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I recently sent the History Channel an email about my complaints of shows like Ice Road Truckers and Human Weapon and I got a response the next day.

Dear ___,

Thank you for your comments concerning programming on The History Channel.

With over 91 million domestic subscribers, we realize that not all programs will appeal to all viewers. However, this does not keep us from striving to provide the most diverse spectrum of programming possible.

In this spirit, if a program or series has failed to appeal, we hope that you have enjoyed –and will enjoy– other 2007 premieres, such as JONESTOWN: PARADISE LOST, FORT KNOX SECRETS REVEALED, SAVE OUR HISTORY: THE SEARCH FOR GEORGE WASHINGTON, THE DARK AGES, USS CONSTELLATION: BATTLING FOR FREEDOM, FULL METAL CORSET, A DISTANT SHORE: AFRICAN AMERICANS OF D-DAY, NIXON: A PRESIDENCY REVEALED, LAST STAND OF THE 300, and new episodes of the series DOGFIGHTS and ANCIENT DISCOVERIES, to cite a few.

It is important to us to receive feedback from our viewers, and we deeply appreciate your taking the time to contact us.

Viewer Relations


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  1. 301 · DR.DINESH KHARE says:


  2. 302 · david hickle says:

    hi there is a history channel tv. show i have been searchinng for every where to buy because i loved it its called the great martain war of 1913 to 1917 can you help me find it or find a way i can get my owen copy of it i live at 4045 castel dr. groveport ohio 43125 thank you

  3. 303 · viewer says:

    Love to watch your shows however i have to switch to another channel as I cannot understand what’s being said for all the background sound and music. Don’t understand why someone does not pickup on this problem!!!

  4. 304 · Brandy says:

    I watch the history channel to be educated. I enjoy the ones where they show women telling the story. The show with Oak Island and Kathleen McGowan, was the very best. I would love to have seen more of it and not men trudging through mud to see dye. I think you shortened it way too much on the clues in France. I was there and there is way more to see than you showed. I enjoy history and the women telling the story!! Keep showing them and especially Kathleen. For her to spend 20 years researching…she has a great deal to share!!

  5. 305 · Gary Swerdlow says:

    Please tell me WHY all your programs, History,Discovery, etc etc, all have deafening loud repulsive Background Noises that completely block out the spoken words of the narrators ? . I switch to closed caption ,but that doesn’t help as the text is too fast and hard to keep up with and one looses the Video trying to read the text. Why on Earth do we need distracting loud noises as background effects anyhow ? Years ago it was enjoyable to watch your programs,,, Now it is frustrating !!. Is your management so involved with programing that you have overlooked the most Important aspect of all ?? Customer Enjoyment and ease of understanding . If I the Viewer wanted to listen to outrages noises that block out the Narrator I would tune into Disney .

  6. 306 · Anonymous says:

    The Progam called the “The Curse of Oak Island” is a huge waste of a viewers time. I will stop watching it.

    For the first 15 minutes of the show you show a summary of the last show. For the next 30 minutes you show the actors repeating everything they have said on all the other shows and they repeat themselves many times where it gets to be boring and monotonous.

    A viewer just ends up saying shut up and show me something new. If this new show about the Giants is created this way I will refuse to watch it as well and tell every one else to refuse to watch it.

  7. 307 · robert slivon says:

    i was bear hunting and a big foot try to get me out of the tree i was in bob slivon 262 835 2620

  8. 308 · Bob says:

    My wife and I enjoy your programming except for the “background music” that is so loud that we can not enjoy the narration. It would be nice if the background music was really in the background. This seems normal on most channels now. Is there any chance that this can be resolved or controlled ?\

    Hope you can help………….

  9. 309 · Crusader says:

    Watching banned from the bible
    They called Jesus an illegitimate son of Mary and the son of a harlot.
    Imagine the outrage if they were calling out Islam for what they are, and used terms like, Mohammed was a child molester and Muslims are barbaric people.

  10. 310 · James M says:

    To the Producers of “Vikings”.
    I just watching the March 13th episode. All I can say is “Are you guys out of your ever loving minds”. You just killed Siggy. I found her to be one of the most intriguing characters of the show. One expects the lead characters to be that way, but the supporting cast not so much. One of the things I really liked about her was the internal battle she had between what she wanted, and what she was willing to do to achieve it, right up to the point it meant betraying her “friends”. She may have hated Ragnar but if getting back at him meant hurting one of close friends she simply would not do it, no matter how much she desired her position back. She was an interesting character to watch. Plus, the fact that she was “very easy on the eye” didn’t hurt either. Why would you get rid of such a character and in such an off the cuff almost meaningless sort of way?

    James M.

  11. 311 · Anonymous says:

    No one cares what you think. They do what they want….just like the govt. Tv doesn’t care what the people want.
    Primarily run by liberals they bring us their idea of what history should be…not what history was.

  12. 312 · ron reeves says:

    while watching ancient aliens, I noticed that when they show aerial views of ancient cities, that some of the views look like modern day circuit boards. it looks like the stones or in a circuit pattern. has anyone noticed it? there is nothing said about it.

