History Channel Email Response

I recently sent the History Channel an email about my complaints of shows like Ice Road Truckers and Human Weapon and I got a response the next day.

Dear ___,

Thank you for your comments concerning programming on The History Channel.

With over 91 million domestic subscribers, we realize that not all programs will appeal to all viewers. However, this does not keep us from striving to provide the most diverse spectrum of programming possible.

In this spirit, if a program or series has failed to appeal, we hope that you have enjoyed –and will enjoy– other 2007 premieres, such as JONESTOWN: PARADISE LOST, FORT KNOX SECRETS REVEALED, SAVE OUR HISTORY: THE SEARCH FOR GEORGE WASHINGTON, THE DARK AGES, USS CONSTELLATION: BATTLING FOR FREEDOM, FULL METAL CORSET, A DISTANT SHORE: AFRICAN AMERICANS OF D-DAY, NIXON: A PRESIDENCY REVEALED, LAST STAND OF THE 300, and new episodes of the series DOGFIGHTS and ANCIENT DISCOVERIES, to cite a few.

It is important to us to receive feedback from our viewers, and we deeply appreciate your taking the time to contact us.

Viewer Relations


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  1. 251 · marie says:

    How can we get in touch with you when we cannot find your Contact. I wanted to ask when the next episode of Ancient Aliens will be on; also, to suggest you might like to look into the 13 part series “Feng Shui Living” with Rod Pyle.

    Could you please let me know at – marienayda@rogers.com


  2. 252 · Juio says:

    Why is everyone asking History Channel questions here? Isn’t this just some dudes blog? I doubt History Channel reads his blog.

    Anyways, if anyone knows an email address for the people behind Ancient Aliens, let me know.

    I really want to know who the composer is for the music in that show (if anyone knows that, tell me!)

    My email is julionicoletti@live.com


  3. 253 · Mike says:

    I have been watching the history channel for years, I used to enjoy the educational programs you used to show, but sadly I no longer enjoy the history channel because it is now full of Infomercials like Pawn shops, restorers, and the like, I doubt I get a response, but it makes me wonder who the fool at the history channel pregramming that has chosen to inundate us with comercials like cajun pawn, pawn stars, etc, and all the other pawn shop programs. this is not educational history, it’s an ad for these businesses

  4. 254 · m. flinn says:

    Most of the shows on the history channel have little to do with
    history. ice road truckers and the like should obviously be
    put elsewhere. please put only history on the history channel.
    cooking shows only have cooking, sports only sports, so what’s
    the problem of the history channel?

  5. 255 · why don't you have more history instead of just guy contemporary stuff..you should change your channels name if you do not have the majorityo of your programs about history. says:

    Why do you have so many low brow non history programs?The history channel should be primarily history not just “he man” junk.

  6. 256 · Pete says:

    American Restoration– The show has changed from being an interesting, remarkable restoration skills showcase, to a low-rent, staged, “soap opera-ish” waste of time. It seems like the actual restoration of these unique items is now only a very small part of the show. Enough of Kelly’s Daisy Duke persona!

    Very disappointing.

  7. 257 · KKK Episode says:

    Ku Klux Klan – A History

    This show would be much more effective and influential on the upcoming presidential election if run closer to the scheduled Oct 3, 2012 date.

    Good Luck Presidential Obama, John and Karen

  8. 258 · Anonymous says:

    MOUNTAIN MEN BAAAAAAD show it has bad information regarding the Grey Wolf killing humans, why would you put that crap on ???. Is it to fool people in New York or what ???. I have lived in the Mountains outside Calgary Alberta Canada my whole life and have seen and been around many Grey Wolves. NEVER have i seen an attack or heard of an attack. Old Tom should move to Florida because if he thinks Grey Wolfs kill people for sport he has gone SENILE. The History Channel is a great station, why would you stoop to this CRAP.Ustace firing a guy for not sighting his gun,NOBODY sights a rifle except the OWNER.So fire Ustace for being STUPID.


