Men’s Shorts Are Too Long and Too Baggy

Seriously is it still the 1990s? Or has basketball fashion influenced men’s shorts? It seems this year’s fashion are cargo shorts which seem bulkier and slightly heavier. And why do men’s shorts have to go down to the knees or mid-way behind them? Shorts today are too long, they feel like capri pants that shrunk. I’m not looking for the 1980s too short shorts or skinny shorts, but ones that go a little above the knees and are slightly tapered. I have been able to find a few pair, but they go for like $20-$35 a pair. And why do we need shorts that are straight leg (baggy on the leg holes)? They should be slightly tapered at the end.

Believe or not these images are from 2010, not 1995.


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  1. 51 · NOMO says:

    Afraid of heights – Lay down
    Afraid of cars – never drive
    Afraid of men – take steroids
    Afraid of women – take steroids
    Afraid of people – move to the mountains
    Afraid of dogs – get a cat
    Afraid of cats – get a mouse
    Afraid of homosexuals – wear long shorts

    Also, remember the earring in the left ear only, well the guys on television that started the FAD are GAY…

  2. 52 · Anonymous says:

    afraid of homosexuals wear long shorts? You trying to say only homosexuals wear shorter shorts?

  3. 53 · Anonymous says:

    I think what NOMO is refering to is that when gay identity politics made its campaign for acceptance of homosexuals in the late 1980s, straight males reacted by wearing longer and baggier clothes because a gay look emerged that featured men in shorter and tighter clothing. The fact that men cannot wear short shorts now without risking ridicule and harassment is something from that concept. There is a lot of discussion on this topic on the Internet.

  4. 54 · Anonymous says:

    Try Landsend. They have shorts with a 6″ inseam. I own a few pair and get a variety of comments. I never really get comments on the khaki shorts but for whatever reason people think the navy blue looks more-gay. Yes, strange but true. I’m 5’8″.

  5. 55 · Anonymous says:

    The funny thing is most homos wear the long shorts.

    Plus Frankly, I really don’t care what someone might think of me or if some chick’s gay-dar would go off while I stare at her ass and tits and check out her daughter in those super tight shorts micro shorts in the mall.

  6. 56 · Anonymous says:

    The way to get this to come back into acceptance is that for those guys who want to wear shorter than knee length shorts to wear them. Sooner or later, if enough people see the style catching on, the taboo of it will subside.

  7. 57 · Anonymous says:

    If a woman’s gaydar goes off I will just stare at her tits and show her my erection.

  8. 58 · Mens Shorts says:

    Mens shorts are to ugly, they are much too long and look terrible. Need to get back to the 50’s, 60″s 70″s length. Men also ‘thave legs lets show them. You can’t do that with the stupid looking shorts they have for men today….Lets get with it and get rid of thes ugly shorts….

  9. 59 · Mens Shorts says:

    Lets get rid of these long ugly mens shorts. They are too long and baggy. Stores should at least offer shorter length shorts for men. short shorts, 4″ length, or what ever, in all sizes, if men want to buy them they will, it must start sometime, some how. Just get those stupit looking, ugly, silly looking below the knee shorts out of the stores and burn them. Lets get with the program and let the guys show off their legs if they want to. Guys if you have nice legs show them…..

  10. 60 · Robert says:

    Man goes to store to buy shorts but finds only long ones. He buys a pair of girl’s shorts and puts them on. Girls yell “Hey those shorts arent for guys. Those were meant to accentuate the shape of the female wearer and youre not a female”. Man takes off shorts and hands them to female. Female puts them on, notices man looking at her and screams “Why are you staring at me?!? You think I wear these things because I want you checking out my body?”

    I think the answer is obvious…..

  11. 61 · Hairy Cdn Dude says:

    Firstly i usually wear nothing, so these overly long “shorts” are a pain for me. I used to wear bicycle or hiking shorts a lot, so they were quite short. i found Foxfire cargo shorts on ebay and had 2″ removed, so they are really nice and comfy. They hold the basics in for the most part so i don’t have to wear underwear. I used to be a runner so i have really good legs – and as my mother used to tell me, if you got it, flaunt it.
    we need to change this fashion though. i have not and will not buy long shorts.

  12. 62 · Trashcanman says:

    I’ld rather have them even longer, down to just above the calfs. Usually have to buy long trousers and make my own.

