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Seems Citi is changing the name of their Citi Extra Cash program to Citi Easy Deals. From what I can tell it’s the same program they have right now. So perhaps they realized everyone figured out their program sucks and is not really cash or money in any way. There are better rewards programs for credit cards out there, shop around.


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  1. 51 · Anonymous says:

    I use the points for discounts on restaurants and services. Averages out to about $1 a point when you do it that way. I’ve come close to winning, but haven’t. Didn’t even look at these rewards points until 3 months ago. The reason I keep the card was that the original issuer of the card (AT&T) promised a life-time no annual fee, so I’ve had the card for decades. There may be better deals out there but I have no time to chase them. I only have one credit card and a bank card. Don’t want more cards.

  2. 52 · Danny V. says:

    I fully undertand no longer using and/or canceling my card to help make an impact – strength in numbers, but WHAT DO I DO WITH MY 17,854 POINTS? I have pondered this question for many years resulting in just letting the balance continue to grow. After reading these reviews, I not even try bidding, that’s for sure!

  3. 53 · george says:

    i actually won two auctions, winning a gps on one and a hundred dollar gift card to neiman markas. but what i have noticed lately is that the gift cards are getting smaller and smaller in the amounts. for example there were recently gift cards worth $10 and if they were any larger you had to add your own money to them. on top of that these idiots bid thousands of points to win a $10 CVS gift card. citicard must love that. overall i dont like it very much.

  4. 54 · scott says:

    People… if this is a scam I am a lucky scamee… I have won 5 auctions in less than 2 months…(found this site months ago) I started with over 33k in points… Still have well over 20k. True it is way too difficult to win and I would love to bid my points faster than one point at a time…<< this is extremely retard way of doing things.
    The real question I have is why the FFFFFFF are you morons trying to bid up the items. If you stop this Citi will change the way they do the auctions. Most of the comments I have read here tell me most of you have 10k pts +/-. Who are you going to outbid since it is a rarity a bid goes over 5k pts.
    BTW: I may need to agree with you about the 1pm daily deal… I have never won a gift card… I however have bought a few items from it.
    MY suggestion and the way I bid: 20=30 SECONDS from bid close click bid button continuously.

  5. 55 · annoyed says:

    I used to get cash back, then they came up with this crap program. I have never won and auction, ever, and I have tried many, many times. I’ve tried every combination of pushing button, fast, slow, combination. It’s bs. The only time I got a good deal was on a non-auction item for software. And the next week the catagory disappeared. And the gift cards are nothing more than just a 10% off coupon, will they get $90 of your cash to play with and get interest on. Rip off. Time for an AG report, except Eric Holder probably won’t help me because he is a racist and I’m the wrong color.

  6. 56 · Anonymous says:

    I agree with the comment that it is absurd to bid up an item – wait the last 30 seconds. I’ve never won an auction – I consider this just a mindless exercise in mouse clicking.

  7. 57 · scott says:

    Update: Last 30 days won 7 auctions… No I am not bragging!! But I am feeling poor now that I am down to my last 13k points. My reason for being here is to tell you to KEEP AT IT, you will get lucky. And STOP trying to bid people out. You CAN’T do it!! Good luck to you all.

  8. 58 · Anonymous says:

    Why doesn’t someone file for a list of winners? Don’t they have to prove people win it or face a lawsuit?

  9. 59 · sandy says:

    how do you spell scam CITI EASY DEALS.

  10. 60 · wow says:

    To the guy that says “KEEP AT IT!” some of us have lives and better things to do than sit at a computer clicking a mouse. A rewards program that makes 1 customer happy and angers the rest isnt one that most businesses could survive. I have been with CITI for a few years and usually have about a 5k running balance on the card. SO they make money off me. I just took a balance transfer to a card with cash back and spoke to CITI. They tried to sell me another card. I told them screw me once, shame on you. screw me twice. shame on ME! They will never see my business again and I will stear anyone I can away from them

  11. 61 · scott says:

    Right I do absolutely nothing but glue myself to a computer screen. I guess I don’t work 50-60 hrs per week and have 3 school age kids. I am just a dweeb that has nothing better to do. Amazing what you can get accomplished when you are not complaining about how tough life is. Quote from my grandmother (no she is not the 1st to say this) Want something done– ask a busy man… It will get done. Don’t ask it of someone with a life.
    FYI: I bid on things I want or can use… I don’t waist my points on $10 cards or things I don’t use or need. In other words– I bid on 1-2 items per day… one day I or my wife bid on 5 items. We wasted an < 1hr and 15 mins.

