Men’s Shorts Are Too Long and Too Baggy

Seriously is it still the 1990s? Or has basketball fashion influenced men’s shorts? It seems this year’s fashion are cargo shorts which seem bulkier and slightly heavier. And why do men’s shorts have to go down to the knees or mid-way behind them? Shorts today are too long, they feel like capri pants that shrunk. I’m not looking for the 1980s too short shorts or skinny shorts, but ones that go a little above the knees and are slightly tapered. I have been able to find a few pair, but they go for like $20-$35 a pair. And why do we need shorts that are straight leg (baggy on the leg holes)? They should be slightly tapered at the end.

Believe or not these images are from 2010, not 1995.


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  1. 151 · Frustrated says:

    I bought 4 pair of Wangler jeans and had them made into shorts $80.00. 1 cost $14.00, the other 3 $22.00 these are stretch. I now have 4 pair of 2 inch inseam shorts $46.00 total for the sewing. These will last many years. Anything online was very difficult to find and expensive. It turned out much cheaper (being a 5 inch inseam was $59.00 and up). This is the only way to get what you want.

  2. 152 · Frustrated says:

    I purchased 2 more wrangler jeans took them to a local mom and pop tailor and now have 4 pair of short shorts 2 inch inseam. Total price for all 4 $80.00 plus tailoring $46.00. These will last many years. I do still wear my cutoffs around home they are cooler as the are shorter. Getting them made seems to be the method to get what you want and it’s much cheaper than anything online if you can find them.

  3. 153 · Anonymous says:

    I bought some women’s short shorts at Hollister, 2 inch inseam, and have worn them all summer, incl at the malls. No one has said anything except one person said they were great, and another made a homophobic comment. I get the impression it’s not a big deal for most people. Just go ahead and wear what you like.

  4. 154 · Anonymous says:

    I have purchased several women shorts and do wear them.

  5. 155 · BDwolfhound says:

    My favorite Talos 5″ inseam shorts are just about worn out and I have been trying to find suitable replacements. I am a short guy and have made do with cut down jeans (to mid-thigh length) but I am still looking for something a little more tailored. When I see men wearing those absurd baggy things, the word that comes to mind is DORK.

  6. 156 · Talos Heads up! says:

    For every one out there who hates those baggy long shorts like I do.Here is some news for you I just found some Talos shorts and bought two pair of every
    color and i found them a local Walmart store but they were going fast.Not to short and not to long just right.

  7. 157 · Anonymous says:

    those shorts look better than your skinny little capri pants. Now i cant find any shorts that fit my big legs thanks to gay designers that havent done a squat in their entire lives.

  8. 158 · Instyleguy says:

    For all you guys looking for skinnier shorter jeans, I think you’ll find what your looking for in the women’s department. The short shorts are out of style guys, get with the times..

  9. 159 · eponymous says:

    Since Walmart stopped carrying Talos shorts,the best I have found are Outdoor Life brand at Sears.Cargo shorts with a 6″ inseam.Still too long,but not hideously so.If #158 is referring to the nineties as”the times”,he/she can scurry back to them,they are long gone and good riddance.

  10. 160 · Anonymous says:

    @Instyleguy: Comfort never goes out of style

  11. 161 · Anonymous says:

    I like at least a 5″ inseam and nothing longer then 7″

  12. 162 · Anonymous says:

    Having lived Eorope and in the orient
    I’ve come to the conclusion that the bottom line, especially in the US, is that we’re way, way to culturally, and dare I say religiously hung up on what is masculine and feminine.
    The tip off is usually the assumptions around what is gay and what isn’t. My
    hope is that before the length of inseams changes that we move beyond this crippling
    perception. Fashion had always been one of the most biased expressions of who we are as persons. I dare say as well that we have a long way to go!

  13. 163 · ShortShortsManAlbanyNY says:

    The purpose of shorts is to keep your legs cool. Personally, wearing something that goes all the way to my knees, and even below that, does not do the job.

    Function over fashion. Although just like women of many ages look great in short and booty shorts, a lot of men of many ages look great in short and booty shorts as well.

    Also, what is considered short? Is mid-thigh considered short?

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