Men’s Shorts Are Too Long and Too Baggy

Seriously is it still the 1990s? Or has basketball fashion influenced men’s shorts? It seems this year’s fashion are cargo shorts which seem bulkier and slightly heavier. And why do men’s shorts have to go down to the knees or mid-way behind them? Shorts today are too long, they feel like capri pants that shrunk. I’m not looking for the 1980s too short shorts or skinny shorts, but ones that go a little above the knees and are slightly tapered. I have been able to find a few pair, but they go for like $20-$35 a pair. And why do we need shorts that are straight leg (baggy on the leg holes)? They should be slightly tapered at the end.

Believe or not these images are from 2010, not 1995.


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  1. 101 · TIM 72 says:

    To PhxHeat


    Towncraft® full-elastic volley shorts offer all-around comfort in a great fitting style.

    3½” inseam
    full elastic waist provides maximum comfort all day
    adjustable inside drawstring for a better fit


  2. 102 · Albetra-guy says:

    I am so glad to see that there are other men out there that have the same thoughts on shorts as I do. I have never been a fan of “longs” as they do make me look clownish. I am 5’8″,160lbs. but have a shorter inseam so the “longs” dont work for me.
    So what I do is take my worn jeans and make my own. I cut them at a 3″ to 4″ length. Also have a pair that are about 2″, but not wearing them when I’m out and about. It is funny though when I’m in my yard cutting grass etc. how the neighbor ladys always come outside when I am???
    I’d like to state… Am a happily married, straight male, so people’s gaydar does not register with me. But the disrespectfull attitude’s of the younger generation does! Being a product of the 60’s we would never dream of conducting ourselves that way.
    Enough of the rant! So I’ll keep wearing my “shorts”, all of you keep wearing yours and lets end this rediculous trend of “LONGS”.

  3. 103 · Anonymous says:

    someone mentioned cabelas earlier in the comments. I looked at their shorts and they look exactly like what is pictured at the beginning of this hub. Take those shorts on the cabelas site and cut half the legs off. Then theyll be looking better.

  4. 104 · Eleanor Maw says:

    I find men is long shorts a turn off, long shorts make men look dopey, I would like to see men wearing them 1970s very short shorts, now that is sexy, please bring them back.

  5. 105 · Anonymous says:

    Since when is it considered “GAY” for men to wear “Short Shorts”?

    My generation has always worn truly “Short Inseam Shorts”. When I was growing up as the youngest of three sons, I always had “Hand-Me-Downs” from my older brothers. We grew up in the WWII era and commercially available clothing was strictly limited to uniforms for our Military troops.

    It is time that we heterosexual men stood up for our rights regarding what is acceptable summertime attire. Shorts with short inseams of 2 to 4 inches should be totally acceptable. The currently available selections within this inseam length are with little exception found only in women’s clothing lines. One notable exception is the products of “American Apparel” in Los Angelos CA. They have unisex styles in many different fabrics and colors.

    If you are a “Proud American” buy from American manufacturers. We should not be influenced by foreign sweat shop manufacturers and designers. It is time for Americans to quit supporting other nations and keep our money within the Untied States of America.

    Clothing design and acceptability has been influenced by too many people for too long a time. Let the manufacturers know what you truly want them to make. Do not accept foreign made junk that falls apart with the first washing. Buy quality American made products with American dollars.

  6. 106 · Anonymous says:

    What I’ve noticed is that women have the biggest problem with men wearing shorter shorts. I am a man who wears mid-thighs shorts and I can’t tell you how many times I have passes teenage or young adult females who giggle at the sight of my shorts. The funny thing is, they are often wearing shorts so short that their butt cheeks are hanging out, yet a man who shows even a little bit of thigh is the one who gets the negative attention.

  7. 107 · !! says:

    Men are afraid to stand up and say that the rediculous ‘SHORTS’ that are sold for men are ‘LONG PANTS’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hate them and would not spend one cent on them. I make my own REAL SHORTS!!!!
    Men, Stand up and DEMAND shorts and swim suits like we had back in the 60s~~~~….
    Thank God that I saved mine.