  13. 313 · Blood and Glory says:

    Your attempt to make MORE money has caused you to present short, shoddy, few good new facts, inconsequential stories not really related to the main topic, and saying “Color” does little to the quality of your disappointing “PRODUCTIONS”.

    Now I know that I can skip many of your future shows and spend my time more wisely on something I may really learn from.

    ALL ABOVE: USE “ADBLOCKER”. I did not get any.

  14. 314 · Anonymous says:

    Why do you run all these Pawn star shows, I would rather watch a blank screen?

  15. 315 · Gerald A. Carroll says:

    Important for “Project Seek: Onassis, Kennedy and the Gemstone Thesis.” 559-331-3571.

  16. 316 · Gerald A. Carroll says:

    E-mail for critical “Project Seek: Onassis, Kennedy and the Gemstone Thesis” is gerald.carroll@mail.com. “Project Seek” contains very important ane rare index. History Channel might could use “Project Seek” for research for Onassis and Kennedy histories. Thank you.

  17. 317 · stretch says:

    on your program about UFO,s seen on the uss Nimitz. the sailor that didn’t get below decks before the lockdown and was out on the main deck to see the UFO hover over the carrier. He was debriefed after the incident because he was the only one that witnessed it. ?????? what the hell, did the captain and all the officers plus enlisted men on duty on the bridge all go blind?
    Come on, that says all I need to know about aliens ufo’s and the rest of the
    STORY—- samman14@charter.net, please answer. thanx d.b.

  18. 318 · stretch says:

    apparently you just push the stock answer send button. you didn’t even answer my question about the alien ufo supposedly seen at the aircraft carrier Nimitz. instead of the “history” channel I think it should be called the
    “M I S T O R Y” CHANNEL. d.b.

  19. 319 · joebob52 says:


  20. 320 · Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed the documentary on Alcatraz this evening, it was very interesting and I believe it really could be true but I was a little disheartened by the fact that these 3 men were glorified by escaping what is commonly know as justice. if the family of these people people would rather glorify those who commit crime then theyre no better than the ones who do. these men where criminals and thieves, how proud I would be. cant wait for my children to idolize a criminal some day. perhaps an episode of john Wesley harden will be on your list, the criminal from Comanche tx who is recognized every july with his own weekend and a parade. its no wonder the world hates us

  21. 321 · Anonymous says:

    advertisement wont pay the bills with the American pickers and corey, “my man”. stopped watching pawn stars last year after that 3rd generation brat thought he was something besides a fat fucktard

  22. 322 · David says:

    I just had a idea about the show ancient aliens the ultimate they are talking about the perimid and what it was used for like I said I had a idea about it what of it was used for aliens as some sort of gas station for ther crafts

  23. 323 · edvetre@att.com says:


  24. 324 · Anonymous says:

    It was the Jewish heirarchy of his day that sought his death. His death did not come from Roman interests in any way.

    The reason Ciaphas or Cephus, the high priest of Judaism of that day and his cohorts wanted the death of Jesus was because no on was coming into the synagogue in Jerusalem any longer. All the people were out in the valleys and hills of Judea listening to Jesus preach and watching him perform miracles.

    For this they were angry and plotted his destruction.

    This is all in the New Testament.

    second comment

    Continuing comments of History Channel’s “Secrets of the Bible”. I cannot understand why you don´t cover Pilate’s conversation with Jesus which consisted of the following: Pilate was so taken aback by Jesus´bold remakrs, when Pilate asked him if he thought he was the King of the Jews, that he said to Jesus, outraged, “you speak to me thus, with some impudence apparently Pilate thought, I who have the power to have you crucified or released”?

    Jesus had said that he had been preaching in the Temple at Jerusalem, indicating that he had dto have been a Rabbi himself. So that he or anyone could plainly understand his message if they had bothered to listen to him. He had informed that he himself did not claim to be the kind of the jews, that others (his adversaries, the high priests) had made this allegation. And, finally he refused to answer Pilate anymore at all.

    This is all in the gospel of Matthew. Which in further narrative of events surrounding the death of Jesus says that when Jesus died and was resurrected, not only he was resurrected but that many, people referred to as saints, Matthew says were resurrected and came back into Jerusalem to live with their families. Such was the insurpasable spiritual power displayed by Jesus, that his death and resurection could cause the simultanious resurrection of many others as well.

    Strangely and unbelievably this passage is never referred to in the evangelical churches also they claim to take every word of the Bible literally and inspired by God. Yet this extraordinary account of so many other resurrections in the Matthew passage escapes their notice.

    One wonders why.

    tchouki miner

    Dear Staffm

    I was instructed on the internet to contact you in regards to a program I watched on the History Channel last night.

    I cannot understand how your narrator could claim that Jesus was considered to be a seditionist and a threat to Roman power. Nowhere in the Bible, the Gospels is this indiciated. In fact the reserve, note that when someone asked a leading question about responding to Roman power, Jesus asked for a coin, and said to the people querying him about Rome’s power in Palestine, “whose inscription is this” and the people said “Caesar”. Then Jesus replied, “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God´s. Hardly a radical position politically! Actually a very bland response. In other New Testament account, Jesus is quoted as saying, “My Kingdom is not of this world”. How much more non-insurectionist can a person get than a statement like that?

