History Channel Email Response

I recently sent the History Channel an email about my complaints of shows like Ice Road Truckers and Human Weapon and I got a response the next day.

Dear ___,

Thank you for your comments concerning programming on The History Channel.

With over 91 million domestic subscribers, we realize that not all programs will appeal to all viewers. However, this does not keep us from striving to provide the most diverse spectrum of programming possible.

In this spirit, if a program or series has failed to appeal, we hope that you have enjoyed –and will enjoy– other 2007 premieres, such as JONESTOWN: PARADISE LOST, FORT KNOX SECRETS REVEALED, SAVE OUR HISTORY: THE SEARCH FOR GEORGE WASHINGTON, THE DARK AGES, USS CONSTELLATION: BATTLING FOR FREEDOM, FULL METAL CORSET, A DISTANT SHORE: AFRICAN AMERICANS OF D-DAY, NIXON: A PRESIDENCY REVEALED, LAST STAND OF THE 300, and new episodes of the series DOGFIGHTS and ANCIENT DISCOVERIES, to cite a few.

It is important to us to receive feedback from our viewers, and we deeply appreciate your taking the time to contact us.

Viewer Relations


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  1. 1 · Dr. M. Usman Ghani says:

    hi, i was watching a program on the history channel at 6.30pm, (pakistan standard time) monday, 5th november. it was a program abt africans and muslims and how islam spread after muhammad(P.B.U.H). there was a line by the commentator which compelled me to mail you.it said “islam spread at the point of sword” and that muslims said “either convert or die”. well thats a preposterous way to comment such a thing by a renowned channel as yours. the word islam itself means “peace” if u happen to know, how can it allow this.muslims never promulgated by power but it was the truth which attracted people to it. take spain for example, muslims ruled spain for abt 700 years and still the majority of population is christian, if muslims wanted they would have converted every christian in spain on the tip of sword. similarly today more than 80% popultion in india is hindu, muslims reigned for over thousand years in india, if they wanted they could have converted every single non muslim by force, this population in india and spain, this non muslim population is a witness that islam did not spread on tip of sword. i dont understand why cant western media comprehend in their minds these facts, and because of this all the reporting, all the negative reporting against islam is baised. hope this will help you understand islam.

    Dr. Muhammad Usman Ghani.


  2. 2 · blogger says:

    I don’t agree with everything the History Channel shows, sometimes their stuff is a little too sensational or romanticized, but usually their shows are pretty good.

  3. 3 · curtis havard says:

    why don’t you show something new. i’m sick of the devels triangle and when yellowstone erupts and all the same thing over and over year after year.

  4. 4 · mom of 13 year old says:

    2/14/08 – Last night, my 13 year old and I were watching an interesting show on squids. (8 p.m. CST). During this age appropriate show, a commercial was aired regarding the treatment for “genital herpes”. Yes, I got the infamous question what is genital herpes? My question to you is why would you show a wonderful, educational program, that is appropriate for young minds, ruined by airing inappropriate commercials. PLEASE help me be able to allow my children to watch educational shows, especially during prime time.

    Thank you.
    A concerned mom.

  5. 5 · james costa says:

    my comment is not about whats on the page but about latinos see im portuguese and i think of my self as being latino i came from latin cultrue see if spain can be latino y not portuguese brazil is portuguese speaking race there can be call latino but not portuguese we come frome spanish blood so aren we too latino are peapole are much alike then any other latin peopel of europ

  6. 6 · Steve Orr says:

    As a well read techy-type I’ve viewed several of your globalwarming
    programs and begun to wonder if other would be “fact based” programs are as poorly researched or as intentionally biased. One begins to question your motives, are you seeking to inform or sell.
    If you have proof of Anthropogenic Global Warming please inform us but don’t insult us with things only found on computer models
    or pictures of things warming that could be attributed to other causes such as ocean currents,sun cycles, or perhaps axis rotation. If you must quote the IPCC at least have the integrity to point out their errors, ie. recent cooling of oceans,surfaces and the lack of warming at the top of the troposphere.
    To paraphrase, if you are not telling the whole truth now, how do we know when you are?