  9. 259 · Ed says:

    I have watched the history channel for years, and I have to say that I have enjoyed much of the programming. However, some of it is just ridiculous. I love history, including natural history, but watching a program this evening, I was appalled at the dribble being touted as fact as I watched “How the Earth Made Man”. The rationale being used by so called Phds could be debated easily by someone with a class or two in logic and/or statistics.
    Look I know it’s politically correct to throw God and religion out of the market place, but you are a “history” channel. We all know what fallen man has done in history and in the name of religion. But our whole history in the West from Rome on has been effected in powerfully good ways by Christendom and the God of the Universe. Even the Government we now enjoy was shaped by a need to not be controlled by Popes or Kings and to be able to worship God as we chose. Remember the word Puritan was given to those who were trying to purify the church and were persecuted.
    Real cutting edge science at this point in history “once again” understands that the earth, the universe, and living things came into existence through intelligent design, macro evolution is impossible, there has never in our life time been any mutation that was positive, I could go on if I had the room, but the Darwinian theory is full of holes. Now some people are well discipled in the church of Darwin, and want to watch that kind of dribble. But how about putting on some opposing viewpoints, surely that won’t threaten your supporters too much.
    Try something like interviewing Carl Baugh at his creation science museum, or the Institute for Creation Research. Heck you can even throw in Hugh Ross who is an Astral Physicist, and a creationist, but an old earth advocate.
    Maybe trace St. Patrick’s revival, and look at how it effected Europe, or if that is too threatening, consult Thomas Cahill on how the Irish (monks) Saved Civilization.

  10. 260 · Josué López says:

    Quería preguntar si hay cometas de hielo porque no desviar uno con un cohete asta un planeta cercano al sol así el hielo se derretirá y talves las formas de vida que posiblemente exista congelada en el cometa como bacterias se reproduzcan y y talves allí pueda comenzar otro tipo de vida?

  11. 261 · Jonathan King says:

    Just wanted to say A word about other solar systems what makes all these astronomers believe that just because a big planet is close to a sun there will be no life on one of the moons around the planet hm something to think about europa!!!!

  12. 262 · Tim Cotter says:

    I really like your shows Pawn Stars, American Restoration, and American Pickers. I hate the shows Swamp People, and Outback Hunters. The shows Swamp People, and Outback Hunters have nothing to do with history, and all it is people going into an animals home and slaughtering gators and probably other animals. Please take these shows off the air because all it shows is a nasty barbaric side to man. It is bad enough ESPN and a few other channels shows hunting shows without you all adding to it. It shows a lack of respect for life in general ,and it really is a backwards barbaric way of living …. please don’t glorify it!

  13. 263 · Madeline says:

    I cant believe some of the things that the history channel says about the mormons. They are fake and come from unreliable sources that have nothing to do with the church. I recently watched the show ten things you dont know about mormons. Much of it was made up. I cannot believe that this bigotry still exists in the united states.

  14. 264 · MAXWELL HERRINGTON says:






  15. 265 · sharon says:

    I am so sick of Pawn Stars and chumlee….They are running a business, i would not sell anything in there. Chumbee is a waste case, an idiot got the job because he is a friend?????? Cory needs to grow up and be responsible, no respect for his father or grandfather, he is such a jerk, they all need to lose weight!!!!!

  16. 266 · LM GOVAN says:


  17. 267 · Robert says:

    Recent new mini series ‘history of mankind’ stated that the Jewish faith was the first monotheistic religion. This is not true, Zoroastrianism was, and it predates any of the modern monotheistic faiths by centuries.

    Zoroastrianism emerged out of a common prehistoric Indo-Iranian religious system dating back to the early 2nd millennium BCE.[9] According to Zoroastrian tradition, Zoroaster was a reformer who exalted the deity of Wisdom, Ahura Mazda, to the status of Supreme Being and Creator, while demoting various other deities and rejecting certain rituals.

