t planted people to try and jack up the bids days before it is scheduled to end.

    I have been able to claim a few of the daily freebies (Walmart $5, TGIF $5, $25) but there have been many times that I click to claim as soon as available and I get the message “item no longer available”. Also, I did win one acution for a $50 card (almost worthless, but I still won!). It was at about 400 points with 30 minutes to go. It ended up costing over 2000 points. I should have just let it go but I got all caught up!

    Anyway, to recap: Citi Deals sticks even though I have had some luck.

  21. 21 · mz maryland says:

    agree it is a rip. Auction a big waste of time. One point increments…give me a break. Anyone want to buy my 19,000 points…haha monopoly money is more valuable

  22. 22 · Edward says:

    City Easy Deals are an extremely impressive scam – I am on a computer 15 hours a day for years – never wrote a review in my life but this one is special – it’s a million percent scam and rip off – auctions do not exist – you’re bidding against a machine and cannot win – I have never seen an action where you cannot put a price on the item – THIS ONE IS JUST THAT BECAUSE IT’S FAKE – I want to spend 22000 points on a $25 starbucks card and I can’t – but I sit like a jack ass trying to hit the BID button at the end and it just won’t take it.

    P.S. I hate to be taken for a sucker so I’m closing 3 credit cards, checking and savings account with Citibank and trying to convince my employer to close a multi million dollar firm account with citibank as well – and I am very good and convincing…

  23. 23 · Daniel says:

    Wow, I guess I’m not alone in absolutely HATING this scam of a rewards program. I am getting a card with actual rewards that are worth something.

  24. 24 · Sick of citieasydeals says:

    Concur with general opinion. Have stopped using the card because of no ability to reasonably claim reward points for anything of value. Switched to a card with cash rewards. If they were running a legit auction, they would have a blind bidding process or one that allowed open amounts to be bid, not just one point at a time. Their goal is to get eyeballs on the screen as often and for as long as possible. I am sure that the “prizes” are actually advertisements that they get paid to display. It also seems to me that faster connection upload speeds would give people that have them a distinct advantage in the bidding process, making the process inherently unfair for everybody else. Citi has shown no real interest in providing a valid reward for using their card.

  25. 25 · Anonymous says:

    Citi SUCKS… I have been with them for over 2 years and have never gotten to redeem a single point of rewards.. My wife opened a Gap Visa card.. EVERY MONTH she get’s $30-$40 in rewards to spend at Gap and other clothing retailers…. We have had that card for less than a year and a half and have recieved over $1000 in CASH Rewards… Granted you have to spend it at Gap and all the other connected brand names that I have no clue about.. Banana-rama something or other… Bottom line is that either way we would be spending money on new clothes (I have a wife and TWO daughters… That’s a lot of clothes shopping) and we really benefit from the monthly rewards…SOOO yeah, CLOSE YOUR CITI ACCOUNT AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE… THERE ARE HONEST REWARDS PROGRAMS… THIS CITI CRAP IS NOT ONE OF THEM!!!

  26. 26 · Irishdog says:

    I wish I would have found this site sooner. I feel the same way; that Citi Deals is a huge scam, especially the auction site. I did buy one item from the Tommy Bahama line, and I think it might have been counterfeit. (China perhaps) Time to get a real card with real rewards. I thank everyone for their honest posts.

  27. 27 · Mike says:

    Citi Deals Auction is an advertisement program for you to spend time on their website to look at the ads and collect # of users logon for more advertisment.

  28. 28 · Anonymous says:

    Total rip-off!!!!! Will stop taking bids with 5 minutes left! Bid at that time was 11,669 and could not place another bid. Now I look and it went for 11,357???? How is that possible? Total scam, looking for a new card tomorrow!

  29. 29 · I agree with the above says:

    I just realized what a total scam this is. That is why I got the Southwest Visa. Rewards you can actually use (spend 2k first 3 months get TWO free roundtrip flights). I called citi and told them that is why I am leaving, and they said sorry to hear it. SCAM!

  30. 30 · John says:

    I guess I’m not alone.
    one big SCAM !!!

  31. 31 · nan says:

    agree with all of your negative comments. i have chase card,can take rewards to pay on my account their way!citi deals are big pain in the ass,to put it mildly.i hope they lose all their customers,including transferring to better card today;citi can shove my reward points.

  32. 32 · Deborah says:

    This has got to be the WORST I have EVER seen. They call this a rewards program? I have complained several time, now I need to act. Changing my CC within the next 30 days. If I could transfer my 10,000 points to somebody willing, I would.


  33. 33 · Anonymous says:

    It is an advertisement website design to lure unsupected victims to look at their ads.