  13. 63 · Big Tim says:

    AMEN! I’m 45 yrs old, 6’5″ and 275. I lived the 80’s and will not wear these gouchos they offer today. Magnum PI had it right – shorts are supposed to be short! These things they sell today should be called “longs”. Talos was my brand of choice as well….but it appears WalMart no longer carries them no does anyone else. They may have gone out of business as I noticed a few years back Talos was “Made in Israel”…then it was “Made in Malaysia” so the company must have been having troubles. Great short, great fit and great price. ONLY complaint is the velcro longevity.

  14. 64 · DJ Seattle /Ellensburg says:

    Everyone wants and needs what sociologists call ratification of the self. Everyone just wants to look somewhat good to others, maybe even hot.

    Me? As a kid for some reason I always had thought I had scrawny legs,etc. As I began to fill out after high school started wearing some rather booty-style extreme home made cut off jeans. Started receiving some nice comments from girls about my legs. That’s all it took and I finally started feeling so good about how my legs looked ! I do have the requisite stylish knee high stuff, although I just plain feel hot when I wear my short short stuff (1″ and sometimes maybe less inseam with my feel good cheeky shorts gripping my ass.)

    You homophobics can call this sensuous guy who happens to like his body and is proud whatever you want. Also, you might want to dig a little deeper into your own thoughts of what you’d really, really, like to wear on a hot sunny day.

    Don’t worry and just feel good about your self and what you have. I just like the ratification from chicks I get, and that includes my wife.

    Seattle / Ellensburg WA

  15. 65 · DJ Seattle /Ellensburg says:

    Oh, I forgot to say that yes, I do have a number of womens shorts that are tight and stretchy and short, size 5-6.

    What ?!

    Seattle / Ellensburg WA

  16. 66 · Anonymous says:

    The basic problem is that most younger men in the US are so insecure of their own sexuality (due to the madison avenue, women inspired demonizing of the male psyche) that they can’t bear the thought of seeing another man’s legs. They must be afraid that they might be attracted to them. There is nothing wrong with being an attractive looking man. Many women also say they don’t like to see men’s legs but that is usually because in most cases they look better than their own fat, and cellulite filled legs. Many men in the US have become obese slobs and I agree that in this case, they probably should cover up. Why stop at the knee? They should just wear shorts that are 3″ above the ankle. I feel sorry at those poor fat slobs who wear those heavy below the knee cargo pants in 90 degree weather with sweat pouring down their faces while I feel very comfortable in my 4″ shorts.

  17. 67 · DJ says:

    Re how women feel about men’s short shorts revealing lots of leg; being 62 I clearly recall that my wife and her friends were ga-ga over a number of NBA players and their leg shows when wearing their short short b-ball shorts in the 70’s – mid 80’s.

    Now, some women will claim they only like big baggie stuff on guys. I wonder if that’s because most, if not all, younger guys are so overweight today as compared to earlier decades when we guys were mostly in good shape and lean. Not as much fast food available in those days perhaps ? Hey, a retired public school teacher here of nearly 40 years so believe me on the following: All young people today are soooo overweigt, clothing designers know this, the males and females like the big baggy coverups, and now they think they are feeling good about themselves.

    I must admit the positive comments I’ve received regarding my legs have been from women over 40. they’re the women who remember how they liked seeing a great pair of legs on a guy. At 62 I get positive commments from time-to-time from chicks. Most recently this summer a 45+ girl said “you’ve got better legs than me!”

    For the record, it has been documented that women lose their leg toning, musculature,etc., far earlier than men. Not fair, but they do. It was also noted that we men lose our little high school waistlines quicky as well.

  18. 68 · DJ says:

    Regarding Comment 14:

    Sounds like someone is angry / frustrated about things. Possibly himself ?

  19. 69 · Jack says:

    I agree! I refuse to pay good money to look like a clown. This frustration is specific to men’s clothes. Walk through the women’s department in any store. They have endless choices in styles. Why do all men have to fit into one mold? Obviously, there are a lot of men who don’t like the long, baggy fit of casual shorts and also men’s bathing suits.

  20. 70 · Jack says:

    One one more thing. What happened to men’s tee shirts and undershirts? Jockey advertises them as the “modern” relaxed fit. What happened to the classic look that showed off your biceps? “Modern” tee shirts are too baggy in the sleeves. Have the wimpy nerds or man-hating feminist women taken control of the men’s clothing industry? Someone is trying to men look wimpy and foolish.

  21. 71 · Anonymous says:

    I agree that men with very hairy legs don’t looked good in short shorts, but all men don’t have hairy bodies. Many men keep their bodies clean shaven such as body builders, swimmer ect. Personally I think it is the hair people find offensive when men wear short shorts. A clean shaven male body is just as attractive as a clean shaven female body.