  7. 7 · jerry a sontag says:

    history ch is on my top 3 list..
    my problem is shows like ice road trucker,,i like the show but you really need to tell hugh and others like him to find a new word that does not start with f….
    eather let it be heard or tell him to change words..
    it is so agrovating to hear that damm beeeep beeeep beeeep every time he f this or that…
    if you cant dub out the word with out a beeeeep just let the big clown say it….
    we all know what is under the beeeep…
    i truly like you programing,but it is sad that i must change the chanel be cause you cant teach polar bears not to say f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,

  8. 8 · Richard Kovell says:

    The idea of a television channel was certainly a good one, and it remains my favorite. It has produced some of the finest programs that I have eveer seen. So, it’s disappointing to see more and more programs about space aliens, the occult, secret conspiracies, and prophecies about the end of the world. This stuff is better suited for the National Enquirer. Please come back from the fringe. There are so many incredibly fascinating stories yet to explore. How about a series about the lives of Commodore Perry, Ihmenhotep, Martianus Capella, Haphetshut, Tesla, Galileo, Utamaro, Hippocrates, Confucius, Rembrandt, or Thales of Miletus, just for starters. Shouldn’t history inspire, as well as entertain us ?

  9. 9 · Shirley says:

    I watched the show last night called The Ice Truckers.
    Sat glued to the screen ,which is very unusual for me.
    It was just marvellous.
    Would like to see more of this quality show.

  10. 10 · MATTHEW SPARKS says:

    im only twelve but i know alot about design software and computers. i have some software downloaded onto my computer and i was looking for some more. i am a big fan of battle 360 and i was woundering what software the producers of the show use. please email me back at matthewsparks78@gmail.com

  11. 11 · Roger says:

    I have been watching your excellent programs about Monster Quest. To my surprise I believe I recognized an old navy friend in one of you commercials. He shows up and the only time he speaks is to say “I have lost nine goats”.
    I am wondering if you can supply me with any information about him so I can contact him. Any information that you can supply would be greatly appreciated.

    Email me at ramm43@verizon.net


  12. 12 · 14 yr old says:

    Hi, I am a very frequent viewer of the History Channel and I am very much interested in war documentaries. I am only a child and I enjoy watching the history channel more than any other kid TV channel. I also enjoy watching World War II movies such as Band of Brothers. I would be greatly thankful if there was more WWII movies on the history channel.

    Yours sincerly,
    History Channel Viewer

    Email me back at roverboi_5@hotmail.com

  13. 13 · Dave S. says:

    Dear sirs:
    Please look into (www.wyattmuseum.com) Ron Wyatt has Professional video of Noah’s Ark documented by the Turkish Government which has established a visitor center. The museum has several profesional and documented videos available and according to the Bible seems to be accurate.The late Mr Wyatt was an amature archaeologist with a number of discoveries. Each time the history channel airs a program on Noah’s Ark, I ask my wife why they don’t show Ron Wyatt’s video on the Ark as it seems to be professionaly reserched with modern teck. equipment and in my thinking is as accurate as can be. Free literature and resomable priced videos are available. Dave S.

  14. 14 · Sandy says:

    I agree with others that the same shows seem to be airing over and over and over. And what’s with all the gangland shows? I feel there is enough violence in the newspapers without kids watching what I thought was family programing. There are untold numbers of events in this world’s history, and we are hoping to see new programing about them
    . Biographys are especially interesting.
    Response email lentz2@tds.net

  15. 15 · Anonymous says:

    Why did the history channel pull the program ANTICHRIST from
    their programming schedule Sunday night Oct.19 at 10:00 pm ?