  34. 34 · 20YR Card Holder says:

    This is the biggest scam ever. I have held the same card with Citibank since 1993 and just cancelled, sacrificing 14,000 points. I am extremely disappointed in Citibank’s poor customer service to a long-time and now former customer—me!

  35. 35 · anon says:

    the citideals website is a scam…i have seen bids happening hours before an auction ends and these happen at precise intervals..obviously a machine is doing it to jack up the points you would need to get something

  36. 36 · Anonymous says:

    I agree with most of the comments made. The entire rewards program is a scam. It does not work. It does not deliver. I have canceled my cards and I’ll never be able to use my points because they are really worthless. I intend to write to Citibank’s CEO and complain for what it is worth.

  37. 37 · Anonymous says:

    Like Midwest Joe, I’ve been able to take advantage of a few of their daily deals, but not many. I have also won an auction item or two. Our card, however, is a rewards card, with twice the case back as that despicable Discover card, so I guess it depends on what program you are under with Citi bank.

  38. 38 · Anonymous says:

    We just bought Bose sound bar for 1,190 we searched and we found that this is a good deal the same product amazon price is 1500 we r happy

  39. 39 · Javier says:

    Tried many many auctions. I have enough points. Impossible to win. Wont take your bids during the last minute or so. SCAM!!!!!

  40. 40 · Pissed OFF says:

    Cant place bids during the last minute!

  41. 41 · Anonymous says:

    Not only is this “rewards” program encouraging more frivolous spending on useless junk, the auction system isn’t even functional. There’s no point in even considering an auction until the final seconds of bidding. And, by then, every other rewards member is bidding on the same auction, probably over-burdening the server in the process meaning LUCK is more important than how many points you’ve accumulated. I just want to offload my points on the next useless gift card out of sheer frustration but I can’t even do that.


    I actually booked cruise deal for three people. Not only their price was cheaper than sale price on most sites: Crucon, Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline but they let you use a lot of points for better discounts (400 for me). This will give you the best price on any cruise. If you have a lot of points, use them for booking cruise for yourself or as many friends as you like. Senior Citizen discounts, gold membership discounts, other promotions are valid as well. Only one drawback: on-board credit and “next cruise” deposit would not apply because they are not travel agency, they are Citibank. Still the best price. Check it out.

  43. 43 · Anonymous says:

    I am so fed up with this POS rewards program. Cancelling this card FOR SURE. Adios, crappy auctions where it’s impossible to use my 3000+ points! Sayonara!

  44. 44 · j says:

    I agree with everyone, i have tried to win auctions for 2 straight months…I even click the mouse uncontrollably in the last minute, and I never win…I have tried at lead 50 items…something is rotten in Denmark for sure! I have 5000 points and will most likely NEVER be able to use them! I will just stop using the card and keep it open with lowest possible balance just to piss them off! Good lick all.

  45. 45 · David says:

    I’ve used this program twice. Once I bought a pair of $80 to $100 Oakley sunglasses for $49. Shipping was free and fast.
    The second time I ordered the $2000 Harmon/Kardon audiophile amp for $1300, a pretty good deal but I ordered it on July 10 2013, its now Juy 21 and still no shipping email or tracking number. I sent them an email at about a week and they said shipping could take up to 30 days and if it takes longer they will contact me.
    I’m so disappointed, I want my new toy!

  46. 46 · LSA says:

    This program is rubbish. The merchandise they sell is overpriced or rubbish. It is very clear from the “winning” auctions where a $ 25 card gets 2000 + points
    that the points are worthless. I have cancelled my card.

  47. 47 · LSA says:

    CitiCards has an ad on this site! You know what that takes.

  48. 48 · Ozzie says:

    I’ll add my voice to the list. Since I have thousands of points and it took thousands of dollars to get them, I assume they must have *some value*. They do not. And it is small of Citi to make its customers look foolish trying to chase a deal that, in the end, never materializes.

    Their reputation may not survive this faux pas!

  49. 49 · Anonymous says:

    I agree, what a waste of time and money. After not being able to sign up I called citi card 1-800-823-4086 and after another 20 minutes of nothing I asked the girl on the phone if this Citi easy deals is a scam and she said yes. Last time I use this card.

  50. 50 · Anonymous says:

    Worthless crap Citi Easy Deals!! I had this card for a year and have just cancelled it (took advantage of 0% offer )….Citi I will seek another company’s CC where my money is worth something….Citi you are going to go under one of these days for sure….bad image you’re putting out there….CEO execs shd be ashamed of yourselves for running such a BIG SCAM!!

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