  18. 268 · Chris H. says:

    History channel story about “Mankind, history of all of us” should have been named “Mankind, history made up by us Eurocenteric boneheads” instead. They totally messed up the impact of the first world empire, Persia. The war between Xerexes and the Greek and Spartans portrayed as defeat of Persians, that is contrary to the facts. Greek and Spartans were soundly defeated and Xerexes moved on to conquer Athen!
    Also the rivalry of Persians and Romans was not mentioned even once! The Persians were the only army that handed the Romans their first and last defeat. Persians took Constantinapole and not the Vandals!! Shame on liar producers of History channel and Brian Williams of NBC should be ashamed to be part of a fraud show as well.

  19. 269 · PATRIOT says:

    Ok..I just watched an episode of the special “Mankind, the story of all of us” and was surprised by so-called expert commentators they were using. Where does a far left newsman like Brian Williams qualify to comment on history. The man didn’t even finish college much less qualify as a history expert. Then they show us a college professor, William Louis Gates, the black professor who in 2009 screamed “racial profiling” against a police officer that was merely doing his duty protecting the professors house . The same bigot that caused the “Beer Summit” with that moron Obama. These two “experts” then proceeded to tell us that the Crusades was the most horrible event in mankind’s history over religion.( they really must be reading different books than me) Of course they didn’t even begin to mention the PRESENT war being waged against Christians by Muslims. If this type of bias continues on the HISTORY CHANNEL, they are going to lose a lot of viewers….PS..If you find out who the mental midget is that keeps programming so many programs on “Nostradamus” …FIRE HIM….what does an obscure French physician making silly predictions about the future have to do with real history.

  20. 270 · philip says:

    Listen and listen good I don’t appreciate those shows about the Mayan calendar and end of the world shit you people are ignorant and dumb as hell for broadcasting those shows I will be contacting my dads attorney and if those shows about 2012 being the endarent removed I will file a lawsuit on your asses that’s a real warning this is no joke and I don’t appreciate it you are terrifying lil kids and some adults you need to stop this now. Or I will again file a lawsuit on your asses get a life history channel or ill have your channel removed

  21. 271 · Jones says:

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    also my father used ASPIRIN C1 NI DRUGS From Dr shant tami and my father stroke was also cure my father can move and carry heavy load.
    please this man is a great healer has various drugs cure all manners of sickness.. don,t excetate to meet him Dr shant tami of his email address INDIANSPELL@YAHOO.COM please don,t send useless message and i promise you. you will testify too.
    please when you are cured Dr shant will tell you to go and testify please always testify to save others life.

  22. 272 · Anonymous says:

    Hi! pls take off these Doomsday shows of Dec 21 2012 because nothing happened and thousands of people wasted their money to be prepared oh by the way there is no REFUND.

  23. 273 · Patricia says:

    Read page A21 of the January 18, 2013 New York Times. The History Channel’s new reality series “Bamazon” features Americans seeking adventure as “artisanal miners” in South America, working with others to “upend tons of river sediment” for “minute fractions of gold-enriched dust.” These artisanal mines are completely unregulated, often in remote areas of South America where the indigenous populations are now exposed to increasing levels of mercury. The mercury is used to isolate the gold from the sediment and then either burned off or dumped back into the rivers with the tailings. Fish from these rivers is a main staple of the diet of the indigenous populations in these areas. The so-called “adventurers” this show celebrates, then, are contributing not only to the destruction of rain forests (think heavy machinery), but also to the growing risks of cancer and birth defects, as well as neurological damage, among the people who live in the areas of the mines.

    As the authors of the N.Y. Times article point out, the powers-that-be at the History Channel are clearly more interested in their bottom line than in the terrible collateral damage to pristine rainforest environments and the people who inhabit them.

  24. 274 · sad history watcher says:

    I am writing in regard to the new season of swamp people coming out in February. I had watched swamp people since day one and I love it, but I am very upset with the new season coming out. You have a new team coming on your show and I know one of the gentlemen personally ( and not on a good note either ) he is not who he seems and neither is his wife. One of the gentlemen I don’t know and cant say anything about. I have seen this man and his wife do some awful things to a innocent family, things you cant imagine. I was trying to send a email to just swamp people, as I don’t want to blame all of the history channel for the choices that the swamp people made, but cant seem to find a way to do that. I will not be watching anything on the history channel ( which I did a lot of ) until he is removed. I usually trust the history channel to bring me true facts and enjoyment but I cant watch him in good conscience knowing the facts I know about him. I appreciate all the good times the history channel has brought me and my family. I hope this comments reaches someone who cares about us viewers, because he should not be betrayed as a good person when in fact he is so far from it. Looking for a reply

  25. 275 · scott says:

    You really need to rethink what shows are put on the history? channel.Hogans heros has more historic value than some of your programing!

