issues like emails, no shows, inactive members

Meetup is a growing social network. Unlike other social networking sites, it’s purpose is to get offline and do things with people. However, it does have some issues.

  1. Emails are great for getting updated on new meetups scheduled, new groups announced, new comments, new photos uploaded and so on. But they really need to be consolidated more. They recently made some changes to try to consolidate the comments more, but they need some more consolidation.
  2. The “like” button has no real purpose. I don’t care if someone likes my comment. Not only that it sends me another email to let me know.
  3. Comment boxes without submit buttons are not good. I’ve seen too many people hit enter hoping to make a new line and then it just submits the comment. So they end up having to type another comment.
  4. No Shows are a big issue. If you’ve ever organized or hosted a group, you know how it is. Some groups have a 50% turnout for events. I’ve seen an event that had 18 people signed up and all changed to “no” 30 minutes prior. I know some people use Meetup as an alternative for a boring day. One organizer told me to never post an event you wouldn’t go to alone, just in case others don’t show up. This person also told me that she would not host events at restaurants or other places, because too often she would call with a number of guests and then many wouldn’t show up and make them and the group look bad. Meetup really needs a way to implement a system of 3-5 no-shows and you are automatically removed from a group. You can mark people as “No Show” but it doesn’t let you do anything with that information. At least they got rid of the “maybe” RSVP option they used to have.
  5. If “inactive members” haven’t shown up to any events for say 3-6 months and the group has had several events during that time, it would be nice if we could purge those members out easily. Of course the wording for doing so would have to be just right. After all what use is a group with 2000 members if only like 200 are really active?
  6. There should be an option to require payment to join a group before you can even join it. I know meetup relies on organizers to pay for the group and then have them basically have it for free for members.

No Shows are probably the biggest issue. In order to have a big group, you almost have to make it free for people to join and hope a few will throw in a few bucks to keep the organizer from having to pay Meetup $15 a month or $72 for 6 months to keep the group.

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