  16. 16 · DVD HOME MOVIE says:


  17. 17 · Lock N' Load says:

    Dear Gunny, your program was very good but not perfect. You didn’t mention that during the Spanish American War a lot of American troops were still using the Springfield Trapdoor and were outgunned by the Spanish. Then when you were telling about American WWI soldiers using the 03 Springfield you showed a poster of a soldier carrying a 1917 Enfield. And the Marines at Guadalcanal used Springfields, not M-1 Garands. Last, I don’t believe you gave the 5.56 cartridge its due. Due to its higher velocity it is almost as deadly as the 7.62 NATO round, a killer, not a wounder, and the standard combat load of 200 rounds compared to 80 rounds of 7.62 can obviously be a major advantage.
    Andy Addison
    Major, USAFR Ret.

  18. 18 · Nate says:

    I was watching many of your shows on the bible and I am blown away at how biased you guys are. Not one time have a seen a show about the bible that encourages viewers to trust in the bible. Its always teaching us we cannot take the bible literaly.

    For example I watched a show tonight saying that maybe the whole book of revelation should be taken out because it portrays a different Jesus than the gospals do. But that is FALSE!!!! Why would you put that on the air??? By reading the gospals you will see Jesus refers many many times about Those who have eternal damnation and whaling and gnashing of teeth.

    Also another show I watched about Genesis was trying to say there is a contradiction between chapter 1 and 2, trying to say that there was a woman before Eve??? Why would you guys make a whole show about a misunderstanding of the text. Chapter one simply tells the six day creating summing it up. Then chapter 2 starts over on day 6 in more detail and explains how Adam and eve were created. I cannot believe you guys didn’t even give that explanation as a option when you discussed the supposid “contradiction”

    Please, please get back to me on this. I have to hear why you guys did this.

  19. 19 · Anonymous says:

    All I Want to do is send you a email, but You are so busy showing your stinking ads that i do not know how to even do that.
    It is very sad that every time i watch a program of yours, or any one of the thousands that are out there, all i see is one little segmont of the program and 5 or 10 min of advertisment .I get totally bored with it and turn you off. Hope you are glad to be in the worthless catogory with the rest of them
    About the email?
    I wanted you to know that i think extream trains is a good show, but you need to dump the host!!! He is a joke!!!!!
    Trains are cool but none of us need someone that knows nothing about trains, screaming and ducking down low on camera trying to convince us that he is a expert. Get someone that will talk like a normal person and explain in a nice nomal manner how things work. Get someone like Mike Rowe

  20. 20 · Mark says:

    I’m sitting here watching the History Channel expecting to be intellectually challenged but instead i am being insulted by grossly biased information. The show is “The Universe”, initially I started watching it because of my interest in Astronomy. The show was great with all the scientific “lingo” these men sounded very smart, UNTIL I heard the word “Big Bang” and “Dark Energy”. I sat there amused by how the LEADING scientist still believe in a THEORY that has no basis in science. Even on his death bed Charles Darwin said his theory was not true! There has to be a reason why the media promotes this theory. Also, is it a crime these days to show both sides of the issue? Apparently it’s a crime for the History channel and others to do so. I personally am a creationist and a Christian. I have done the research myself and have concluded that it takes MORE faith to believe in evolution than in Creationism.

  21. 21 · Carrie Kelsch says:

    Thank you very much for the “Armageddon” week. My husband and I really enjoyed it. I also told my family and friends to watch it and they too enjoyed it. Some of them, I watched over and over again. I am currently saving my money to buy all the DVD’s. Thanks again for putting on such a WONDERFUL week!

    Carrie Kelsch

  22. 22 · sold you souls says:

    I see very clearly now that the history channel has adopted a leftist philosophy. In fact, i find that contacting the history channel is quite a process how convenient! I will be contacting my provider and informing them that i no longer will tolerate the history channels anti American anti individualist and anti Christian attitude.