  26. 276 · A concerned viewer says:

    Amish mafia… whoever thought of that should be fired and made to live in a cardboard box in the middle of a busy street

  27. 277 · Jaylee says:

    I am getting so fedup with the Trash shown on the History Channel. Mostly of Trailer trash with tatoos all over their bodies. Therefore it must be Trailer Trash that is asking for these awful programs which require little intellect.

    The most tasteless one I find is *Hot Shots* a programme devoted to guns. In view of the high amount of crime carried out by lunatics, especially with idiots watching the programme & fascinated by guns. This is distasteful and asking for trouble. How many more Kindergarden kids or movie goers need to be killed for people to realize that *Guns are dangerous and they kill*

    Take this awful trash and the rest of your trash : Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, Ice Truckers, Ax Men and the Hellishly painful program to even give 2 seconds to *Swamp People* They cannot even talk properly and is killing Aligators with shotguns a fair sport. Disgusting I’m not subscribing to History Channel any longer. I prefer to go to lectures and University and the Library now to keep up to date with REAL HISTORY.

    Shame on your programme. It shows the level of intelligence if you so many ratings now

  28. 278 · butkek@insightbb.com says:

    To me, the History Channel has lost a lot of it’s sparkle and allure. I personaly would like to see more programs about our Presidents, American Indians (movies included), Jewish persecution during W.W. II (Schindler’s List being a perfect example.) I would like to see more about W.W.II – Black Sheep Squadron, Midway, Corregidor. I also enjoy Brad Meltzer’s Decoded. To me, Swamp People, Ax Men, Ancient Aliens, and Ice Road Truckers and Pawn Stars have nothing to do with history. Keep the History Channel just what the title implies. Thank you for allowing me to express my opinions.

  29. 279 · sickandtired says:

    You need to stop airing shows like Doomsday, Mayan Calender crap and anything to do with the end of the world. I use to enjoy your programming, but I have been disappointed with your programming for quite so time. You are scaring people to death. It seems to me that your channel is out to make money instead of putting on factual and decent programming. You people need to take the time to read the bible before you air anything regarding the bible. I am sick and tired of your shows and you are the cause of a lot of stress in peoples lives. Shame on you!!!!!!

  30. 280 · Tony says:

    Hey History Channel, why don’t you stop scaring all of America with these bullshit programs, Walking Dead, Doomsday Preppers, Vampire bullshit, and every other program concerning either killing or gang violence or motorcycle gangs that we don’t really need to see and start doing the right thing and trying to promote some good in this nation of hardworking Americans who are looking out for their families well being, but are constantly confounded by the programs you air showing. All of this is mythical bullshit. We use to be a great nation, but because of programming like yours some of our young people are taking you to heart and practicing the actual atrocities that are present in your programming. Wake Up before it’s too late before you have to move BF Egypt because there are no safe places to live in America because of the programming that is being aired today.

    P.S. You showed the Mayan Calender as of the world ending on December 22, but you didn’t say anything until the 23rd that the Calender was an extension and that we weren’t really going to leave the Earth. Remember your family is at stake just like mine. DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!!

  31. 281 · Bob Fredrick says:

    You made THE ALL MIGHTY OBAMA look like Satin.But when Satin shits it look like little republicans.

