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I recently sent the History Channel an email about my complaints of shows like Ice Road Truckers and Human Weapon and I got a response the next day.

Dear ___,

Thank you for your comments concerning programming on The History Channel.

With over 91 million domestic subscribers, we realize that not all programs will appeal to all viewers. However, this does not keep us from striving to provide the most diverse spectrum of programming possible.

In this spirit, if a program or series has failed to appeal, we hope that you have enjoyed –and will enjoy– other 2007 premieres, such as JONESTOWN: PARADISE LOST, FORT KNOX SECRETS REVEALED, SAVE OUR HISTORY: THE SEARCH FOR GEORGE WASHINGTON, THE DARK AGES, USS CONSTELLATION: BATTLING FOR FREEDOM, FULL METAL CORSET, A DISTANT SHORE: AFRICAN AMERICANS OF D-DAY, NIXON: A PRESIDENCY REVEALED, LAST STAND OF THE 300, and new episodes of the series DOGFIGHTS and ANCIENT DISCOVERIES, to cite a few.

It is important to us to receive feedback from our viewers, and we deeply appreciate your taking the time to contact us.

Viewer Relations


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  1. 201 · BWV-1004 says:

    How did you even find an email to contact them? I’ve scoured their website and found nothing. I’m trying to obtain a bibliography of a program to do some fact checking for a paper, but it seems they avoid any inquiries. Ehemmm… I wonder why?

    Their historical subject matter and credibility and is definitely declining, if not completely disintegrated already. So sad. It used to be a pretty good source for brain food. Now it’s just a hodgepodge hybrid of Jerry Springer & Jersey Shore.

  2. 202 · sally says:

    Your programming gets worse. Pickers and Pawn Stars day in and day out. Now we are swamped with Swamp People. All we see are ugly people and alligators, ugly men. Where are the programs for women? Sally

  3. 203 · M. Hailey says:

    I once recommended that my students regularly wATCH tHE HISTORY cHANNEL. Now that it is reborn as The Bad Reality Channel I would never repeat that mistake. You have now even destroyed HI with the same lame programming. Please change the title of your channels!

  4. 204 · Todd Lewis says:

    I am completely disappointed in the History Channel’s choice of programming. I believe it to be a misnomer to call it the “History Channel” when no history is shown. Today it seems to be a marathon of idiot reality shows such as american restoration. Other days it is other moronic programs like pawn stars & american pickers. I realize that you have to cater some to the dim masses who enjoy such programming, however what about the base of intelligent fans who actually would like to see something with historical significance. I am looking forward to the Hatfield-McCoy movie on Memorial Day, but those programs seem to be very sporadic. Please try to step back some from the reality TV crap & play something with some intellectual quality. From a disappointed fan

  5. 205 · steve says:

    How dare you show a program like “Swamp People”. It is disgusting beyond kin’
    Toothless inbreds in boats shooting alligators,WOW, what a sporting event that is.
    Make it fair,take away the guns and boats,and the absolute slaughter of our most ancient reptiles,and see how that plays out..
    History Channel,you disgust me.

  6. 206 · Me says:

    Why are you not listing to our views about the shows you shows. To many times the same topic is on all your channels. do you know why I love a drama like NCIS on CBS, is because I can’t wait to see the next show, you repeat and repeat the same show until the 1 you wan’t to watch, yes I know you like to build it up,but it gets old. You have alot to offer in your programing shows, but the way you show it is terrible. I do know that when you are showing shows like the titinic on all your channels over and over they get old. I have been an avid veiwer of all your channels. So PLEASE start to change your porgraming .

  7. 207 · G. D. Johnson says:

    I am watching your program on Nostradamus. I can no longer listen to the credites who say why do we not hear of his prdictions until after the event. I am aware of a documentary on Nostrdamus from the early eighties which was narreated by Orsen Wells. I vividly recall Mr. Wells commenting that in the year 2000 the new city on the fortyth parallel will be attcked from the air. At that time the concern was the attack would come from another super power. He was off by one year and we now know the destruction did not come from a super power. As we also know that the towers was a city with in a city. The program was called the man who saw tomorrow.

  8. 208 · Bill Towry says:

    Swamp people is the best TV show since Gun Smoke. I have declared Troy Landry Mat Dillon of the Byou. Look out alligators Marshall Landry is on your tail

  9. 209 · Sandy says:

    I am sick at heart at what the History Channel is showing in the name of History. Its not History. Its crap!!!!
    Let’s get back to where the History Channel started out, giving viewers a glimse at our and the worlds history. There are so many stories that could be filmed…but no we get Pawn Stars, etc. over and over.