    Proudly, J.A.HOLT

  23. 23 · General Norrad says:

    Dear History Channel,

    .I been watching Gangland on the History Channel about Gangs in different City’s and their story’s. I was just wondering why the History Channel is not doing A story about the history of gang violence in my city Denver, Colorado. My name is General Norrad I am A Hip Hop Producer that pioneered the Hip Hop Scene in Denver Co, in the early 80’s and witnessed all the gang violence dating back to the early 70’s. I am now living in Nashville TN working on my music, were do to my gang banging history I had to relocate. I was born and raised in the “Five Points Area” the Eastside of Denver Co, witch is Notoriously know for there Gangs and gang violence. All you would have to do is contact: Rev. Leon Kelly of Open Door, in Denver and you would get the whole history about Denver’s gang violence and history. I personally lost two generation’s do to Denver’s gang violence and was one of the lucky few that made it out and survived to tell about it. It’s all in the paper’s and media, just waiting to be reveled, and I plan on writing an auto biography and making A movie about Denver Colorado’s untold Gang History/Story.

    Please contact me: On this story, That I fill will get A lot of Attention.


    General Norrad

  24. 24 · greg moore says:

    i am a retired AF PJ love this channel. why due u continue to run Hitlers Bodyguard,its be a month

  25. 25 · Anonymous says:

    how the hell do i send the history channel an email complaint? so far, their links don’t seem to wok. what do i do?


  26. 27 · Anonymous says:

    Hi. i watch your show all the time, its awesome. I live in northern michigan. Northern Michigan was a safe haven for the Chicago mob. I came across some tunnels and their underground casino that was dug by the mob, their is a lot of tunnels some went to the airport one went all the way to a huge old hotel that is on the shores of lake Michigan. It is believed that the purple gang would bring guests in by air or boat. the guests would stay at the hotel then shuttled back and forth by limo in a underground tunnel. Rumor has it that the limo is still underground. Once i was inside the casino, their is busted up black jack tables, roulette and crap tables, this all happened on the last raid by the police, then this place was forgotten. the security system was unreal, iron gates sliding inch metal doors and a cement door that was 1 foot thick that slid on a train rail, also a large safe that is 6′ by 4′.Their also was escape tunnels and dead end tunnels to through off the cops. Their was a lot of mob activity up here. the casino was between
    Harbor Springs and Petoskey. Petoskey was a very large town with an elaborate bunch of tunnels that ran through out the city. The tunnels were used during the prohibition and are still intact.

    Their is only a few people that know about this. I was lucky to stumble across an opening that was hidden in the woods. I have a lot of info on this to much to put in a email. this is forgotten American history, this would make a great show for cities of the underworld. please contact me so i can tell you all i know about this
    cell# 406) 231-1541 email darby_rgs@yahoo.com

  27. 28 · gary47 says:

    Since a child and still is, my favorite history subject has been the Lewis and Clarke expedition. Have been disappointed that this subject has been ignored. Would like to see an in depth series on the Lewis and Clarke adventure. There is so much that could be said about the many that made up the core of discovery. Seamen, York, Fields, Gass and many others I can,t recall. And the many incidents that occured; bear attack, winter at Mandan, winter on the Pacific coast, the many incidents’ with the natives, the great falls and a look at how it is today compared to two hundred years ago. Thank you, gary47

  28. 29 · gll4m@aol says:

    Your program Extreme Trains could be a wonderful show. I love seeing trains, how they work, scenery, tracks, cities the trains go through, the big bridges, in other words anything that has to do with trains. I DO NOT like seeing your narrator blabbing and your camara man showing his face all the time along with other people too. The camara is always jumping around from scene to scene and 50 percent of the time is showing their faces instead of trains while playing rock music of all things.