  32. 282 · ron says:

    I have watched numerous ancient alien shows you do. It appears you are not hooking up the dots correctly. These aliens are fallen angels. You make them appear that they are just aliens from another planet which deceives the masses. The truth is they are Nephilim from Genesis 6, and there were giants in the land. We are not created from them like your show states in no way. You also state no one knowes where they came from. The Bible states in Genesis 6 that the Sons of God came down and had sexual relations with natural women of the earth and there were giants in the land. This is the seedline of Satan the Tares which still exists and will lead the masses to hell. Your deceptive show leaves people thinking that these creatures are the ones who made us and even God. Either your the Tares or are just uneducated in your endeavers of these programs. It appears you have done your homework due to a lot of your programs state a lot of facts just less where it all began. To state no one knowes where they came from is just not the truth. If were going to do shows and were the wheat the lets get all of the facts correct or lay it all down.

  33. 283 · tom negley says:

    I’m sorry,… but when I first began watching HC, it was probably the most compelling educational option on tv,… I, and I’m sure there’s a shitload of other viewers that are sick and tired of Pawn Stars, American Pickers all day, everyday. Those are great shows, but you repeat them sooo much, that I don’t even watch your network anymore. Feel free to let me know when your CEO decides to put the education back in history.

  34. 284 · guest says:

    I enjoy the Vikings series but can’t always watch it on TV. Please don’t disable it on-line; trying to view it is an exercise in frustration. I don’t even bother to go the the History Channel on-line as it is a farce.

  35. 285 · Jaylee says:

    History Channel goes from bad to worse. Its also become predominantly sexist. Most of the programmes are made for the Male species with an intellect of an idiot.
    There are 30 of us who have taken out a TV bouquet package deal. We had hoped we were going to see real history and selected that Channel only to find its so S**t awful. The 30 of us just want to cancel our History Channel choice.
    Who the hell wants to look at gun slinging idiots who worship the gun because they think they are real men when they can shoot, crashing cars, stripping cars with such gutter trash Brisitish accents, pawn stars, ice truckers. All of these programmes are NOT history. The Channel is predominantly male trash. This we have to pay good money to view???? Thank you NO.

    All 30 of us are voting ourselves off this trailer trash channel that has the cheeck to call itself THE HISTORY CHANNEL. How about calling it by its appropriate name : THE GARBAGE CHANNEL/

  36. 286 · Bob32648 says:

    It’s Sunday Aug 4th !:52 pm. I’m watching a show called M-16. I spent the end of 67 and most of 68 in Viet Nam. I lived 24/7 with an M-16. In your show called M-16, I haven’t seen one (1) M-16. a lot of AR-15’s that they started using at the end of 68 but no M-16s.

    Also, Your the HISTORY CHANNEL. Columbus DID NOT decover America. lol

  37. 287 · Betty Almand says:

    My husband and I can’t stand Mountain Men. The only reason we watch it
    on occasion is to make fun of it. It comes accross as so phony, I have read about the show and its stars, and I know that those are not true mountain men. We are given to believe that the mountain are totally alone, and live off of the land and have no other provisions. Everything they do is repeated over and over (the broken down ATV, checking those steel hole traps, complaining about their lives, etc.) Eustace acts like he has no money to pay the taxes on his property, but I read where he makes good money renting cabins that are on his land to tourists who come and want to learn about his way of life. All of the stars act like they are all alone when they get into trouble, when there is a camera man shooting film of them as they complain about there plight. Most of all I hate the show because they use steel hole traps which should be outlawed, and kill wolves, bob cats, which are endangered, and other animals. These animals were living on that land long before the so called mountain men came along. It’s getting so that animals are loosing their territory more and more. Again, the mountain men show is boring because they do the same thing over and over, and it is by no means a true
    reality show. It is a sham.

  38. 288 · Anonymous says:

    To: “Dr. M. Usman Ghani,”

    It is also written that you may deceive the ‘infadel’ by any means necessary in a holy war, which most islamists beleive. I.E.: WOMANIZING, DRUNKEDNESS, LYING, EATING OF UNCLEAN ANIMALS, ETC.” Wow, are the east and west getting closer together? Good luck on your side of the world & I’ll do what I can on mine.

  39. 289 · Ray Bruyn says:

    History channel needs to putting history back on TV like civil war and other history instead of pickers and pawn stars they suck lets deliver history!!

  40. 290 · M T says:

    I am quite a follower of History Channel. This is in regards to one of the shows-Ancient Aliens New season in History TV 18 India.