    When the channel first premiered, I was excited…now I am just sick about what you put on this channel in the name of history.

    Its just cheap programming that makes you money…not history.
    Same on you…there is enough crap on all the other stations, repeats after repeats…all to make stations money.

    Clean up the History Channel for those of us who still have brains!

    Thank you,

  10. 210 · RDWYLIE says:

    I love the history channel but thier games should not cost you to play them like TOP SHOT I don’t have a credit card or paypay
    they should be fun not pocke draining!!



  11. 211 · RDWYLIE says:

    I wrote a while ago about the games but I forgot my e-mail
    hotilsflyer@yahoo.com Yes please make the games where go
    don’t have to have a credit card to play,I’m home bound by
    cancer and a stroke and all I have is my PC AND MY CAT and
    I wouldn’t part with either THANK YOU!!



  12. 212 · Anonymous says:

    I recently watched a program on the History Channel and was very a upset of the untruths, about the Mormon Church. Just because people do something like the Mormons Killing all the people in a wagon train does not mean the the Church had any thing to doe with it.
    Yet History has made it OK to murder members of the LDS faith even though the Constitution give us the right to worship any way we wish.
    I watch the History Chanel 85 per cent of the time but when I know thing are told the are not true it is time to speak up and let you know I will never what any program of yours that is about history because it may not be true.

    Where were the people when J. Smith was Killed your great grandfather must have been the one holding the gun, where were you when LDS people were driven from their home in the winter time, again your great great grandfather was on horse back with gun chasing men, women and children and shooting them

    I think is is about time the HC bring out the truth.

    I can’t believe that people think the LDS Church help the mob build Las Vages. How stupid can you people get.

    You People are the Wort of the Worst.

    I hope when the time comes fore the world to you stupid people will burn in hell for the untruth about a religion that does nothing but try to help the needy, even if they are not member of the LDS church

    Dump you brain through you stomach and perhaps you will learn somethin.

  13. 213 · Daniel says:

    Todo adolescente faz uma festa maravilhosa nos 18 anos de existencia, 2016 vem aí, parabens programa maravilhoso!!!!!! E jamais esqueceria da Lisa do ice road, alem de linda é maravilhosamente a mulher perfeita para quem gosta de aventuras em autos.

  14. 214 · Daniel says:

    Para contato, daniellb6@hotmail.com

  15. 215 · Daniel says:

    Todo adolescente faz uma festa maravilhosa nos 18 anos de existencia, 2016 vem aí, parabens programa maravilhoso!!!!!! E jamais esqueceria da Lisa do ice road, alem de linda é maravilhosamente a mulher perfeita para quem gosta de aventuras em autos. daniellb6@hotmail.com

  16. 216 · HAN says:

    I was just watching a show about the Mayan prediction of the end of times and I was struck by something that was said. It seems that a Mayan hieroglyphic (sp?) on a brick was placed backwards so it wouldn’t create a panic. Why are you now trying to create a panic for those of us who will face this day?

    I find your slanted analysis of this subject very alarmist. I have looked this up and the Mayan calendar “ends” at a time of change…maybe like the Age of Aquarius in the ’60’s which didn’t come???? This world has enough to worry about day to day and we don’t need to anguish about what may NOT happen in the future. Please back off and give us something good to ponder. Thanks.

  17. 217 · Harold says:

    I just watched “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Patton”. It was an excellent show but they made a mistake. When he tried to rescue his son-in-law, Lt. Col J.K. Waters, during the Hammelburg raid, Waters was wounded. He did not die in a hospital later, as your show reported, but survived the war and died at age 82.

  18. 218 · Anonymous says:

    Hi, i have seen many revolutionary documentaries about Mexico’s civil war but i have never seen one from Guatemala”s Civil war which started in 1960 and ended in 1996. I am pretty sure that a huge audience would be watching such interesting stories specially from remarkable personages born in Zacapa. an expedition looking for all that people that still know the truth of that war its urgent before they die for being old. Thank you I have you considerate my suggestion.