    Jesus was not beaten by Pilate´s orders. Pilate after receiving a letter from a servent from his wife, which said, “have nothing to do with just man. I have suffered many things of him in a dream”.

    Pilate then ordered a bowl of water and a towel to be brought to him, and in full view of the huge crowd before him washed his hands, he said of the whole affair. Jesus was then led away by the Jews themselves to the Sanhedrin, the Jewish, not Roman court of law which the Jews alone governed themselves. He was then, in a horrible state led away from the Sanhedrin by Roman soldiers to be crucified. There is no other record of Jesus outside the Gospels. There is no mention of him in Roman historical accounts of that time whatsoever. And the Romans kept a lot of records which is why historians today are able to compile so much history of that time. There is vague mention by Josephus, the Jewish historian of that time that could be inferred to be a reference to Jesus. But absolutely no other accounts or reference s to Jesus out the Bible.

    Whoever is writing these accounts on the historical channel has to get their act together and seriously research, which is to read the Bible so that they stop making these otherwise very interesting documentaries filled with totoal misinformation.

    Thank you.

  25. 325 · Anonymous says:

    It’s 25 February 2016. I’m watching H2/ History Channel about Capt. Kidd and the Templar treasures. Is it ‘standard’ for H2 to insult viewers by REPEATING the SAME SCENES and comments, over and over ?!!!
    This is beyond demeaning us ! No one is making me watch these shows. I am watching TO LEARN.
    H2 needs way better Technical Editors, Producers and Directors. Please don’t make watching so unbearable that I read as an alternative.

  26. 326 · dee jay says:

    how does jerry springer have any grounds to comment on nazi atrosities concidering his promate fights hate and anger poop choicie is it money which we know he has lots that makes him worthy of comment.

  27. 327 · Anonymous says:

    I really liked American restoration with rick Dale &crew. I Do Not like the new people and will not watch it!!!! What Were You Thinking???

  28. 328 · Dennis Smith says:

    What is this “gaycation” the history channel is showing now,doing away with interesting programs.My cable company showed me how to block this degenerate channel (vice whatever)showing this garbage. And many,many others are also blocking it. Why would these idiots assume everyone would want to watch this filth? Sponsors are also being notified.

  29. 329 · RON says:


  30. 330 · Hobbs,, David says:

    What a bunch of crap on this History Channel,, And now you got Ozzie Osborne and his foul MOUTH!,,, I turned off of History and will untill you tell these NASTY MOUTH PUNKS that kids watch the shows,, F-this, FU_ that,, even when you bleep it! Tell you stupid camera man to tell them to watch the foul language while filming! Why did you have to stoop so low and put this guy (Ozzie) on a important show about our world or U.S. He could care less and he acts like he’s still on dope!,, I will let Dish TV know also,,,, Reruns,,, BLOOD all over on the stupid VIKINGS series! Hey,, stoop lower!,, I’ll cancel DISH,,,,,, Show some decent shit or just cancel….

  31. 331 · Ron Causey says:

    Will you please stop showing American pickers and the pawn stars all they do is take people money and then talk about then after they left don’t you have shows more fitting to be on the history channel

  32. 332 · Fred says:

    Please tell me how counting cars is history. History is about our past not making money restoring cars or owing a bar or a Tate too shpo. History of the united states is history not picking trash to make money off is others. Just a free shows I have trouble with.

  33. 333 · Not good for children says:

    I love watching Yukon gold. I have one problem with it. Big Al smoking on the show. The fact that he has cancer and still smoking. We can do without smoking on the show. Save our children from seeing that. Thank you.?

  34. 334 · Anonymous says:

    I just want to say that I will never watch “The History Channel” ever again. The channels programming consists mainly of footage of Hitler and dead Jews. Every time you air these programs thousands of angry hate filled losers start jerking off. The program directors or whoever is in charge of what airs on “The History Channel” should have known this. And don’t say it’s not fair, or it’s impossible to know because I have been telling people this for years. You should feel partly responsible for what happened in Charlottesville. It’s time you stand for something other than ratings! Just know that every time you air the Hitler propaganda you love so much, that there are racists rallying together and they think it’s okay because ……..hey, it’s on t.v..

  35. 335 · freddie says:

    im an avid watcher and believer in the ancient alien concept i want to know why with all the technologically that there is now why are you guys making shows about the same stuff over and over why isnt there new evidence and things that we can see now instead of 50s and 60s and thousands of years ago we know all that its been drilled lets see about the stuff and investigate the evidence we have now that is moderate and indisputable

  36. 336 · freddie says:

    im an avid watcher of the history channel and love most of shows that are produced especially ones about ufos and ancient aliens what i wonder is why seem to just talk about the same stuff over and over its like beating a dead horse its 2017 almost 2018 and with the all the new technological stuff there has to be all new evidence and really clear undeniable evidence out there to be found and shared with the world instead if same ol stuff all the time

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