    I was utterly shocked to see a picture of Nehru & Indira as reference !!! Is it you guys in India are trying to go for Congress propaganda or something ? I mean in what context the duo comes into the picture in terms of blood lineage and all. Its a serious interesting program that speaks about real stuffs. They spoke about LEADERS & not ***** Politicions. There are hosts of people with doctor/professional lineage. My dad, my husband, my son & me are all Enginners, so ?
    And Jawaharlal ? Are you serious ? Had Netaji been there he wouldn’t have been the prime minister, he’s a pebble in front of Subhas Chandra Bose & he knew it all too well, which is why he vanished Subhas Bose.
    Is INC now campaigning through History channel, going back by only 60 years. The program consists of facts dating back hundreds of years, thousands of years.

    Please, who-ever is in charge of such broadcasts make sure not to present such utterly flawed & absolutely irrelevant presentations in front of viewers.

  41. 291 · sbara says:

    Ghani…..throat slit…and asap.

  42. 292 · sonny says:

    Would you please go back to Modern Marvels. I’am getting tired of Americans Pickers , Swamp People and others. Not much History in these programs. Get back to the basics please. Thanks

  43. 293 · Jim b says:

    The history channel has had some good content over the years I’ve watched. But recently the content is becoming profoundly inane. How does the show ” wahlburgers ” fit in with a history theme . Really, we need to see a Hollywood buffoon and his brothers attempt to make it big in the food industry ? Please dump this one.

  44. 294 · Anonymous says:

    I am just tired of seeing the history channel logo on the bottom right hand side of the screen. But now history channel and other channels bomb the screen at times in all four corners with pop up ads. It’s over the top annoying. I already blocked the discovery channel for this purpose and if history channel keeps it up ill do the same. Maybe it’s time to start reading a book verses watching generic telivision shows.
    They act as if viewers are so stupid they don’t know what’s coming on next week or better yet that they are watching a new episode. It’s a joke and next they will change the pop up adds to paid advertisements durin the show.

  45. 295 · Spiro Eleftheratos says:

    Watching your programs are by far the best in TV watching. The programs of the Pyramids is wrong the pyramids were built on the bases of the one in Las Vegas and the gold on the top is the light on the top of the one in Vegas and the Sphinx is the worship of God and animal mixed this is also what happened to the priest who was killed after he said to the fellow scribes your God is half animal and half human. This man was the man in whom was struck by the angel and was no longer able to speak. Until the birth of Jesus. They were able to see the future then based on the drugs that they took. In Revelation the scorpions had fire in there tails ( Tanks with Flame throwers ) Locusts with teeth like lions ( helicopters with the lions teeth painted on )…

  46. 296 · Spiro Eleftheratos says:

    One more comment is to the Magi following a star that was moving and with the gifts that they had was intended not for Jesus but was the gift to the city that comet hit and they would take the comet to there land and worship it as they do in Meca where in the Kaba is a meteorite. Seeing that the meteorite came to rest under the stars of Orion and Pleiades and the comet sitting under these stars formed the biggest cross in the sky. That’s why Herod could not figure out the sign.

  47. 297 · Anonymous says:

    why dont you make a documentary about afrikaans people in south-africa

  48. 298 · Anonymous says:

    Big smo. Really! I’m sure you can do bet than that. It’s a disgrace of the history channel.

  49. 299 · dissatisfied,, says:

    History can say what they,,in real life ,thier reality shows suck ,,they nothing to do with history,,I mean. Who wants to see some lame asses ,on pawn stars hell all of their reality shows,,when the history channel goes back to what their name implies I saying goodbye to nothing but reruns and reality shows,because I pay way to much for satellite TV,for what reruns and reality shows,,I don’t think so,,,I’m dropping satellite,forget cable,it’s the same crap only one is satellite one is not,,I’m going back to antenna tv ,,at least to watch reruns and stupidity tv history channel shows it will be free????

  50. 300 · pawnstars says:

    Why did you messup the show. It is terrible.
    I will probbley stop watching.

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