  19. 219 · Anonymous says:

    I, am the one that suggested about the Guatemalan Documentary and remarkable people in Zacapa you may contact me at sergiopaz_18@live.com

  20. 220 · Ron H says:

    I typically enjoy watching American Restoration however the 05/18/2012 episode featured an gentleman who brought in a Vietnam era Helicopter aviation helmet. A grandson was bringing it in to be restored for his grandfather who allegedly was a door gunner in Vienam. I say allegedly because of many red flags raised by the grandchild. eg; Crew helmets were fitted by the user and personalized with the artwork of the owner and they were NOT shared with others! Anyway…that’s one of the many red flag tales the grandfather has to live with. I hope the true owner of this helmet is still alive and sees this show and calls you guys on this episode so he can be reunited with his Vietnam War memorabilia.
    My primary issue regarding the helmet is that Rick appears to take a lot of effort to accurately restore Coca Cola products but made no effort to accurately restore the Vietnam Helicopter helmet.
    First off, the unit insignia artwork was the most crucial as was the Black Ace of Spades. Rick focused on the “flower power” comical scribbles.
    Secondly…….Rick went online and paid outrageous prices and installed attachments that weren’t even a part of the helmet. An oxygen mask!….Are you serious! These weren’t jet fighters….they were helicopters and typically flown in “nap of the earth” configurations. In other words…..very low altitude most often under tree top level! Why on earth would they have an oxygen mask!?
    Communications were done via VOX controls not through oxygen masks! Rick obviously did not use any form of research in “restoring” this peice of combat history and I am very disappointed because this would have been a wonderful opportunity for Rick to pay tribute to the heretofor unsung heroes of the Vietnam War.
    Here’s one of many online websites that come up when you Google Helicopter Aviation Helmets of Vietnam…… please have Rick take a look and do the needed research on artifacts like this in the future. http://www.vhpamuseum.org/helmetart/helmetart.shtml
    Let’s put in some effort to be historically accurate with artifacts of this type of honored significance.
    Ron Hebert
    US Army tours 1970-1972 & 1975-1979

  21. 221 · wallacewc@comcast.net says:



  22. 222 · paul vigil says:

    what in the heck does Pawn Stars and Swamp people have to do with history? it on history channel more then anything to do with, history!!! please let me know. Send me an response. paul234v49@att.net. Thank you.

  23. 223 · ruth pasquarelli says:

    I’m SO disappointed. I WANTED to watch ‘The Hatfields and McCoys’ but could only understand about 1/2 or less of what was said. I turned the TV sound up 2 1/2 times the usual loudness and still couldn’t understand. The commercials on other channels were OK. I ended up putting on something else.
    AGAIN. I WANTED to see the program. But couldn’t.
    I also wanted to send a DVD of the program to someone without cable, but now won’t.

  24. 224 · Leslie exploring1@sbcglobal.net says:

    How can we comment directly to the History Channel? I can’t find an email or mailing address anywhere. I really miss having someting decent to watch on tv. I used to love the history channel. I know the documentaries weren’t always accurate, or were a bit over-sensationalized, but I was willing to accept that. I think that Ancient Aliens guy is crazy, and he does provide some humorous entertainment. Even he is better than Ice Road Truckers, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, etc. Who wants to watch that all day? Give me a break! Now I have been left with nothing but reality tv. Who runs these networks? I know reality is less expensive to produce, but if you call yourself The History Channel, you should feel some moral obligation to expose people to a little bit of history! Thank God for Netflix! That’s where my business is going lately. Pawn Stars now and then is ok, but not all day.

  25. 225 · Alain says:

    Hello everybody.
    I find the serial over ancient extraterrestrials kind of week and badly documented. It lacks enormously of scientific proofs and is based only over speculations. Moreover, a lots of the different theories ave been proved invalid since a long time…
    Be more professional please…
    Thank you.

  26. 226 · Brett says:

    I sure do enjoy your programming, but why is it that every time a move tries to be more dramatic they use the GD word. I really have enjoyed the Hatfield and McCoys mini series, but I firmly believe people in that time period had more respect for God rather than to curse him. People now days should too, but Hollywood loves that word and the F bomb….IS there any one else out there not wanting their children to hear such dialog???

  27. 227 · Chad says:

    I recently came across a program showing “people” hunting alligators in the swamp and couldn’t believe this was on national television. These hunters were speaking english and the use of subtitles was necessary. I can’t believe network directors would think the American public has become this low. I would fire anyone affiliated with this program. Certainly, this isn’t the best the History channel can do.

  28. 228 · virginia says:

    I remember watching the hatfields and mccoys years ago with jack palance in it. it was a fantastic movie . i would love to see you run that movie also . please

  29. 229 · Dot says:

    Just watched the last hour of The Epic History of Everyday Things
    and found it informative and rather fascinating. Unfortunately, after searching my guide, it does not appear to be repeated in at least the next week. I’ve checked the History Channel’s guide and it does not appear on the schedule. I searched for an awfully long time trying to find an email addy in order to contact them and find out if in the future it will be re-aired but can’t find a contact. Can anyone help me?