  8. 108 · Anonymous says:

    if its hot i will wear shorts. By law im required to have my butt cheeks and genitals covered so thats what i shorts go to the bottom of my butt cheeks and maybe 1-2″ beyond. i dont go to tanning beds so when its summer i wear as little as possible to get some sun. if some one is grossed out by me showing upper thigh then they can just not look. if i had leprosy or severe body acne thatd be one thing but i dont. i keep my body hair shaved or at least trimmed so my legs look no different than any other leg with bare skin. its just skin. Why do people find skin so repulsive these days?

  9. 109 · Anonymous says:

    Shorts should be ‘SHORT’!! Bottom line. Men, woman, who cares. but they should all be SHORT. Men’s shorts are ‘long pants’!!! They make a fool of every ‘MAN’!!!

  10. 110 · Anonymous says:

    Most of you are queer, aren’t you?

  11. 111 · FashionCop says:

    Slowly, but surely, it is becoming more acceptable for guys to walk around in shorts that don’t look like giant lesbian culottes. But I don’t think the public is quite ready for to see this again

    just yet. I guess for now, I’ll just have to find a more subtle way to carry a snack while walking around in the city.

  12. 112 · Daniel Sebold says:

    There is a little man behind the curtain who tells you how long to wear your shorts, and you must do what he says or else women won’t be seen with you, and if your boss finds out you’re wearing short shorts on your free time, you may no longer have a job, and if the rednecks see you, they may lynch you, and if Homeland Security finds out about you, well, they may shake you down in every airport no matter what you are wearing at the time, and if the feminists see you showing your thighs they will report you for rape or sexual harassment. You had better cover those thighs before you walk into a shopping mall or you will be thrown out. It is not the seventies anymore. America is a free country now–free from male oppression–you know, offensive males in short shorts.

  13. 113 · Anonymous says:

    To 110 Anonymous,
    A simple comment from a simple mind.

  14. 114 · DJes says:

    All this talk about short shorts being gay on men is crap. It’s been at least 20 years since I last saw a gay guy wearing short shorts. This is because gays have a tendency to gravitate toward status symbols, and like to wear designer, name-brand clothes–the more expensive the better. I have seen gays in speedos on the beach, but that’s a different story. I saw two of them on the beach yesterday, but they only changed into speedos after changing out of their knee-covering designer-brand cargo shorts.

  15. 115 · Anonymous says:

    I certainly miss the shorts from the 80’s (and even 70’s). Remember how cool those Ocean Pacific shorts were? Nowadays they make these big things that hang over your knees and flap in the wind. How is that refreshing to wear on a hot day? Not to mention they look juevenille. I’m an adult, not a basketball player.

  16. 116 · JollyGreen says:

    I hate the long baggy shorts. I feel like i am wearing a skirt

  17. 117 · Anonymous says:

    100 percent lover of shorts above the knee for men. I wear mine with 4 to 5 inch inseam. Not gay and don’t plan to be but the long bagy men’s shorts should all be burned. I am still wearing shorts from the 1970’s. You have to be yourself not what others want you to be.

  18. 118 · anonymous says:

    I’m wondering if the younger generation has even bothered to do their research on short shorts for men.Shorts for men back then were just shorts-We didn’t refer to them as “short shorts”, just normal length shorts. If you want to, just look at movies, tv shows, magazines, or any old photos from that era of your male family members/relatives wearing short shorts as confirmation of this reality.From the 60’s up until the early 90’s shorts for men were short.Ever since then,due to the rise of hip hop culture,mens shorts became long and baggy. I’ve noticed that anything that is currently out of fashion is automatically labeled “gay”.This look was everywhere-it was just as common as long baggy shorts are popular everywhere today.Why would I want to wear something that is inconvenient as long baggy shorts?.If it were 25 degrees celsius it wouldn’t make any sense at all to have some extra baggy fabric covering the end of your legs while you’re sweating and feeling “comfortable”.Todays generation of boys/men are too timid and “modest” about their own bodies. Just for the record,last summer I’ve seen lots of girls/women wearing long baggy shorts.Nobody stopped to tell them that they were lesbians for doing so.If women have the freedom to wear long baggy shorts-then men should have the freedom to wear short shorts like they did so back in the recent past.