  12. 62 · ahah says:

    How bout..Want something done…Do it yourself.

  13. 63 · brett says:

    LOL well im glad someone said they won… maybe i can pay a kid to hit the button for a few hours.

  14. 64 · me says:

    I have to agree. That site seems a bit questionable to me. Why do people start bidding, as soon as the time starts ? WHO is bidding ? I have tried winning over 100 auctions, and every time I get to 1 second left, oh….gee, I lost. It’s like you get all these points, but you really can’t do anything with them (except spend more money on your citi card).

  15. 65 · me says:

    This is also why I love my STAR card. They let you use your points as a payment.

  16. 66 · Yes you guys are all correct SCAM says:

    Tried all day to redeem points for a freaking coffee pot, bid cuts off 20 seconds before it ends just like most people have experienced. Plus you have to give an additional 50.00 cash . well fans guess what the coffee pot sales for 99.00 at our well renown store yes you guessed it Walmart. Oh and the scam bid with citi ended at 3887 points. Ps just go to walmart

  17. 67 · Anonymous says:

    I have over 23,000 points and can only be the leading bidder when I bid using my iPhone. When I use my computer the site keeps freezing up and I can’t hit a bid. Big time rip off and waste of my time. Anyone want 23,000 worthless points.

  18. 68 · NPK from TX says:

    Most of us here agree Citi Easy Deals is not the way Citi should be rewarding it’s customers. We should all go the CEO’s blog and complain. This platform is good for expressing our dissatisfactory with the program but until we let our voices heard, Citi isn’t doing crap. It’s a waste of customer’s time especially when we have to log in every hour just to see what if we can bid for something that we never going to win. We don’t even get to see who won the bid or which timestamp bid is ours. What about transparency? How about showing only parts names of winners like first and last letters of winner’s name. On 11/17 between 7-12CST the website allowed limited biding because all attempts to bid between those hours did not work but I noticed new bids from bid history. I just stopped using my citi card about a year ago because my Discover and BoA provide me better rewards. It’s sad I didn’t notice this 5 yrs ago when Citi was my Primary Card.

  19. 69 · me says:

    NPK, you are 100% correct. It is a joke.

  20. 70 · Anonymous says:

    I agree with everyone about Citi Easy Deals and found it very bad too. I stopped using my citi card in favor of chase freedom card where at least you get cash back and no annual fee.

  21. 71 · Bud Melman says:

    Worst rewards program EVER! My new wife brought this into our marriage and I’ve tried 22 times to win an “auction” but have never come closer than the top 5 last bidders. I have a life; why do I have to sit her clicking like an idiot to get something – ANYTHING!!!?? I even bid on crap I don’t want and can’t use just to see if I can. We called and complained all the way up to the top supervisor, tried to get them to convert to other rewards points. They admitted she had spent over $300,000 with them in the last 10 years and has not ever been able to get anything for them. All they could say was “Sorry, that’s what it is”. I can get $100 gift cards cheaper than $90 at COSTCO or Sam’s, so why would anyone pay points AND $90 for the same thing? This is horrible. Terrible. Fraudulent. Rip-off. SUCKS!

  22. 72 · JMG from Philadelphia says:

    I think it’s a scam to prevent us from cancelling our cards. I look forward to the class action suit.

