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Citi ThankYou Card and ThankYou Rewards

Friday, March 22nd, 2013
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Seems Citi has isn’t promoting their Citi Easy Deals (formerlly called Citi Extra Cash) program as much as they were before. Now they have a City ThankYou credit card, and what they call ThankYou Rewards and other times ThankYou Points. From what I can tell it doesn’t look much different than the Citi Easy Deals program, just higher end.

They still don’t offer real cash back, just ways to pay for more stuff and the ability to buy points to finish off the “purchase” if you don’t have enough points. Seems like a win for Citi, but why buy something with points anyway and pay to get points, which aren’t even real money? Because it makes you feel like you’ve earned them since you’ve built up a collection of them. They are worthless. Get a real credit card that gives you real cash money back. Good reward credit cards out there will now send you a check, debit card or take money off your next statement. Now that’s how you save.

Citi is good with their psychology of making you not want to give up your “earned” reward points, but it’s just a trap to keep you locked in. Shop around for a better credit card.

Citi Easy Deals

Saturday, September 29th, 2012
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Seems Citi is changing the name of their Citi Extra Cash program to Citi Easy Deals. From what I can tell it’s the same program they have right now. So perhaps they realized everyone figured out their program sucks and is not really cash or money in any way. There are better rewards programs for credit cards out there, shop around.

Citi Card Extra Cash Program

Saturday, May 8th, 2010
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If you have a Citi Card you might be familiar with their Extra Cash program. However, its really anything but cash. The way it works is that you get $1 of extra cash for every $10 spend, similar in some ways to rewards cards or points you can get for other credit cards out there. It sounds good, however, in order to use the “extra cash” you have to spend more money. When you first sign up for a card they will give you $100 of “extra cash” and as you can imagine it builds up fast if you use your credit card to pay all your bills. Which is what I do and then I pay it all off at the end of the month, so I write less checks and get out of the checkout lines faster.

Citi Extra Cash Gift Cards

For instance you can get gift cards with extra cash, but the extra cash only gives you a discount on the gift cards, meaning you will have to spend the rest. For instance they give you $5 off $50 gift cards, $10 off $100 gift cards and $50 off $500 dollar gift cards. Now this is good if you know you are going to go on a shopping spree, but the stores they offer the gift cards for are ones you probably won’t use very often. They have gift cards for Old Navy, Gap, Land’s End/Sears/K-mart and several others but you won’t find any for Target or Wal-Mart.

You can also use your extra cash for discounts on car rentals, local stores, airline tickets, etc but don’t expect to save more than a few dollars and the selection of outlets is kind of limited. The extra cash program also has deals on selected merchandise (clothes, electronics, etc) that you can get discounts on. Most of the discounts aren’t very good and the items they feature usually cost too much anyway, but it’s really there so you think you are saving money and spending the extra cash you earned, but its just their way of getting you to spend more money.

Citi Extra Cash Offer for iPod and Walmart

They have a deal of the day every day at 1pm EST, where they offer a higher discount on certain items and sometimes the item is rather good, but the quantity is very low. So you have to login for that 1 day its offered right away and hope you get one of them. Probably the most popular offer they do every month or so is a $50 Wal-Mart gift card for $25, assuming you have another $25 in extra cash, but its very limited, so expect it to be gone in 10 minutes or less.

So basically the extra cash you have will keep building up and up and you probably won’t be able to use it all. But this is on purpose, they really don’t want you to use it, they want you to feel as though you need to keep your credit card with them, because you have earned so much. They had to offer some kind of rewards card, because their competition is doing so. And they could argue they do offer good deals, but they are so limited they are making their customers fight over that small quantity.

Don’t be fooled, even if you have had this credit card for awhile, you need to shop around again to get better deals. And sure most reward cards out there really don’t give you much money back or decent items for whatever points you earn. But there are some out there will at least give you something more usable, without having to spend more money on top of what you have already spent.