Safari is Satan?

My eyes were a little blurry and I happened to see this evil subliminal image from the Safari icon.

Safari is Satan? 😛


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  1. -49 · Anonymous says:

    i noticed it too

  2. -48 · Lougle says:

    I just spotted it and got this post up when I googled Safari = Satan. Just the kind of trick his worshippers adore.

  3. -47 · Vishva says:

    Ho, Only now you realize.. 😀

  4. -46 · m2miranda says:

    yep. happened to me tonight as well… never even heard such a thing, so imagine my surprise when I googled just the same way “Lougle” did… wow.

  5. -45 · thelight says:

    I saw it too. the first theoretical price for the prototype mac was $666. And the Apps emblem for OSX is the illuminati pyramid with the all seeing eye. the apple headquarters is also in the shape of the pyramid with the all seeing eye.

  6. -43 · Byron says:

    This happened to me this morning getting out of bed and I searched it

  7. -42 · Jennifer says:

    noticed it too!

  8. -41 · Turk says:

    I’m another one – saw this last week looking over my wife’s shoulder at her Mac with blurry eyes. I was shocked. I wondered if it was a cooincidence but I doubt it. Googled it — and here I am!

    And here’s something else I noticed last week. The Commonwealth Bank Logo is actually a view of a 4 sided pyramid – with the capstone (top) missing. The logo is visually ‘aligned’ dimensionally so that one whole (upper) ‘face’ of the pyramid is only ‘seen’ (or ‘visible’) as the ‘top line’ of the logo (because the perspective orientation means you are looking exactly ‘across’ that face of the pyramid – that’s the key trick!). (It’s like looking at a flat piece of paper sideways – it becomes a straight line.) But the ‘black shape’ is clearly the darkened East side of the pyramid. (The shortest ‘line’ segment of that ‘black shape’ is actually an edge of the flattened ‘top’ of the pyramid. Turn that short line into a square with a pencil and you are looking at the top of the pyramid. You will then clearly ‘see’ where to draw two more lines to ‘see’ the remaining two edges.

    The Masons even ‘signed’ it by using a double ‘M’ symbol. Cute!

  9. -40 · Zac says:

    I’ve noticed it last year , couldn’t fine anything else about it ?
    , only this website !

  10. -39 · catherina says:

    I literally just realized this minutes ago. im scared….

  11. -38 · Pavel says:

    I had never realized it before but it was simply looking at the screen and suddenly I was surprised that instead of “Safari” I saw “Satan”. I thought that something bizzare has happened to my iPad but then I looked better with more attention and saw “Safari” again as usual, but I had never seen it before like that. Very surprised.

  12. -37 · Mark says:

    Noticed this today, 1/7/2015. There is nothing to be afraid of. Even if it was probable that Apple is illuminati controlled and satanic, there would still be nothing to worry about it.

  13. -36 · Ice says:

    saw the same thing today. been a apple user for years. scary.. www they say is world wide web but it is triple six in roman numeral. even google icon is a triple six

  14. -35 · Andy says:

    Try scrolling down under the word “Safari” and go up slowly. It’s like spelling “Satan” for a small moment.

  15. -34 · Anonymous says:

    Yo so I’m pretty lit rn and I saw that today googled it and I’m glad you guys see like me. Haha but yo I love you all and I hope who ever reads this has blessings fall in his/her lap <3 much love. Praise Jesus. <3

  16. -33 · Anonymous says:

    i see

  17. -32 · Anonymous says:

    I saw it this morning in a half awoken state. I was looking at safari books online. My eyes got heavy and as I looked up at the word I was certain it said satan. It looked very purposeful the more I looked at it. I try not to believe in the whole illuminati conspiracy stuff but there are so many things that point towards its possibility. I have always embraced technology while at the same time consider it to eventually be our demise.

  18. -31 · Anonymous says:


  19. -30 · Anonymous says:


  20. -29 · Hosting says:

    This has not only to do with the cherry picking just mentioned, but also due to the massive amount of info that is lost in translation over the centuries. Satan would love to tear down Jesus Christ’s Church because then we would not have access to the many graces God bestows upon us through His Church.

  21. -28 · Anonymous says:

    Notice their logo is an apple – but not just any apple. It is the one with a bite (byte) taken out it – the one Satan gave to Eve in the garden of Eden.

  22. -27 · Anonymous says:

    To post 28: except that it’s not an apple. Eve ate a fruit of the tree, it does not say apple.

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