  23. 73 · Alan Crenshaw says:

    Here it is January 2014 and I see that my Shiti Easy Deals balance from 2013 has been wiped clean. Now its starting over at ZERO points. Never used the points, due to the program being so worthless, but I hate when a company simply takes things away. Best Buy pulls this same crap with their “Valued” customers as well. Is there any wonder why hackers are proliferating? Companies no longer feel that their customers are intelligent, so why should we have empathy or respect for them.
    -Allen in Chicagoland

  24. 74 · SFNF says:

    Program sucks and I’m cancelling my card very soon. Nothing about it is easy and there aren’t enough deals to call it that. Auctions require way too much time, energy and points. In the end, you are left frustrated and disappointed. Price of the majority of items is equal to or above what is found in retail stores with the exception of a few items. If you’re looking to use points for purchasing, then this is a terrible program but if you have the time to find things like movie tickets, then you’ll actually get a deal compared to what you’d pay at the movies. Of course, this is a deal that you could also find at a Warehouse Store and other online sites but it’s available. Additionally, you can search their merchandise and local restaurants/businesses and find mini discounts but overall, they tend to be pretty lame businesses and there is very little value.

    Cancelling this week. Hopefully enough people will take action to motivate the crooks who manage this program, to change their ways.

  25. 75 · Anonymous says:

    I guess I got lucky for an auction, won a $100 gift certificate. I was excited. I have tried 2 other auctions but ended up not winning. Oh well, I just have the card for emergencies not anything Im looking to get anything out of.

  26. 76 · Anonymous says:

    They think that they have the last laugh. Maybe in the short run……….but not for long. Kick the CEO to the curb, he has a screw lose!!!!

  27. 77 · rob mn says:

    i agee with all these reviews,waste of time,worthless!!!
    cabelas has a great rewards that the family loves and uses.the switch is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 78 · JackTheKnife says:

    Citi Easy Deals is like Russian roulette or even worse…

  29. 79 · SO CAL SM says:

    I have tried to win many auctions…I cannot get a bid in the last 2 minutes. I click and click and click and it doesn’t even register that I have bid on that item. Sucks ass. Using points towards purchases are a scam because it’s off MSRP, and 99 times out of 100, prices are better on Amazon to begin with. Auctions are geared towards East Coast customers, with big items ending at 7am eastern which would be 4am in SoCal. I log in at 7am here, and I have already missed about 20 quick auctions. I wait and nothing comes up during the day here. My guess is that the auctions are done on a computer on the east coast as well, making my bid void by the time it gets there because someone in NY already bid after me. I am no longer using the card, as I have switched to a Chase Disney card and they gave me a $200 rewards card for spening $500 in the first 6 mod plus my rewards can be transferred to my card anytime I want to to use at any Disney location or towards airline credits, which is great for me living 20 min from Disneyland.

  30. 80 · TMAN says:

    I never thought this was a scam. I just always thought I got out-bid. However, after today, There is something afoul. I was winning a bid for a $10 gas card. My leading bid was 632 points with 5 minutes left on the auction. And once you have a leading bid in, you can’t bid anymore. So I waited for the next bid to come in. Time ran down to 10 seconds and my leading bid of 632 was still there. With 3 seconds left, the bidding started again, and the winning bid was 935 points! How can this happen in 3 seconds? The site says one is not allowed to bid all his/her points at once. Yet someone was able to bid up over 300 points in the last 3 seconds? I sent Citi an en email. I wonder how they will explain this. Meanwhile, I agree with everyone else here. What’s the point of having all these “points” if one cannot use them in any fashion they choose. It should be like EBAY. If I have earned 12,000 points and I want to bid all of them at once on a $10 gas card, that should be my prerogative. Otherwise, this program is a waste of time and a waste on my credit. I am dropping this card after being a member for 26 years. I am going to get something that gives me actual cash back. I don’t how low the percentage rate is.

  31. 81 · shari says:

    Ok, I have to let you all know that I won an auction and received my gift card within 10 days. The reason I came to this site was because I was so frustrated with not winning the auctions, that I started researching if this program was a scam. Well, I thought so after reading so many negative comments, but then I won an auction!! And I got my gift card today! So, although frustrating and there are better programs out there, I guess it’s not a scam.

