Edwards Folding Step Stool Breaks

I had a Edwards Tools & Accessories Folding Step Stool. The maximum weight it supports is 21.5 stones which is 301 pounds, I weigh about half that and it ended up cracking on me near where the handle and middle folding grooves are. That being said I would not suggest buying any plastic folding step stools.

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  1. 1 · Eileen says:

    I had a folding step for years produced by Green Jem and it is a Jem and that is the reason I got another one for another room but it was not the same make after using it twice it split in half I went back to the shop and they would not change it or refund what I paid for it as I had not got the receipt. I did not keep the receipt as I thought it would be like the first one I bought. It says on the step stool that it take 21.5stone max I weight less then 8 stone and my height is less then 5 foot. Can anybody inform me if I have a right to a refund as the product is dangerous , I would be grateful if I knew I have rights.

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