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What Adobe Should Do for Flash

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012
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The future of Flash is animation, maybe not so much for the web unless they add in an ability to export to Canvas, SVG and HTML5 (Adobe Edge Animate doesn’t create anything in Canvas or SVG). I believe gaming will not be as strong for Flash in the future, granted you can make Projector files that are executable for the desktop; However, you can only make it for the OS that you are currently on. So you would have to export it from a Mac and a Windows machine (and have a license for Flash on each) to make your executable cross platform.

One thing that has been poor for several versions on Flash is the ability to export a SWF to a video file, namely Quicktime. Often when you try to export your SWF to Quicktime, it leaves ghosting and artifacts in the video. If Flash is to be an application for animation, this is a feature we really need to work properly.

Another thing that would be nice is for Flash to handle real 3D. Not the flat paper 3D in the current version, but real 3D. Then even more people would use it for animation and video exporting.

The reason the Flash player beat out Java Applets, its because it loaded fast, made everything into one compressed small file and had a very intuitive UI that was built from a designers stand point. As the web has evolved, JavaScript and even CSS are starting to replace many animations and effects. I believe Adobe can still make Flash a viable tool for the future.

What Flash needs

Thursday, April 7th, 2011
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I’d like to see Flash add the option on the export options for JPEG and GIF to allow us to pick what frame to pick when it creates the image. If anything even first frame or last frame would be better than always just doing the first frame. The ability for us to figure out the size of the file or possibly set a maximum size limit would be nice as well. Surely Adobe knows many people build ads in Flash and are required to have a backup image as well. This would help save time from having to load the SWF, printscreen the last frame and then optimize it in Photoshop so its under 20kb. While they are at it, why not add a PNG option as well, its 2011 afterall.

Royalty Free Sounds

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008
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Links to free sounds.

  • Soundsnap – Royalty Free Sounds (loops, music, sound effects). You can submit, rate, and make comment on sounds, plus download and use them in your Flash project, radio or TV commercials or modify them for something else. The only thing you can’t do with these sounds is sell them. The previews are well done, because if you click on a preview it knows to stop the one thats playing.
  • freesound – A database of Creative Commons licensed sounds created and uploaded by users. The licensing varies on each loop, but there are some great ones here.
  • Flash Kit – Flash Kit has offered a section for users to submit and download loops and sound effects for a long time. Many author’s homepage links are dead, so I’m not sure how that affects the license on the linkware sounds.
  • Internet Archive’s Open Source Collection – A large collection of sounds, music and readings.

Links to companies that offer sounds that cost money to download and use.

  • Beat Suite – High Quality Royalty Free Music and Loops. They cost quite a bit of money but they are very well done.
  • Sound Loop Studio – More Royalty Free Loops.
  • Loop Sound – Royalty Free Loops.
  • AudioSparx – Royalty Free Music, Loops and Sound Effects.

Rich Media Ad Standards

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008
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Often Flash Ads are often considered “Rich Media” ads when they are expandable, floating, stream video, look like a peeldown, or push down content momentarily. JavaScript will often be used with these types of ads to do something different than just appear as a box in one spot.

  • Pick an older version of Flash to support. I recommend supporting back to the Flash 6 (Flash MX) player. Flash 6 supports compression but not FLV video. Flash 7 supports FLV video, but Flash 8’s On VP2 codec is much better for filesize and quality. I would recommend building a player that detects the version of flash the user has and play an appropriate FLV. That means you will have to export the video twice, but if people are paying for ads, they need to be seen. Despite what Adobe’s says the statistics for Flash 8 or even the Flash 9 player on the web are, many people simply do not upgrade Flash for long time. Now if its a video player just showing video, then you can just use Flash 8, because people might upgrade to see videos, but they won’t upgrade to see ads.
  • Set a filesize limit of the SWF. 40k is a good amount but you might make some of your own settings based on the dimensions of the ad.
  • Some advertisers have limits on how many times a ad may loop. Sometimes they will allow you to repeat the loop if someone hovers over the ad.
  • Some ads such as floaters, can be quite annoying so they may put a frequency cap on how many times a person will see the ad, often its set to 1.
  • Some advertisers want a distinct border on ads, so they don’t get mistaken as content.
  • FPS limit – A higher FPS limit makes the animation smoother but also costs more CPU time to render the animation. Flash will generally skip frames or set itself to lower quality if it thinks it needs to. I really cannot see a need for using more than 24 FPS (cartoons use that framerate), usually I just stick with the default of 12 FPS.
  • Sound – Sound should not be played in an ad, people often surf the web while listening to music and the last thing they want to hear is some annoying loop or weird sound blow out their eardrums. However, some advertisers allow for sound when a video is playing or when the ad is moused over after 1 second but then stops if the mouse is moved off of it.
  • Don’t access user’s microphone, webcam or clipboard. This just means they get a security warning or dialog asking them to allow it and they will just say no.
  • Video – You should stream if possible and have an image show up with a play button. That way you don’t force the video to download and play until it’s clicked. I would recomment not to loop the video, but go back to the image with the play button. I recommend having play/pause and unmute/mute buttons. When you unmute the video it should rewind the video and start playing, because the user may have missed part of the audio with the ad. Videos should be no more than 30seconds and be the appropriate size for the ad, don’t scale or stretch the video to force it to fit in the ad. How big should the video be? Yahoo has a limit of 2.2MB, so that is a good standard to follow.

39 Dollars for FLV Export

Friday, November 30th, 2007
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On2 (the people behind Flash 8’s FLV Video Encoder, On2 VP6) make a rather inexpensive video exporter for Flash called Flix Standard. They also seem to have other more expensive products but if you pre-edit the video before it ever needs to be made into a FLV this should work pretty good. I learned that Adobe will not let you install the Flash Video Encoder by itself without another license. So if you have several people that need to convert videos for Flash, but will never even use Flash itself, you don’t want to shell out several hundred dollars to do so.

The most affordable, entry level desktop encoding application for FLV video for Adobe® Flash® Player 8 and 9.
Put your video on the web in three clicks. Flix Standard encodes virtually every type of video, audio and image file into Flash, the most popular media format on the Internet. An amazing value, Flix Standard is the perfect entry-level video encoding solution.