  30. 230 · freda says:

    my husband and i watch ice road truckers and sometimes children are present..the f words are uncalled for and many adults do not use them..please have this taken care of..thank you

  31. 231 · H & J says:

    My wife and I have been regular watchers of IRT and IRT Deadliest roads. This was IN SPITE of losers Hugh and Rick. Now that you have decided to remove Lisa and Maya, we have decided to stop watching the show.

  32. 232 · Jim says:

    I was wondering if anyone else is upset about the new format of “American Restoration”. It is no longer about how they actually restore items but more about Rick, Tyler, Brettley, Kelly etc. I liked it when they showed how the items were repaired, that is what the show should be about not about the antics of the characters. Let’s get more on Kowboy, Kyle, Ted etc. and how great they are at what they do, not about Rick getting married.

  33. 233 · j. conboy says:

    swamp people is a fascinating and entertaining show. it looks authentic to me although i don’t hunt gators. all the people use inexpensive 22’s and fish the same way. the show has developed interesting, real, and genuine characters. awesome. as for mountain men, a german shorthair pointer would not go into icy water. a true mountain man would not abide a dog that won’t even come when called. no mountain man would carry an expensive over/under shotgun open breech over his shoulder. wrong gun, wrong carry. as for the NC guy, he hunts with a lever action probably a 30-30. so far so good. on sighting the gun in, not authentic. you just start at 25 yards where you diagnose gross problems reliably. when you track the nearly miss the deer, that’s not a misfire. a misfire means the cartridge/bullet didnt go off. that’s not the same as a miss. then when you track that deer you don’t suddenly show up with a shotgun instead of the lever action shown earlier. you dont shout when looking for a wounded deer. the deer gets up if it can and runs away. duh! i so enjoy swamp people. i’d call it one of my all time favorites. mountain men wouldn’t fool any hunter. it’s a little insulting for sure. thanks folks. get someone who knows something please.

  34. 234 · Herman Montville says:

    What happened to the female ice road truckers? It seems they are all gone, what happened? I can be reached at hermanmontville@comcast.net Thank you for your time.

  35. 235 · mightyeyepatrol@hotmail.com says:

    I find it disturbing sometimes when I watch programs on your channel pertaining to Hannibal and shows pertaining to the pharoah’s of Egypt. It seems that you all just can’t get prejudice out of your veins. When watching the Hannibal episode, I saw your depiction of Hannibal and his troops, they were white and very fair looking. When you display Egypt’s pharoah’s. they are white and very fair looking. The fact is that they are all black. Dark black. And it matters how you portray them. Why is it so important that you try to make the world believe that these great people were white and or white looking? Isn’t is so sad that even the history channel finds it hard to tell and display the truth…… WOW !!!!!!!!!!!

  36. 236 · Annonymous says:

    Some asshole on Top Gun called Alexander Suvorov “Alexander Guvorov.” I could accept the stupid shit about the aliens. Even the monsters. But to mess up the name of one of the greatest generals of all time is too much. The man never lost a battle, and took Italy away from Napoleon’s France. Unfortunately, Napoleon and Suvorov never faced each other, but Suvorov beat many of Napoleon’s greatest generals. He was given titles and honors by many Italian states for his actions. I don’t care about the ignorant deauchbag of a host who made the mistake. That’s fine. What I do care about is the producers who let the mistake go unchanged.

  37. 237 · mlbarber says:

    Really Mountain Men?
    One guy says he is a meat hunter and on his pack is nothin but horns? Said he packed 150lbs of meat out for his family i know for a FACT he had 100lbs of pounds of skull and horns? PLEASE expalin? Secondly, i live in MONTANA an ol boy was teachin his wife to shoot a 410 shotgun to kill a GRIZZLY? REALLY? I live off tha land raise cattle kill my elk catch my fish and cut my own wood the only tv reality show EVER is tha LAST AMERICAN COWBOYI I would welcome the opportunity to spend a year with ANY of these MOUNTAIN MEN? In return i would welcome ANY of them to my place in MONTANA? We have wolves killin calves and believe a 410 will not kill a wolf unless you are up close an personal? I will be up in NW Montana this fall an would welcome the opportunity this couple that is so hard driven to live off tha land we all cherish and love? You can contact me anytime! i AM ALWAYS up for an education on how to live in tha mountains!

    Watch YOUR TOP KNOT,


  38. 238 · Sharon says:

    I am watching American Pickers right now. Did Frank finish grammar school? He must have said ”I SEEN” a dozen times. It just makes me furious to hear someone so ignorant on TV where kids watch and hear this dumbass use improper grammar & they think it’s OK to say ”I SEEN”. Tell that jerk to stop it! You are paying that man a ton of money? He should be working at a fast food restaurant.