  19. 119 · KK says:

    Women get over it! Men have the right to be cool in summer too. A 2-inch inseam is fine with me. Strange how the younger generation supposedly so free and tolerant, are rigid, tyrants on this issue. Weird!

  20. 120 · Anonymous says:

    Here in HK, in summer it’s 32c and very humid, and the guys are still all wearing long shorts while many of the women wear the skimpiest of shorts. Much of time I wear a pair of jean shorts with a 3inch in-seam, which I bought in the women’s section of Old Navy. It was possible to buy men’s short shorts in the 80s then one year and all of a sudden, they were no longer available. It seems to have had something to do with both gay and women’s liberation. The women became braver and not afraid to wear sexy shorts, and the men on the one hand didn’t want to wear the same as women, and therefore be thought of as gay. Gay awareness was part of this – in the old days, no one was thought to be gay, so safe to wear short shorts – now it’s realized that gays are every where. Anyway, what was good for the 80s is just as good for the present time, and we should just wear what we like – if other don’t like it, it’s their problem.

  21. 121 · Anonymous says:

    In the previous comment HK is Hong Kong.

  22. 122 · WB says:

    Anyone have recommendations on where to purchase 2, 3, or 4 inch inseam shorts for guys? Thanks!

  23. 123 · bob says:

    Shorts past the knee aren’t shorts! The VAST majority of comments agree that the long poopy/ skater/ board short style need to go for good! OMG…that’s right bare a little skin guys and shut the f up.

  24. 124 · Anonymous says:

    I also go for the 3-4″ inseam mens shorts like many of you in this thread. had the volley shorts but unfortunately they seem to be recently discontinued. I have and wear some of those. American Apparel has several reasonable shorts including the West Coast short. It is 4″ inseam (10cm) despite the online description…I have 4 pairs and can attest to that. That’s my best source, just be aware waist size has to be no larger than 34″. The other source I found is Essential Apparel, the 4″ inseam Cord short. It’s also ok thought I personally prefer the American Apparel shorts.

  25. 125 · Anonymous says:

    Mens shorts & pants i hate them. You look like a ass in them

  26. 126 · Ian says:

    Since the 1950s always worn decent 2″ inseam cotton shorts with strong pockets for my keys. Wear them almost all day every day, DIY, Gardening, grocery shopping everywhere bro. 2013 is the first year I cannot find a single pair to buy anywhere in the world, only those ridiculous long pantaloons that circus clowns always used to wear because they look so funny …and to my amazement, they call them “shorts” and they say that what I wear are “short shorts” but let me tell you, my proper athletics running shorts are “short shorts” and even they are not those skin hugging little girlie things which are the true “short shorts”. Hope the world gets real soon and men stop being self concious about their legs!!! eew!

  27. 127 · Anonymous says:

    I wonder if short shorts for men will come back in 2014.

  28. 128 · some hotstuff to think about says:

    On ebay Men’s Leather Shorts Five Pockets and they look like they are 2? to 3“inseam.

    We like girls in leather shorts maybe the girls would like to see us in leather shorts.

  29. 129 · Huh??? says:

    Up to this point in my life I’ve never read such mindless drivel about a trivial topic. Good grief, get a life. Now that I’ve lowered my standards by reading this stuff you’ll have to excuse me while I shove a fork in my eye.

