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Seems Citi is changing the name of their Citi Extra Cash program to Citi Easy Deals. From what I can tell it’s the same program they have right now. So perhaps they realized everyone figured out their program sucks and is not really cash or money in any way. There are better rewards programs for credit cards out there, shop around.


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  1. 101 · Crap-Citi says:

    Most dishonest, lying, credit card ever!!
    Only robo yo yo’s work their !!
    Just a sad, greedy, uncaring bunch from bottom
    To top
    It’s hard to be honest when policy feeds top down!!

  2. 102 · anonymous says:

    WHAT A WASTE!!!! I was a charter member of this waste of a credit card since 1990 and have amassed over 12,000 points. Try using the points and you will only be frustrated. The auctions are a waste of time and the bids are so high for relatively inexpensive items. They are probably being bid on by persons like me who would just like to get something for all the points that they have, before closing the damn credit card account. As far as the merchandise is concerned, it is usually available at retail for less. You have to spend more money to save money with their lousy discounts on meals, merchandise, etc. Also, you can not transfer your points to a better Citi Bank card. Can anyone tell me something good about this piece of garbage? Yeah, and my luck….as soon as I close the account, they’ll come out with something where I could have used the points. I should have looked into this many, many years before I spent so much money with this card with LITTLE TO NO REWARD!!!!

  3. 103 · Go Cuse says:

    I’ll agree with most of you that this is not the best card to get rewards with, but it is not a scam. Buying any of the cards and items to save 10% is a total waste of time. The auctions are winnable if you know what you are doing. But most of the people that I see bidding are just plain stupid. They have no idea how to bid on this kind of auction. In the last two years I have won at least 24 of the auctions. And came in second or third numerous times. And I only get on when there are good auctions coming up. So it’s not like I’m on there 24 hours a day.
    I’ve won an Xbox 360, 2 digital cameras, 3 ipods, 2 cutlery sets, an espresso machine, Dr. Dre Beats ear phones, a few others I can’t remember what they were, and numerous gift cards worth from 10.00 to 100.00 each.
    Keep trying, they are winnable.

  4. 104 · Anonymous says:

    No wonder they are closing banks throughout the US this year!

  5. 105 · TJ says:

    I have a citi card and recently signed up for the rewards. It is a big joke, but you can actually win the auctions. I tried for a few weeks with no result. Then one day I “won” two gift cards from two separate auctions. I really just wanted to unload my points because constantly checking the site (and having to login a billion times) was really annoying and a waste of my time. How I won was by waiting until the last 10 seconds and then clicking my mouse nonstop. Before I had tried to time it to the last second, but that never worked. So now I have a few hundred points left, not really enough to win any auctions, and I try to check the site each day at 1 p.m. to see what the new “daily deal” is. I never buy anything they have. I just wait for the $5 gift card daily deals. Still a huge waste of time though. I never use this card anymore, but I keep it handy in case of emergencies. I mostly just use my amazon card, which is awesome because I get actual deductions taken from my amazon orders. It has saved me quite a bit of money, and I sometimes order things from amazon and they turn out to be free because I just use my saved points.

  6. 106 · E says:

    If you want to win anything on there, you need a freaking fast internet. The only time i won when I used direct internet connection of 50mb/s. Hope this helps to unload your points and cancel this card.

  7. 107 · Lisa says:

    I agree. Even though the deal of the day is sometimes a good deal (I like the gift cards – Walmart, TGI Fridays, Shell, etc). There are days when I’m ready to click “Add to shopping cart” exactly when it counts down to 0, only to find out that allti the cards are in other shopping carts. Really??? WTF? The good cards are usually NOT available 2 seconds after the given time? That’s the biggest joke of them all.

  8. 108 · Real Smith says:

    I’ve read all 107 comments. I’m cancelling my card at the first opportunity.

  9. 109 · lmb says:

    A JOKE!!! I cant even log on! It says “Page not available” half the time and I have 6,000 points! I feel like a fool for allowing myself to be scammed.