  29. 30 · Michael Lemen says:

    I could get hold of the CIA easier then you folks at the History channel I just wrote a LONG e-mail and then found I was given the wrong address. I just wanted to ask what happened to the History channel??? Ice road truckers , UFO hunters is VERY unprofessinal.UFO files is good well done show but they are all REPEATS . CANT we get our monies worth in ANYTHING ANYMORE . You have to be a genious to see that a show about tree choppers is cheaper to produce, but I pay extra money to hopefully see what I want to see, BUT I DON’T!!! I would be EXTREMELY surprized if this letter is even read let alone reponded to !! PLEASE prove me wrong. MLemen11@msn.com

  30. 31 · Paul Gregorio says:

    Wanted to write to the history channel to acknowledge some awesome documentaries about trains, specifically the high speed Acela express and the “Empire” superliner from Illinois to Washington state. I found the material about these trains fun and enjoyable to learn.
    I am a real high speed train enthusiast and love learning about these trains. I had an idea that perhaps the history channel could air documentaries about high speed trains from Europe and Asia. Being a “lover” of high speed trains, if I could personally being involved in the production of the commentary on high speed trains, I would find that very exciting as a stepping stone to working with high speed trains in my life. Thank you for your consideration.

  31. 32 · R T Ehlers says:

    You folks have many good programs. However, I prefer programs that are factual and many of your programs are not. If I wanted to watch some thing outside of reality, I’d turn on the Sci-Fi or a religious channel. You also need to slow down the editing department. All of the jiggling and movement in your films is not “cool”. It is “annoying”.

  32. 33 · Ed says:

    History Channel is one of the offerings I look for when the “providers'” flyers arrive in the mail–the ones that offer huge savings for six to twelve months. There is no doubt about it, there is genius in the History Channel concept.
    I would like to make a few constructive suggestions.
    (1) The definition of history on which the channel operates is a bit skewed toward the sensational rather than well-researched fact. I have to agree with Richard Kovell (e-mail in your collection) about too much “space aliens, the occult, secret conspiracies, and prophecies about the end of the world.” When I surf to the history channel, it is with hope that something substantial is being presented. My guess is that some of the producers of your material are not qualified for serious work, and I suspect that some of them did not pay adequate attention in grammar school.
    (2) Writers of documentaries really need mastery of their craft before going to work–or they need good editors to check and correct them. Not only does grammar and usage require control, violations of logic quickly destroy credibility. For example (and this one comes from the history channel site rather from television), someone writing a blurb about women claimed that early nineteenth century women could never have thoughts different from those of their husbands. Since the history channel has a huge audience, it does poorly when it moves into absurdities and propaganda…because some people will actually believe the nonsense. It appears that the writer does not know what a logic violation is or that all-inclusive words such as never (used in the example above), always, all, every, and none should be applied properly. If the channel is interested in credibility, then purchase documentaries prepared by competent writers.
    (3) Sometimes real-world common sense is needed. Last night I watched the documentary about Caesar’s campaign against Vercingetorix and the fortified town, Alesia, in Gaul (52 b.c.). It was good for being informative, but at one point the commentator said that Caesar’s first, surrounding seige-wall was ten miles long, and the second, outer wall was twenty long. I think that this was not adequately researched because the twenty-mile wall would have averaged something like 1.6 miles distance from the first wall, and that seems much too far (in the days of horses for a few and foot-slogging for the many) to have been helpful. I don’t think Caesar would make a mistake like that. Another bad, bad example was the story about a WWII naval ship being transported (in accordance with one of Einstein’s theories, it was claimed) atom by atom to another location and, upon being reassembled into its original form had trapped some of the crew in floors and bulkheads. Only at the end did the “documentary” reveal that the story came from a fictional source. Please, History Channel, be ashamed enough to never stoop to that level again.
    History Channel is a brilliant concept, but it needs to be history and not something else.

  33. 34 · Willy says:

    I agree with Ed.