  39. 239 · Randle says:

    The History Channel just plain sucks now. I used to watch it all the time and now I never watch it. Ice Road Truckers, Swamp People, Axe Men, Mountain Men, Great Lake Warriors, Cajun Pawn Stars, Big Shrimpin, WTF is all this crap. What happened to the History Channel that used to show stuff about History and not just hillbilly fake reality shows

  40. 240 · jared says:

    put all the bull shit shows like pawn stars and american pickers on h2 and get actual educational shows back on history channel. if i have to watch 12 hours of mike and frank being complete douchbags again i just might have to kill myself. wtf happened to the good old history channel before swamp people and ice road truckers and bullshit reality show type stuff. this aint mtv, put somthin on there that isnt going to make me completly braindead for watching. thank you.

  41. 241 · Aaron says:

    I used to LOVE the History Channel. I honestly never used turned the channel. I was just wondering when it was going to be called ” The Pawn Stars Channel”? It’s truly ridiculous! I even hate to say the word but I can’t think of a better one…They are complete DOUCHEBAGS!…I am also wondering, if this is obviously the trend of the future, when I am going to get MY own show!?… I am way more interesting (according to others) than all your reality drama shows combined!…Seriously, more History and less crap!


    Aaron Crawford

  42. 242 · Anonymous says:

    I don’t know who is in charge of programng but they need to be reassigned. The “reality trash” that has taken over media has now invaded the only channels I enjoyed H1 and H2. I refuse to watch it and really like to know how this garbage relates to history. You have reduced this channel that included an intelligent intellectual audience to a viewing audience of people with an IQ of 50. Of course the bottom to any business is money, but is there anyone on your staff that really works for a living. Is there no fresh ideas or originality to be explored. To use the excuse of diversity is a complete failure. I would fire all of you and bring in real talent.

  43. 243 · talldude1 says:

    I use to enjoy watching the History Channel however now it is Pawn Stars or American Pickers 5 days a week once in while we get to see IRT but I am so tried of this practice I no long watch it because of this practice.

  44. 244 · Duane says:

    It seems to me your programing staff are people fired from MTV because everything is reality show, tell me something how does Pawn Stars or American pickers relate to history other then the crap thay are triing to steal from the customer is old junk in most cases, why do you people keep this bullcrap on instead of getting back to history such as the wars our soldiers fought or the history of the industrail revelation, but NO MORE PAWN STARS OR AMERICAN PICKERS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. 245 · Lorenzo says:

    During a recent episode of “10 Things You Don’t Know About”…the host said all members of The Rat Pack were die-hard liberals. If this is so, why did Sammy Davis, Junior come out from behind the curtains during an appearance by Richard Nixon and give the Republican president a huge hug like Nixon was his long lost daddy?

  46. 246 · P. Eccleston says:

    I recently tried to watch and stomach your recent UFO Hunters show on a crash site in Mexico. It seems ridiculous to me that a so called advanced civiliation capable of inter_steller flight seem to come here and crash, the show alleged that a UFO hit a small plane and crashed. Our own stealth fighters can easily avoid any sort of in flight crash but your so called UFO could’t. Also there has never any been one iota of alien mettalurgy, verifiable remains,or bodies. To improve your show you need to add a sceptic to point out these and other ridiculous claims that are to say the least, underwhelming. People have been shown repeatdly to be very poor at seeing what they thought they saw! If you plan to add a sceptic I might be able to watch this program.

  47. 247 · Joe Malgeri says:

    Gold rush south America One word hit. What a show!!!! Way to go you have a winner

  48. 248 · Laara says:

    I’m trying to watch INGORIOUS BASTARDS with subtitles but your stupid self advertising in the bottom right hand corner of the screen throughout the ENTIRE movie and sometimes all the way across the bottom of the screen makes it impossible to read the subtitles or enjoy the movie. Somebody get a brain over there.

  49. 249 · Jovan from Macedonia says:

    I examiner your serials, all four, of Ancint Aliens in 2 days, very closley. It’s very good and I agree with you and with the scientis how spoke in it. But don’t forget one thing, although there was a power of E.T., we have a power also, inside us, don’t underestimated the power of man, although we are hybrids, it’s not a result only of the aliens, therefore they left us centuries ago. They are here, but they are afraid of us, of our power. We have a energy and we are part of the Universe. Thank you. jradevski@gmail.com

  50. 250 · Anonymous says:

    I have noticed your daytime programing does contain some interesting historical features,but your evening schedule is mostley con trived reality nonsense.Why would that be?Dave

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