  32. 82 · Frustrated with Citi Easy Deals says:

    Problems with Citi Easy Deals:

    1. Points earned are 10% of your credit card bill – so if you spend $1000, you get 100 points. People on the auctions are literally wasting points spending 250-500 points for a $10-$25 gift card! The points are basically equivalent to a dollar – wake up people!

    2. There is no requirement to bid on auctions- so why place a bid and raise the points? Wait until there’s 2 minutes left – try getting a deal on items. If people waited to bid, the higher end items could be earned for a fraction of the price, and that leave more points to play with.

    3. Outside of auctions, points you earn require you to SPEND more:
    A. merchandise (that you have to pay for),
    B. Deals Near You (coupons – for things you have to pay for)
    C. Travel (which you have to pay for)
    D. Gift Cards at 10% off – that you have to pay for.

    I have a Discover card that earns you CASH BACK – which can be used to lower your bill, use to purchase gift cards (so there’s NO fee for you to pay), put towards merchandise, donate to charity.

    Looks like i’m cancelling my Citi Card and staying with Discover – a company that TRULY REWARDS it’s customers with ACTUAL CASH and FREE ITEMS!

  33. 83 · Frustrated with Citi Easy Deals says:

    Something I saw today with Citi Easy Deals

    Every 1/2 hour or so, they post a $25 gift card. I saw one today that only had 1 point (1 bid) after a few minutes into the 15 minute auction. I clicked on “details” then on “total bids” and noticed there was only 1 person bidding…..and as I was on that page, I saw a second bid made.

    Why would one person bid against him/herself? Seems VERY rigged if you ask me.

    There was only one bidder – but two bids made? FISHY…..

  34. 84 · From Miami says:

    Citi of easy deals
    I do no really need this card. Compared to another card I rate it 2 in a scale
    of 1 to 10. I am calling just to cancel it.

  35. 85 · Craig says:

    I really hope all of you that intend on closing your credit cards hold off. Closing an account will ding your credit score. Simply pay your balance to zero and put your card away. Use it every six months to charge a small purchase, like a bottle of water at a gas station.

    This will keep your account active and show another line of credit in good standing.

    Oh, and for the record, Citi Easy Rewards program is the worst. I quit using my card because of it. I charge one Amazon transaction every few months now to make sure it’s staying active and reported to the credit bureaus.

  36. 86 · Citi Easy Deals is HORRIBLE says:

    I tried to get the “daily deal” at 1pm. I watched the countdown clock on the Citi Deals website, refreshed my page at exactly 1pm and got an error screen. When I refreshed a second time, ALL of the gift cards were “In Carts” – meaning, they were all unavailable unless someone changed their mind

    This took all of SEVEN SECONDS!

    I called customer service and was told the items “in carts” need to be purchased within 20 minutes or they become available. It’s now 25 minutes later – all items still in carts.

    What a great way to reward customers – make so few items available and then tell the customer to ‘wait’ by the computer

    What a joke

  37. 87 · Anonymous says:

    I am another angry person who has tried the shiti “easy” deals, (yeah right). I tried the easy deals a few years ago and was so mad. Just like others I waited for the deal of the day and as soon as it was available it was sold out. Huh? How did that happen? I tried a few more times and the same thing. I stopped and never tried again till a week ago. I had to sign up again it had been so long. Well I did get a $25.00 gift card for free but from what I understand they are pretty much worthless. I just wanted to see if I could get something. I have since tried a few gift card auctions with the same results as others have posted. You can’t sit at the computer for an hour clicking a damn mouse. Actually pounding on it. I tried every different way to bid the auctions too. I kept thinking someone has a trick on how to win. The deal of the day is sold out as soon as it starts. What’s up with that? I will try a few more times, but then I will give up like years ago. Not worth the time and effort. I believe it is a scam too.