  22. 72 · razv says:

    Sad to say that the only people I see wearing proper shorts are athletes mostly. I’m no athlete but I’m not at either, I’m a lean guy in fact, riding a bike daily being my main physical exercise. That being said, I wear short pants for practical reasons, not a fan of heat in the summer. Soccer, tennis, basketball players just to name a few wear longer shorts that 20-30 years ago. Why is that? It’s just plain stupid

  23. 73 · Anonymous says:

    Clown clothes, toddler clothes, fat man clothes. I’ve disliked the look since it was born and I was young when the trend started 20 years ago. I don’t like tight or baggy oversized clothes. They are not comfortable. If you have a decent physique or a lousy one, today’s men’s clothes hide it. Swim trunks today are totally impractical for swimming but ideal for drowning. I find most of men’s casual clothes very unflattering and sloppy looking. Fashions do change and this won’t last forever either.

  24. 74 · Anonymous says:

    Problem is that people these days cant seem to think for themselves. They have to go to websites to find out how theyre suppose to “feel” about fashions. They get told by esquire or GQ how to “properly dress”. People are just mindless automatons when it comes to clothes. People dont know how to answer when you ask them what an article of clothing is suppose to look like. They can only answer “Well, what do the catalogs show?”

  25. 75 · I H8 Baggy Shorts says:

    Today’s men’s “shorts” look more like pajama bottoms than street clothes.

    In fact, some men’s shorts are so long and baggy they look more like a woman’s skirt!!!

    I wonder if they also have a matching purse to go along with it!!!

    I don’t know who started the trend (Michael Jordan or the anti-gay wackos), but this style needs to get the hell outa here ASAP!!!

  26. 76 · Jayman says:

    I’m a 6’1″ guy, weigh 265 pounds because I’m naturally very broad and am muscular too.

    I used to be overweight, but lost it. Before I lost weight I wore baggy, long shorts that just covered the knees. Now I wear rugby shorts, which are proper classical shorts.

    Fortunately, I now live in South Africa, where everyone has a live and let live attitude and you can basically wear and do whatever they hell you like. If you dress odd, no one laughs at you or makes fun of you. This is probably because it is an extremely multi-racial, multi-ethnic society, which in the past 20 years has embraced all groups who live here, gays included.

    Short rugby shorts are common here on men, particularly when you get outside Johannesburg. They’re a cultural icon for Afrikaans men of all ages; in fact, its part of their cultural uniform. And no one says those guys look gay or effeminate; they’re some of the biggest dudes on the face of the earth, (tall and broad), much bigger and more masculine than American men.

  27. 77 · baggy shorts and a big dick says:

    You want thos shorts because you like to bite the pillow when your face down in front of a man i dont have .chicken legs. Ur just out of fuckin style cuzz

  28. 78 · Anonymous says:

    For those of you whom don’t like short shorts I believe you do not have the gumption to wear what you really want to wear. I am a man in my early 70’s that always wears “Short Shorts” in the summer months. I still have a “School Boy figure” 5′ 8″ tall, 135-140 lbs and a 28″ waist. Shaved Legs and an athletic body.

    The trend to men wearing “Capri’s” is ridiculous and not allowing you the freedom of expression. When shopping for “Short Shorts” one must look at the California styles such as those that “American Apparel” makes. They have a wide selection and some of the women’s styles are really unisex styles. Look at the Corduroy, Twill and Stretch Bull Denim selections. They are nice!

    In the 70’s when my children were young, men’s styles were very short. Typically 2-3″ inseams. There is nothing “Gay” about selecting short shorts. Comfort is what it is all about! Wear what you want to wear!

  29. 79 · Johnny Shorts says:

    Tis true that the short shorts trend went into remission in the 1990’s, and from about 2000 on have been associated with homosexuality. I was born in the 70’s, formative years in the 80’s, saw numerous boys/men wearing short shorts, then started seeing them phased out in the mid-90’s(ish), but refused to stop wearing my pair from 1991. By the way, those have an inseam of 2.5″, but they were bought in a STORE IN 1991, so don’t tell me they weren’t around after 1990, because my pair, which by the way has “Made In USA” on them, are from AFTER the 1980’s. I think the majority of holdouts like myself in the 1990’s finally made the switch in the 2000’s after somone, or even a group, said the guy was gay, or looked gay, for wearing short shorts. Just like comment 49 said, I was at a restaurant in 2004 wearing 3″ inseam jean shorts, and a group of teenagers were making leud comments toward me at a nearby table. I even had some punk 20-something kid back in 2010 say right to my face that since he didn’t remember any guy wearing short shorts in the 80’s that even though I grew up in the 80’s, only wear short shorts today because I’m gay. I’m his elder, yet this punk has that kind of disrespect. I’ve been so disrespected by those in their early-30’s and younger (Gen Y) it’s not even funny. Those punk kids snap my picture with their cell phones, burst out in extreme laughter, make disrespectful comments, and here I am nearly middle age, almost old enough to be their parent, yet they dare disrespect me. These kids will have some rude wakeup calls when they’re my age!!