  10. 110 · BB says:

    Agree with everyone here that CITI EASY DEALS is a HORRIBLE SCAM and rip off. complete waste of time.

    I have had AT&T Universal Citi cards for 15 years and have *NEVER* been able to use the points. the program is impossible to use and a COMPLETE waste of time. They are infamous on the internet as an absolute joke. Its nearly impossible to use, you get logged out right away, winning takes an act of god, and you have to sit in front of the computer for hours. Who has time for this??? there are so many cards with excellent rewards why should anyone waste time on this horrible, impossible website??? My Cards are getting cancelled and believe me —-> their horrible website will be the one and only reason. they are only here to give the guise of a rewards program, but in fact it is really all fake. It is the worse website and the biggest waste of time I have every come across and I will make it my life’s work to post in every reddit channel, on twitter and on facebook about
    WHAT A WASTE CITI – EASY Deals are. ??? EASY??? That’s a joke. its sucks.

  11. 111 · Go Cuse says:

    The reason that you idiots don’t win anything is because you’re so stupid that you can’t even figure out how to bid on an auction. A few people have figured it out, the rest of you are all doing it wrong, that’s why you aren’t winning anything.
    I average 2 wins per week for gift cards from 10.00 to 100.00, it’s not that difficult.

  12. 112 · Go Cuse says:


    I just won again, got a pair of Dr. Dre Beats Headphones for 52.00. Great deal!!

    Keep trying losers, maybe you’ll get luckysomeday. HA!! HA!!

  13. 113 · Chase says:

    I am laughing in total agreement with all the above I read. This is just a rip off. I’ll keep the card for emergencies, but won’t use it unless I have to. Discover is the best I’ve found and I get about $500-$700 a year from them and it’s very easy and great customer service. Check them out. The scam is the false promise. I’ve used many cards and have gotten no rewards, but knew they wouldn’t give me anything and was just glad to get some credit to purchase things. But Citi Easy Deals doesn’t work for anybody I’ve known.

  14. 114 · Anonymous says:

    Worst rewards program ever.
    Can’t think of a reason to have this card, unless you like the interest rate.
    Go to Chase.

  15. 115 · Anonymous says:

    Worse program EVER! Points for auctions are now 10 per bid. A $5 Starbucks gift card ended at over 2,000 points. I don’t even try for the auctions anymore. I do try for the daily deal gift cards. Sometimes when the clock ticks down to 0 I get SOLD OUT! then it switches to orange, all items in carts. Good way to block anyone trying to get the deal. Today I tried and got what usually happens to me. I keep clicking the green available button and it switches to the shopping cart, but guess what? Nothing is in it. By the time I have gone back to home to get back to click on the daily deal of course they are all in carts. The other thing that happens to me is the daily deal starts with the green available button which I am clicking on like a crazed animal, but it never EVER changes, it just stays green. I go back to home, to daily deal and find the button is orange, all items in carts. I have called and told them I am getting some kind of phantom page. The other thing is I get the green button, I start to click like crazy and the page changes, but it is not the shopping cart, but back to the same page, green button and immediately changes to orange, items in shopping carts. I have stayed and waited to see if any become available, they do, but like today when the button turns green the page changes again, to to what looks like the same page green with green available button but immediately turns orange. Something is shady. I called and complained but the CS person could care less she just sat silent, I thought she hung up. I told her the programmers need to fix the many glitches, but they won’t. I think Citi is fine with alienating their customers. I did buy two items at Christmas. Two swarovski annual ornaments. One I had to return because it was a corporate ornament, not the REAL collectible ornament. Shame on them, they probably get a very low price on ornaments they order to give to employees at Christmas and sell the rest on CitiEasyDeals. I am not using the card anymore and will try to unload my points if that is even possible. I find it appalling to have a rewards program where you make your costumers compete against each other to use their rewards points. Thousands of angry costumers.

  16. 116 · Anonymous says:

    What a SCAM! I am so closing this card. Never have I won anything on these auctions. Shame on you CIti. But after reading everyone’s reviews I feel a bit better; after all I’m not the only idiot who fell for this; and a lot of ppl won’t do business with Citi.

