Discovery Channel is crap

Initially the Discovery Channel was about science. In the beginning they filled in some time slots with programs about UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster and lots of old science and speculative TV specials from previous decades; however, now things have changed a lot. Junkyard Wars and even MythBusters can at least be considered slightly scientific, but shows like Cash Cab, Dirty Jobs, American Chopper, Monster Garage and a few other are more mainstream. They eventually made another channel called Discovery Science which eventually became the Science Channel.

I don’t watch a lot of TV, since it’s something I just now began to really notice. But it makes me wonder if the “reality-based”/pseudo-documentary TV trend has gone too far. At least during the talk show TV trend days, you couldn’t modify them into any other kind of genre to show on other TV stations.

I preferred the Discovery Channel when it was boring to everyone else. But in order to capture more of the general audience they sacrificed their niche audience. Which reminds me, I saw a medieval-based fantasy B-movie on the SciFi Channel recently. I’m not sure how dragons and swords are related to science fiction, but I guess they ran out of programming.

I just hope the History Channel doesn’t end up like Discovery, fortunately it’s not owned by them. Digging for the Truth and Mail Call aren’t too bad, but if they continue too much down that path, they will lose their niche audience.


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  1. -49 · Anonymous says:

    Dude you are so right.I was thinking that I was the only guy on earth who noticed!
    Discovery Channel is going with the semi-real live tv show trend,and it sickens me.
    There isnt a single documentary that is crap

  2. -48 · Julian says:

    I totally agree! The excessive use of cgi animations, the strobe zooming effects, the multiple frames to infinity, the hyperbole in the dialogue. (Oops, now I’m talking like them, forgot the verb.)

    Also can’t stand the repetition of what they went through before the breaks.

    Their ability to “squeeze” a 15 minute show into 60 minutes is amazing.

    Also the stobe scrolling oversized font characters.

    So who notices the program among the effects.

    Total crap!!

    Why let the facts get in the way of a good story?

    I watched their version of the North Sea Platform disaster. It bore little resemblance to a documentary on the same disaster called “As It Happened” which aired here in Australia on SBS.

  3. -47 · Anonymous says:

    Here Here… I vote crap too. It is nothing but Propoganda. Where are the real Scholars? The Gates Millennium Scholars? I doubt it…

    capitalism crap.

  4. -46 · Martin says:

    They need to have an Automotive Channel and put all this crap on it, American Chooper, Biker Build off, American Hotrod, Rides, Chop Shop,Overhaulin,Junkyard Wars. etc
    When i turned the TV on i used to go straight to Discovery but now it just feels like MTV or something non stop reality shows.
    So much for the documentary that made you feel you learned something new for the night.

  5. -45 · Neil says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Their advertisers want bigger audiences, they pay the bill so they show stuff that appeals the lowest common denomonator and stretch fifteen minutes of interesting info into an hour…I guess the production companies get paid a by the hour so it’s in their interest to drag things out. The only thing you discover is how much time you wasted.

  6. -44 · derick says:

    discovery channel now days is realy boaring and repetitive. not like the old days. now its more adds then any athore thing…bla bla bla bla XD national geografic must be making millions…

  7. -43 · Ewan says:

    Stopped watching in 2000 when it stopped educating: vacuous crap and too many ads.

  8. -42 · Anonymous says:

    I agree and am deeply saddened by Discovery Channel.

    I just learned that Discovery Inc. is a publicly traded company and is clearly a slave to corporate gain.

    Shows like “American Loggers”, “Verminators” and “Man vs. Wild” are ultimately destructive to this planet. I think that moments on some of these shows are disgraceful and those responsible should be ashamed.

    Television is being systematically homogenized and destroyed.

    Resist this garbage.

  9. -41 · Werner says:

    Who wants to watch airliners crashing or seeing people being humiliated about their cabinetry or driving skills?

  10. -40 · bo snace says:

    it has always been a silly channel filled with superlatives and talking heads repeating what the preview-guy commentator just said. And bad animations, anyone remember the MOAB documentary with its shock wave of 150 yards being three times larger than the second largest bombs 100 yard one. At least the present shows dont even try to be scientific or a “discovery” in any way.

    Next I´m gonna buy “reality channel” to see if they got any music videos or science shows, would be logical as MTV and Discovery got reality tv.