  30. 130 · Anonymous says:

    I think it’s horrible that men have to wear long shorts and long bathing suits. I’m a woman and I love to see a man’s legs. What’s with this new generation anyway? People think everything is gay, well it’s not! First of all, men sweat a lot and they are always warm. Get rid of those stupid long shorts. Why wear shorts at all if they’re going to be that long? Why
    is it okay for women to wear short shorts and skimpy bikini’s and almost
    let everything hang out? It’s a double standard and it’s not right. So men,
    stand up for what you want. Bring back shorter shorts and sexier bathing
    suits for men.

  31. 131 · Anonymous says:

    After being at a festival today where it was warm and thousands were in attendence, I noticed that many had on shorts. Most women wore short shorts and all the men wore long and baggy shorts. It is apparent that long shorts for men are here to stay forever. Mens’ clothing is no longer long and baggy, except for shorts. I truly believe we will never see shorter length shorts for men again.

  32. 132 · pius says:

    Who cares, stop your fucking whining….. you are obviously a homosexual with a small dick because any real man with a real man size penis would never wear 4inch shorts because his cock & balls would hang-out no matter what underwear you have on. Plus the average men’s legs are not good looking, it’s best to cover to the knee or just below. It comes down to just wearing what you like you fucking fag! Go ahead and wear your “man – dukes” along with the man camel toe that will come along with it. Everyone will laugh their asses off as you walk by. For the rest of us……..we’ll leave that shit to the hot ass women we like!
    The faggot nigger sex offender killer!!

  33. 133 · Hottrodd says:

    Cabella’s has a cargo short with 5″ inseam. Very comfortable. I’ve been
    wearing them for about 5 years. Just bought 4 new pair. They even have
    them in extended sizes. Woolrich used to have a 4″ inseam short that I really liked but I haven’t been able to find them for a few years.

    PS. I’m offering this as info for those that need it. If any of you closet queens that like to throw the word faggot around because you lack the courage to come out want to criticize me go ahead. I’m not easily offended but I won’t be looking for follow up replies so don’t waste your fingers.
    No I’m not gay, I’m bi but I wear these shorts because they fit my body well and are comfortable.

  34. 134 · anon says:

    Murphy’s Law states the stupidity of ones actions is directly proportional to the amount of people watching…….
    132, the world is watching you…..

  35. 135 · Anonymous says:

    I have a answer I wear women’s shorts That are a little above the knees
    And they fit perfect Look for ones with front and back pockets for your wallet and keys I wear med and have skinny legs No one really notices them I am thin built too

  36. 136 · Anonymous says:

    If I had to wear shorts below my knee, I’d just wear long pants!!! btw… #14 is an ass. He’s probably a big jock with a big lifted truck and thinks his big balls rule the world! Baggy ass pants need to go! Afraid to show some skin? OMG!

  37. 137 · David G says:

    The pervasiveness of the long and baggy look, I think, is in part caused by the ascendance of gay power and visibility

    (I am not a homophobe. I am a gay man)

    Years ago, when a guy wore cute shorts, that showed some thigh, most people never, ever assumed that this signified gayness. It wasn’t talked about, it was denied and our basket ball players wore amazingly short shorts

    Today, homosexuality is recognized as a common and large minority so the question, “Is he gay,” comes more naturally to peoples’ lips. Most guys are straight and they don’t want to be thought of as gay and there you have it.

    Why are Short shorts considered gay in first place???

    In part, this is because short shorts were, commonly, favored by many gay men. Today, most gay men, like most straight men, don’t have the balls to show some thigh.

    In part, this is because when a guy’s legs are not very hairy, they can suggest a cuteness incompatible with virility.

    In part, this may be a hold over reaction from earlier years. Years ago, young boys were often forced to wear “adorable” short pants suits that were very short, often accompanied by a formal jacket, high socks, polished shoes. This look of extreme cuteness or preciousness was considered very unmanly to many guys and some men developed a perpetual aversion to shorts.

    IN any event, I would be interested in what other people have to say. However, I don’t know how to access this site in the future and my favorites list is overcrowded with thousands of websites. So if you find this topic of interest, please tell me your thoughts by writing to
    Put Shorts in the Subject line.