  34. 35 · Dee says:

    This is concerning Monster Quest. I recently viewed an episode about the big black cats that are said to have been seen in North America. They say it is a large domestic cat, a black jag or a black puma. Well, I live in Missouri and I have seen a Black Panther. I was looking out my front door and across the two lane highway there is a gravel driveway that goes straight up a large hill. About 200 yards in frontn if me laid the Black Panther. Stretched across the entire driveway. Head to tail.. and the tail was curled at the edge of the road. no.. I have no proof. I was just in shock of what I was seeing with my own eyes. I understand people say they see things and other people don’t know wether to believe them or not. You can choose believe me or not. But, I have seen the very large Black Panther. So, there are sighting of this mystery cat in Missouri. I’m not the only person who has seen this Cat in this area. There have been many sightings over the years. It’s really no different then it being said there are no bears in this area…YES there is! so… my question… Am I being told I didn’t see what I know I saw? Are the people that have video and pictures of this Cat being told what they have proof of is not what they see?

  35. 36 · Brian says:

    To whom it may concern.
    I enjoy the History Channel and watch it daily.
    But I have one big complaint.
    I have a very hard time hearing the narrative of the program.
    It’s difficult to hear because of the music in the backround.
    The music needs to be tone down, we need to hear the person talking, the information is what we need to hear, this is the reason we watch, for the infomation not the misic.
    I fine this with many programs on TV, in that the music overides what we want to hear.

  36. 37 · jhon dow.. says:

    i like to leave a qwestion for ufo hunters…i have found alot of my life is invalved with sittings and have come up with the ansers of the grays..yes thay are here..and thay don’t look the same as thay use to..thay are hibrides..i call them when thay are togather ”the hive”..thay do not mate with femail and mial to gather..thats why you only found the fothers geens in star child..the qween lays her eggs in to the mail and the young eat the mail from the inside out..so thay only pass on the fothers geens..also there are two knowen spices of aleans the blues and the grays..the blue i think have to do with the qweens and the grays sierve them..now there are some that are hibrides that have the skill to read thoughts and also to place thoughts..thows are the 4 foot ones people are so scard of..there the ones that can put you to sleep a drage your unhappy ass out of your bead..i think that might be there youth..as thay get biger there mind can do much more such as.. moving things with there mind…and thay can run like the wind..thay like jumping on ten ruffes.. thay love the snow.. thay hate sement thats why thay don’t like citys..thay love toys not any thing eletrice but hand made toys..thay have so much stuff that runs on power so any thing that dos not thay take a liking to..thay do have pets and thay are mean..such as one i like to call them ”there dog kind of dog” wich has no feer it has three legs in front and two in back and its barck is much like a rower like a lion..it stands about three and a half feet tall and weight is about 110 pounds..its skin is a dark gray or black…its eyes are vary black….most people think the hive likes hot climates but there world is like oures but with one diffrints.. thay don’t have one of our elaments in co’2..thats why thay take people to do research on to them too see how we breath co’2 and are making or have made a hibride..now the hibride can breath air and are walking amung us..the risan the goverment hiding them is not to have cause to calm people dowen..people would go appeshit if thay new thay could just hich i ride to outer space..lol.. and the things our goverment have learnd from them well would culaspe the aconumee..sorry can’t speel that well lol.. see the inc’s and the goverment work with bilding the wealth with, one thing such as feul and if it was swich over to say the water feuled engeen like in 1997 a inc came up with a way to do just that..the goverment bought the blue prints from the as soon as thay could so we would not breack the bank..so as you can see our goverment is just trying to save us from a lot of hard time’s..but be happy, new inventions will come out as soon as thay are cleard from the men in black.. bleave me when i say that was not a punt lol… and if like to see real aliaens well you can go to fla..kissieeme..fla..out in the woods there a lot of things you can see..kissemmee fla it is a real big hot spot..thay have evrey thing the grays like such as cows..march lands and plunty of farmers to test on..o and you ufo hunters should make it easer to e-mail you…i tryed for two weeks to looking you up.. and don’t like posting info..and if you want to find more info about where thay are and why the goverment is hiding them try body languege and numbers..evrey number has a meaning..and skraching your nose is not always scarching your nose thay are saying some thing like in base ball..its called the secrite goverment…And if you want to know more don’t look for me…lol.. just in case thay try to make a movie about my info to calm you down and disclam this as just a movie i wrote this on 6-6-2009.. and if you want to know where the hive is its at a goverment bilding..still don’t know where it is, i’ll give you a hint it starts with the letter ”p” and it got hite with a plaen and did vary littil damige..