  11. -39 · Kaku says:

    Discovery chaneel now a days become boring like serials flood,sharks,tsunami,destroyed in seconds,lost girls ,missing girls, festivals of india .They are reall iritating world,future weapons, exteme engineering universe based programs are intresting .

  12. -38 · Kaku says:

    why dont you show next world like programs .i can watch it fullday

  13. -37 · Toms says:

    You’re right. They used to be very good, but they have lost their science. Just saw a documentary about 2012. What a CRAP!
    0% evidence.
    0% science.
    0% common sense.
    It’s scary, but very fake. They do it just for money because science today means “boring”. This has to change. Otherwise, we’ll keep watching the same CRAP.

    *** you, Discovery Channel.

  14. -36 · Brock says:

    Dude the history channel is already there

  15. -35 · Me says:

    Yes, the History Channel is catching up with them. Lots of crap there too. History is made every day, is their moto. It should be: crap is shown here every day.

  16. -34 · Chris says:

    This is the main reason why I don’t watch TV anymore. There is nothing but reality TV shows on filled with useless commercials about nothing but crap inbetween.

    Quality programming is virtually non-existant, it seems people enjoy getting dumbed down by Jersy Shore instead of actually learning something.

  17. -33 · Rich says:

    The only reason we subscribed to Dish was for the educational channels; Discovery, History and TLC. Now there’s almost no real education to be had, just a bunch of insipid psudo reality shows. Ok, I did enjoy Flying Wild Alaska but even that has degenerated. I’m about to cancel Dish because of the duming down of what used to be educational, science based programming.

  18. -32 · Joe says:

    What about gold rush alaska and bering sea gold the biggest load of crap on the TV,scripted rubbish.The writers of the shows and the directers must think the rest of the world are as stupid as they are.I have been in the mining game for over 30 years in Australia and from the first episode I just treated it as a comedy not a documentry.Complete crap.

  19. -31 · Anonymous says:

    At least we can watch it in spanish now! whew i was worried

  20. -30 · Me says:

    And now all this end of the world crap. They actually said NASA and they Mayans predicted. What a bunch of crap. NASA has continuously refuted that and explained that the Mayan calendar was written in cycles. This is only and end of a Mayan circle and the only reason another one is not recorded is that the Spanish conquistadors killed them before they could continue with their calendar. Get our shit together discovery..

  21. -29 · Fredo says:

    Yes i kind of enjoy shows like sons of guns, but lately i go on guide and the lineup is moonshiners, moonshiners, moonshiners, property wars, american choppers, and the painfully boring i almost got away with it.

  22. -28 · Intelligent male says:

    Television in general is complete garbage these days. History channel- All reality shows, no history. Discovery channel- 99% reality shows, 1% discovery. The learning channel- Here comes honey boo boo. What the f*ck is happening to this country?

  23. -27 · sam says:

    most of the things i learned came from discovery channel. came to learn about famous discoveries and scientific personalities who contributed their lives for knowledge. today its all crap. nothing to learn. not only discovery but all other channels (history, national geographic…) have become disgusting

  24. -26 · Alex says:

    @ Neil – thank you for making me laugh: “the only thing you discover is how much time you wasted”. That’s exactly how I feel!

  25. -25 · Chad says:

    “The Learning Channel” has honey boo boo…
    we are doomed.

  26. -24 · Vicki Pinkham says:

    My husband and I really miss Storm Chasers! Why would you cancel a good show and keep a ridiculous show that depicts making home brew! Complete waste of space!

  27. -23 · smithy says:

    It’s so bloody stupid!
    Aliens built the kings valley, we’re being watched from the moon. Oh and there is a bridge on the moon right next to a radio telescope … they’ve moved Jodrell Bank Help !!

    This sky dish is going in the skip, I’m just paying sky for fairy stories

  28. -22 · Anonymous says:

    Re- No 24
    Come on Vicky, there’s not much to pick between storm
    chasers and making home brew ….ZZZZZZZZ

  29. -21 · richard says:

    Help us get rid of load back ground music on so many of the new science and learnining TV stations.The programms are good and interesting but it is so hard to hear the narator explaining the program. With all bannnging and screechhhhing and bannnnging I have to turn the station off it is so iritating, you would think that this new generation of so called audio engineers would know better or are they all deaf from all that load so called music they have to listen to day after day you would think it would get to them also THEY PROBABLY USE EAR PLUGS

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