  38. 88 · Paul Maryland says:

    Citi Easy Deals are the worst consumer rewards program that I have ever seen offered by any company in any field. Program is a complete lengthy waste of time. Program is set up to make the points have as little real value as possible and get you to the site as often as possible to compete for auctions on low value products, sales of low quality or over priced goods, and poor quality merchant gift cards while generating add revenue for Citibank. The auctions are time consuming and do not tell you the units available and does not have a buyout feature that allows you for a known price bid to guarantee purchase of the merchandise unless it has already been sold out.. Auction bids can typically only be increased in small intervals. Gift card purchases are a rip off you spend 90 percent your own money and 10 percent Citi easy deal points. thus you make little headway on spending your points. Many listed local merchants that say they are in the program, if you contact them state they are not in the program. Merchandise is often low quality relative to competing merchandise with no legitimate guarantee that you are getting a low price for questionable merchandise. If you find a lower price, submission of information on lower price is long and tedious with uncertain outcome. Don’t waste your time on this convoluted mess. Get a very good cash back card from Discover or American Express or some other vendor and say good by to this waste of time with little reward. J.D. Power rated Citi Bank as the second worst credit card vendor in terms of consumer satisfaction in August 2013.

  39. 89 · Worthless in Tampa says:

    I spend between $4K to $5k a month on this stupid card for my business. I thought I might as well use up all those points for travel and find I have to pay more than I would if I just booked them myself…worthless piece of junk card. Cancelling this piece of crap and getting a better card.

  40. 90 · X-CITI CARD CLIENT says:

    I am relieved to find this site and see that I am not the only Easydeal sucker that has had enough. The auctions are a waste of my valuable time. The good news is I got so frustrated with it and Citicard, that I was motivated to clear my balance and sign up with their competition that has a much better reward program (Discover). The weird thing is one would think that Citi would not want to alienate their customers with a program that is supposed to be a “good” thing.

  41. 91 · The best way to cancel citi card says:

    Here are the steps to get rid of your citi credit card and worthless points.

    Do NOT cancel Citi credit card until you have used another credit card for at least a year to establish your credit.

    1. Apply for a new card that pay real reward (cash rebate, mileage, etc.)
    2. Transfer your balance to a new card or pay it off
    3. Do not use the card for at least a year
    4. Cancel the card after a year

    This will keep your credit rating high.

  42. 92 · Anonymous says:

    Class Action suit.

  43. 93 · Anonymous says:

    So I am not crazy after all! I kid you not, as I was reading this website and constantly going back between tabs to keep my auction refreshed they kicked me out! I logged back on and somehow the timer had only a few seconds to go and the auction bids had jumped drastically! I just want to use up my points and never EVER use this card again. What makes this all worse is that I have a hotel reservation for Firefly in late June, which I made with this card. I am incredibly worried that I will get there and there will be no reservation. I will have to sleep in my car or travel 100+ miles to find an available hotel!

  44. 94 · Anonymous says:

    Yes, pathetic, worthless. I called them about it, asked if there were other reward programs for their card. The amazingly unhelpful phone-lackey said I should look on their website if I wanted information. Great. So I opened up an Amazon mastercard, buh-bye Citibank. Still maintaining the Citicard account for the stupid, useless, points, just in case one day they figure out that Amex, Amazon value customers, and they can too… But not holding my breath.

  45. 95 · Same as the rest says:

    I’m in the same boat as everyone else. I’ve tried mutliple times to offload my 1500 points on ANYTHING.. but you just can’t. Auctions don’t work, and the deals aren’t really deals..

  46. 96 · Ed says:

    I would be glad to take your points if you don’t want them or are canceling the card.

  47. 97 · Anonymous says:

    citi deals and citi card is a scam. Steer clear, no penalty for late payments is a bunch of crap. They charge you interest on everything for two months afterwards. Don’t listen to them a late fee is better than this scam.

  48. 98 · colleen says:

    Citi easy deals is a terrible rewards program. Thank you rewards are so much better. I can get free GCs with those points

  49. 99 · Anonymous says:

    CiTi is a scam!!!! I will be closing my credit account with them

  50. 100 · atidure says:

    Citi Easy Deals is such an awful scam, I am thinking about posting a petition to have them investigated by the Consumer Protection Agency at

    Come and join me!!!!!

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