  30. 80 · Anonymous says:

    @ Johnny Shorts: Kids are going to make fun of older people anyway. If you dress differently they make fun of you for not being in style and if you dress the same as them they make fun of you for trying to dress like a younger person. In many states it is illegal for a person even in public to take your pic without your permission. Start pressing charges.

  31. 81 · Anonymous says:

    It is now 2012, and stores are still only selling long, below the knee baggy shorts for guys. It took a whole cultural shift that began in the mid-1980s to get to where guys have to wear this look in order to prove that they are not homosexual. Even the majority of Generation Xers and Baby Boomers, who grew up when males wearing short shorts were the norm, now take a disdainful look at anything shorter than knee length on a man as disgusting and gay. In fact, it was Generation Xers that changed the look. Now that Hip Hop is losing its monopolistic grip on male fashion, long and baggy is going back to fitting more neat looking, except shorts, which remain as long and baggy as they’ve ever been. To those males that want the shorter shorts look to come back, I say keep wearing them. But it’s going to take another major cultural shift to get them into mainstream acceptance again, which I see as extremely unlikely. Both the majority of maen and women very much dislike the sight of a guy wearing above the knee shorts.

  32. 82 · anon says:

    Im tired of ni99er shorts and all their stupid clown looking styles. Short, snug fitting clothing feels better and is easier to reduce sweat in. Why did someone let them change our styles and our top 20 music anyways? STUPID!

  33. 83 · Andy says:

    I am 29 years old and run about 20 miles per week and work construction. I have a 30 inch waist and and I am in great shape. I hate long shorts. Whats the point? Scared to show some leg? Real men would have no fear of what anyone thought. I have resorted to womens shorts with a 4 inch inseam, and some with an 8 inch inseam. Now don’t give me that how does your junk not get crushed bull crap. Womens denim material is stretchy for the most part and if you buy the proper size, there are no issues. Yes I am straight. I am married and have 3 children. I don’t give a crap what anyone thinks. My legs are muscular and yes shaved. When I walk around out in public, few people snicker because most people are too busy and mature to give a crap. At least I am not some fool with his underwear hanging out and his pants waist below his butt with enough room for 2 people in his pant legs. Or the idiots who complain it is hot out with their long pants and long shorts on. I show leg and my shorts are form fitting.

  34. 84 · Anonymous says:

    I read comments on here where younger people will snap pictures of guys in short shorts. I wonder what they do with the pictures and why would they want to snap a picture in the first place.

  35. 85 · Tim 72 says:

    I do not like to wear shorts but I will not wear below the knee shorts. It looks like there are many people out there how like 3 to 5 inches leg you should wright the manufactures. For swimming I Like a 3 inches leg so I wear running shorts. Hoping long and baggy cames to a end.

  36. 86 · nice ass says:

    i love to show some off my ass in cutoff jeans

  37. 87 · nice ass says:

    if i could get away with i would show dick and balls to im proud off them idrive around naked sometimes

  38. 88 · nice ass says:

    i just cut my jeans real short they look allmost like a thong iwore them to apark yesterday.i just love to walk around showing most off my ass what ever i can get away with legally.

  39. 89 · Anonymous says:

    Why has men’s shorts fashion been taken over by the ‘capri shorts’? The shorts you used to be able to buy is next to impossible to find on the racks. I bought a pair yesterday whose bottom just covered my knees and I can’t stand them. You feel the end of the shorts rubbing on your knees while walking. Everytime you sit down they catch (snag) over the knee caps which is noticeable and annoying. What happened to shorts that were just a little bit above the knees, but not too short or too long? It’s like fashion want to tell us what to wear instead of letting us choose!

  40. 90 · 6stringcellodude says:

    A lot of great points here so far:
    1. Shorts should serve function over fashion (I like the “they should be called ‘Longs’ comment in referring to today’s shorts.

    2. The shortness or inseam length of a pair of shorts should not have anything to do with someone’s sexual orientation.

    3. The obesity crisis in this country has lead to baggie clothes to cover up the extra weight.

    4. The public, at large, tends to accept fashion magazines, TV ads, shows etc as the acceptable ways of dressing.

    I agree with all of these, and for years have complained that shorts over the past 20 years or so are too long.