  37. 38 · Tyler R. Bulak says:

    Dear: History Channel

    I would like to leave a letter to Decoding The Past. In your decoding the doller bill episode you said that u did not understand why one of the seals of the three maces on the doller bill was a pyimide with the all seeing eye. I think one of there resones for this desing was because there pyrimid had the three sides like the three maces.

  38. 39 · Roger Alba says:

    Dear history channel

    I saw the lunar landing live 1969 documantary and it blew my mind. How it took me back in time to 1969. Whoever was in charge of programing there at the history channel is a genious. Please have more live tv events from history.


  39. 40 · Ianster says:

    The history scientist are making a big mistake about doomsday date and that’s not our job to do that and that the real living god job to do that in whatever he decide to

  40. 41 · Anonymous says:

    I’m watching the show “The Universe” and again finding it obsurd. When are the lesser intellectuals of this world going to accept the fact that Darwinism is nothing more than propaganda designed to keep the sheeple convoluted and confused in reference to their true origin? Creationism is a fact! Man and gigantic humans have been inhabiting this planet since the very beginnings of time. There was no primordial soup from which single celled organisms sprung. We absolutely did not evolve from apes. Man, and his nearest relative, “giants”, not apes were here simultaneously with T-Rex and all the others. I could go on and on, but if you need proof simple google 1. Gigantic human remains and 2. The Nephilim and do a little research. If that’s not sufficient, pick up a Bible, turn to Genesis and read. The “Big Bang” dealt with the events that transpired after God said “Let there be light” I Love you and God Loves you. Gain knowledge, accept Jesus, and repent. Then you will have the rest of your life to become the person he created you to be while looking forwad to the glory of an incomprehensible eternity. Monte A.D.

  41. 42 · amanda says:

    The history channel is nothing but lies and fabrications. All it has on it is 2012 stuff and all it does is lie and scare people to make money. Its obsessed with it and its disgusting. Children watch this channel and are now afraid out of there minds because of the nonsense the channel shows. It absolutly revolting. It should not be aired and the poeple responsible for this channel should be shunned.

  42. 43 · L.H says:

    I had watch pretty much all off your programs regarding ailliens or out of space flying saucers. You need some new/fresh materials, I had been holding this for too long, but I believe I have something new for you. I,m just don’t know how to get in touch with you, either via Email or phone.

  43. 44 · Anonymous says:


  44. 45 · Anonymous says:

    If you continue the excessive banner clutter advertising within your programs, you will force me to avoid your channel. And if other broadcasters pick up your habit of irritating viewers with banner clutter I guess I’ll be forced to go strictly with the news and netflix. This does seem to be a somewhat new ploy to do battle against dvrs and tivos to FF through ads, but it won’t work. The banners are to distracting and lessen the quality of viewing of the show.

  45. 46 · Rich Rinaldi says:

    Hi, To Whomever….. I was just watching the HC and you’al were doing the piece on the middle age weapons telling us how great Henry the 5th King of England was when he defeated the French at teh battle of Agicore France. You were giving the low life Henry too, too, much glory for what the man really was. He was later defeated by Saint Joan of Arc who he could not defeat on the battlefield as he learned after many battles and thousands and thousands of dead warroirs who thought as you do that this man was a hero. Well let Hostory show that he could not defeat Saint Joan in Battle so he dups the Church and its Dumb Bishop with a bribe to burn her, Saint Joan, at the stake at the age of 19 years old or else she would have taken England after telling him to leave Normandy and go home with his tail between his legs. Lets also not forgett if they,the English had taken France we would not have America today because it was the French who haved saved George Washington as we defeated England in our revolution. See Mark Twains biography of Saint Joan of Arc, he says it was the best one he, MT had ever written as it was from eye witnesses who lived with saint Joan every day telling us blow by blow that she inflicked on the low life Henry. It was a 19 year old peasant girl who couldnt even ride a horse when she took on England and defeated the English Knights by the hundreds of thousands. Henry had her burned at the stake for heresy like any other common coward who could not beat a 19 yr old girl on the battle field while they were trying to take France, that didnt belong to him and like they did to us in America when they faced a real General George who along with the French also sent him home with his tail between his legs. My e-mail is crispinrcr@yahoo.com for your comments.

  46. 47 · Blake says:

    I was watching the World Trade Center: Rise and Fall of an American Icon and noticed that the narrator kept chiming Terrorist Attack, claiming how the building fell because the collapse of the steel, etc. For 1) Over half of the committee of 9/11 Commissioners denounce the official account as a compromise and cover-up full of disinformation regarding the events that day. They have had to subpoena NORAD, the Pentagon, the White House, and others without much luck – Fact. 2) 9/11 First Responders and Survivors are demanding a legitimate investigation as at least five hundred three (503) interviews by the First Responders never made it into the 9/11 Commission Report – Fact. 3) There has never been any hard evidence presented which links Usama Bin Laden to 9/11 as stated by the Director of the FBI, which is why it does not state 9/11 on Bin Laden’s Wanted Poster – Fact. 4) Henry Kissinger, the 1st appointed head of the 9/11 Committee by “W.” has business ties to the Bin Laden family – Fact. 5) First Responders heard and witnessed explosions inside all buildings before the planes hit and before the collapse of all buildings on 9/11 – Fact. 6) Active thermite was found in the rubble in the days, weeks, and months following the start of the clean-up – Fact. 7) Vice President Richard Cheney took control of NORAD 3 months before 9/11 and gave control of NORAD back to the military 3 months after 9/11 – Fact. 8) All hijacker names are not on any manifest rosters from 9/11 – Fact. 9) The Taliban stated publicly they are willing to hand over Bin Laden as soon as they can be presented evidence he had a connection to 9/11 as Bin Laden had no connection to phones or computers in the months leading up to the attacks – Fact. 10) The FBI confiscated all black boxes from the WTC’s and surveillance footage of the Pentagon attack without releasing them back to the public – Fact. 11) The FBI has ‘lost’ the original footage of the Pentagon attack just like NASA ‘lost’ the original footage of the Moon landing – Fact. 12) The Rockefeller’s have a controlling interest in NBC Universal, Inc. which is the parent company of the History Channel – Fact.

    Must I go on…?

  47. 48 · Ed says:

    Well this is the day I kick of my campaign of: Viewers irate about banners and popups that are more and more invading programming. I’m searching for all the phone numbers of all the programs that run these irritating ads and encouraging everyone to call everyday until we can get them removed completely! This kind of program polution has got to stop. If we can’t stop it, I’ll be compelled to learn how to get through life without tv. Just watch movies on my roku player and be done with it. I am serious, you’ve ruined so many programs by your intrusion of ads during programming, I have to cover the bottom half of my screen to avoid them and then they appear sometimes above that. If you keep jacking the viewer around, your playing a losing game. Oh, and by the way, care to give me your phone number?

  48. 49 · Ed says:

    Hi, I just wrote in a complaint about banner and popup ads. edbyrd7@yahoo.com

  49. 50 · pokenhorn says:

    Regarding ‘The People Speak’ series by Prof. Zinn, I am troubled. The Leftists already own so much of the media that it is overkill to give them another microphone. The credibility of the History Channel is now much in question with me.

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