  17. 117 · Zen says:

    It is so cathartic to find this. Citi easydeals is truly pathetic.

  18. 118 · Raquel says:

    Citybank ripped me off. That easy deal was not given the information or they allure me to a false credit card offers. Quit that card.

  19. 119 · Go Cuse says:

    You people are all a bunch of losers and crybabies. Can’t even figure out how to bid on a simple auction. Bidding the auctions up to thousands and thousands, when you only need to bid them up to a couple of hundred points.
    OMG how stupid you people are!!!!
    Meanwhile I’m enjoying my Dr. Beats headphones and my Apple iPod Shuffle that I won recently for pennies on the dollar.

  20. 120 · Just wanna curse says:

    Go Cuse I don’t know how much Citi is paying you to post good things about there auctions but no we are not stupid autions are not hard and yes like the others said this is a freakin joke..I will never sign up for another Citi card again regardless if it comes with a free night stay at a cockroach motel or has an offer for a free meal at DQ or free gas at your local seven eleven where the dude behind the register cant speak good English and intends on ripping you off as well.

  21. 121 · Go Cuse says:

    Sorry but I don’t work for Citi or get anything from Citi, I post my honest opinion about my experience with the auctions. I’ll agree that the Citi card is far from the best credit card out there, they actually are one of the worst. But really folks the auctions are not that difficult to win. I just won another one yesterday, a Gap 50.00 gift card for 12.50.

  22. 122 · Bubba says:

    I think Go Cuse must be confused. You can\’t bid in increments of less than 10 points on the Easy Deals site. I also haven\’t seen any $10 gift cards go for anything less than 1,000 points – no way a $50 gift card sold for anything less than 100. Maybe he can explain how he \”won\” a gift card with 12.5?

    In any event, this is the most ridiculous program I have ever seen. You spend $10 for 1 point. $10 gift cards are going for 1000+ points. So, that means someone spends $10,000 and struggles to get a $10 gift card? The 2% cash back cards out there would provide someone with $200 cash for the same spending — I\’m still in awe at the stupidity, but also can\’t figure out where everyone is getting all the points to keep doing this. There must be another way to accumulate the points everyone keeps just throwing away . . . .

    It\’s truly mystifying.

  23. 123 · Don says:

    Had I known? I’m canceling my card as soon as I’m sure any outstanding charges are processed.

  24. 124 · Me says:

    I’ve had ATT Universal Card for years but only recently signed up for EasyDeals. It’s a complete scam – I have over 10,000 points, have little interest in the merchandise offered for sale, and hoped I could use all the points to purchase a hotel night. Not happening. Instead, I can use 50 points at a time to get a small discount – about the same as Triple A – per night. This isn’t a rewards program, just a publicity program.

  25. 125 · Anonymous says:

    Another frustrated customer. I’ve been with Citi for almost 20 years now and the only reason I keep this card is because my limit is so high it is helping my credit….and may be good for an emergency. The rewards program is definitely a scam and a joke. If I’m using rewards I should not have to put forth any of my own money for an item I want. It should just be this number of points. The end. The auctions are rigged I believe too. 4000 points for a $10 gift card. If the points are dollar for dollar then you are spending the $4K you spend with Citi on $10. Makes absolutely no sense.

  26. 126 · Go Cuse says:

    To BUBBA comment #121

    Sorry if I confused you. The auction was a points plus cash auction, so I had to pay $12.50 along with the points to get the gift card.
    And no matter what you think, I really really really do not work for Citi. I rarely even use my Citi credit cards, I find Capital One has the best deals, I get 2% back on every purchase.

    Good Luck

  27. 127 · joe says:

    I have tried auctions and the always end up with the note:

    A company is know for the people who are affiliated with it in some way, the following headline gives you the answer:
    “Once Again, Elizabeth Warren Attacks Citigroup (Hillary Clinton’s Largest Source of Campaign Donations)” July 17, 2015

  28. 128 · joe says:

    I should have said I have over 31,000 points. Better chance to win at one of Trump’s bankrupt Casinos.

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