    I am in my mid 40’s, straight, married on the shorter side at 5’7 larger upper body (not fat), muscular thighs but calves are a little bird-like. Today’s shorts are the worst possible match for my body style. However I see guys with similar body styles to mine wearing these shorts. Honestly, they look like they are at the casting auditions for the Wizard of Oz’ “Lollipop Guild” kids. The width of these ‘shorts’ is so wide when they end half way down the calf that the legs looks like two toothpicks sticking out. You couldn’t if you tried, come up with a less flattering way to accentuate a man’s legs.

    So, at present I make my own cutoffs. But for going out to dinner, etc, I am looking for something a little more classy, but with the same short(er) inseam. Anyone have any ideas, on line or otherwise? I am not opposed to buying woman’s shorts if that’s what it takes to wear a comfortable, good looking, functional pair of shorts. I hate being hot in the summer. Function over fashion for me – all the way! Ideas???

  41. 91 · ptsal says:

    Glad to hear others besides me long for shorts in the 2-4 inch length. And yep, I hear the comments about my shorts a lot. So what, I don’t care!

  42. 92 · Anonymous says:

    Patagonia offers 5″ inseam. Great quality

  43. 93 · Anonymous says:

    I am glad I’m not the only one who feels that shorts should be short. The old shorts I have are a nice length — four-inch inseam, but they are getting ratty. I’ve purchased a number of women’s shorts, but very few can be worn in public because most really look like women’s shorts, so some I only wear around the house and backyard. Yesterday I ordered some men’s with six-inch inseams from Lands End; I don’t know how they will fit, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. One thing I haven’t tried yet is used clothing stores; I will make it a point to do so.

  44. 94 · LINDA says:

    Have none of you ever heard of a store called Cabelas? They have great mens shorts!

  45. 95 · Anonymous says:

    I am not crazy about very long shorts, but a short with a 8-10″ inseam is perfect for me. I can wear them out to restuarant without having my thighs stick to the seat. They have a nice classic look.

    A nice short that ends at the knee or slightly above is clean look that is stlyish and can go anywhere. 4″-7″ is to short we don’t need to see that much leg on a guy regardless of how nice looking your legs art – they are not.

  46. 96 · Ann says:

    Shorts and bathing suits for men are long, to the knee or past, these days because of Islam’s demand that men cover their legs to the knee. When basketball players began to follow this demand, the custom spread as many males wanted to dress like the basketball players. When many young males wanted their “shorts” and bathing suits to come to their knees, it became the fad for all, and stores now seem to sell only this choice. Men in wet pants to their knees look, and are, ridiculous, and all look like the spread of Islam even though many do not know they are doing this. If you are not a Muslim don’t wear your “shorts” or bathing suits to your knees.

  47. 97 · Gary says:

    A few years ago Walmart sold Talos brand shorts with a 5 inch inseam. Just perfect in Florida, very functional with the cargo pockets. They were sold in white, tan, brown, olive, navy, black and maybe a few other colors, and cost $14. I bought enough for at least 10 years. and a good thing too, because then they disappeared for several years. Today at Walmart I saw Talos is back, but different. Like all the others they are longer and heavier now.

    I’m glad I stocked up when I could. Those older Talos shorts are exactly what I want to wear here in Florida.

  48. 98 · Jim Edward says:

    I am so tired of coo lots, shorts are shorts when above the knee. Simple and easy yet hard to find. WTF, maybe a designer will get a clue in America and produce shorts.

  49. 99 · Robert says:

    See? Now youve got people like this “Nice Ass” guy who makes a big joke out of it. “Ooh I like to buy super skimpy short shorts and pull them up in-between my butt cheeks in public and giggle like a little school girl tee-hee”. People like that are imo are sick and are only doing it because of a fetish they have. The rest of us are decent respectable men that simply dislike being forced to look ghetto.

  50. 100 · PhxHeat says:

    I grew up in the 70’s wearing shorts and now I live in Arizona. Long baggie shorts are just too damn hot for the arizona summers! Long baggie board shorts are rediculious to swim in, and when you get out of the water you are cold because you have all of this wet baggie material. I have bought womens shorts to work in the yard and I love the strechy fit. I am looking for mens 3″ and 4″ inseam shorts. I think shorter shorts look better on a mans legs than mid thigh for most men. The shorter short makes the quads look better. I remember when we use to laugh at the bumuda shorts back in the day. We use to think that they were to uptight, and looked foolish. Bring back shorts for men!!!! PLEASE!!

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