    We could exchange interesting ideas and who knows — we could put on some really short shorts and have a night on the town.

  38. 138 · kk says:

    Gotta say this…Ever noticed how a couple on the beach walking along look so goofy….his trunks have about as much material as a bedspread, and her bikini could fit in a thimble. Bring back the 50’s plaid trunks for men…like a short boxer. Looked sensible in the hot weather, safer for swimming with less fabric to pull you under, and the tan lines are just right. How goofy those tan lines from board shorts look!

  39. 139 · Richard says:

    Cabelas has strong 5″ shorts for men, good range of waists Sportif has good but more expensive 4″ inch shorts.

  40. 140 · Wife of short man says:

    Go to bells. They have 5,6,7 inch inseam

  41. 141 · Wife of short man says:

    Go to belks. 6,7,8,9 in inseam

  42. 142 · Anonymous says:

    Bonobos (online) has some nice 5 inch inseam. J. Crew has one also.

  43. 143 · 50 and look better than you says:

    It’s ironic and sad that goofs who love their long baggy shorts are worried that wearing shorter shorts makes them gay. It’s just stupid and juvenile. What’s funny, too is that the huge athletic shorts I see guys wear in the gym look like skirts when the legs are so big that they look like a single pice of cloth.

  44. 144 · Bewildered says:

    Mid-thigh? Expose my thighs? Gangster look? Y’all are some uneducated twats!

    My father kicked down some shorts that were his to me in the 80s. They were TO THE KNEE at least (and I’m 6’1″ and he was 5’8″).

    So this hoodlum and Juwan Howard influence is just an excuse for your racism. AND the exposing thigh is your excuse for effemanism.

  45. 145 · Bewildered says:

    OH, those shorts from pop were from the mid 60s

  46. 146 · functionfirst says:

    To Bewildered 144/145 – I believe you about your dad’s hand-me-downs. I remember that late 60’s year when long shorts/swimsuits were first trotted out by the fashion industry. It only lasted about a year because the idea was stupid. Todays long shorts are hot and heavy, totally defeating the purpose of wearing shorts. Even more stupid for swimsuits (unless you are riding a surf board, and then maybe they have some value).

  47. 147 · A.P. says:

    my ideal shorts inseam would be anywhere from 6 to 10 inches. I grew up in the 1970s and 1980s. Even though I wouldn’t wear any shorts with inseams shorter than 6 inches I do not think those that do are homosexual. It’s all personal choice.

  48. 148 · Frustrated says:

    I have been wearing short shorts since the 60’s. Most are currently cutoffs extremely short and I feel comfortable in them. I still have a pair of black jeans 2″hem that are maybe 10 years old I wear them daily. The place that carried them went out of business years ago. I have been frustrated searching the internet for new ones. I’m seriously considering taking regular jeans to a tailor and have them match my 2″ inseam pair. Here is my final point if women can wear short shorts why can’t men. The temp here is in the 100’s daily shorts are a must. My last trip overseas in a hot humid place my pants stuck to me like glue I couldn’t hardly move.

  49. 149 · Retro Athelete says:

    Yes, they are too long and when it come to sports the length just gets in the way.

    Went to a premium sports store this past summer to pick up running shorts and everything was way, way too long. Don’t want a whole bunch of fabric wrapped around my legs when running and jumping.

    Funny thing was, women had the choice of inseam even up to the wax line,,,,

    NIKE—-wake up and realize that men need a short inseam for performance reasons–you are giving women this choice,,,give it to men as well!!

    Will be taking them to the tailor to get altered ( they were not cheap either fifty bucks Canadian)

  50. 150 · Frustrated says:

    Today I purchased 2 pairs of wrangler jeans took them to an alteration store and requested her to match them to my 2 inch inseam shorts. I will pick them up tomorrow. I expect to have some more made in the next few days/weeks can’t find them on line so I will have them made. She charged me $21.00 and they will be ready tomorrow.

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