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Since iOS8 or 9 the official Apple VGA & DV adapter is broken

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016
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I gave up on this about 2 years ago, but it seems multiple people have had this problem also. Even if you bought the official adapter it won’t work anymore after iOS 8 is installed. Granted iOS 10 is almost out now, but its not like its going to get fixed. I finally looked back into this issue, seems like the many reviews for it and the digital AV communicate the same thing. Which sucks because these adapters cost $30 but now we have to buy new ones just because they changed something and now they old official ones don’t work anymore.

According to one of the comments:
You need to BUY a updated 1.0 VGA Adapter – it MUST say its a 1.0 or its the older unit. Be careful because a ton of the old adapters are still in stock at Apple stores, retailers, Amazon and eBay.

So fork out another $30 for an adapter you already had, or I guess if you have the receipt you might be able to take it to the Apple store to let them know it failed.

Stop asking me to rate your app

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013
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More and more apps keep popping up alerts for promoting other apps, features or to rate their app. I’m tempted to start giving 1 star ratings if an app asks me to rate them. I understand the developers need more revenue but bugging users with those notifications or full screen promotions isn’t going to do it. I can handle the banner ad, but combined with the rest it’s too much and I’m uninstalling the app off my iPad. If you want more revenue charge more than 99 cents for your app and ask a fair price for it.

Safari on iOS needs a scroll to top button or gesture

Thursday, December 20th, 2012
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The more and more I use apps on iOS or surf the web on my iPad, the more I hate having to scroll all the way up to the top. Please if you make an app and you have a search box, make it so we can access it easily with one click or put it on the top if we ever have to scroll.

Ways Apple could improve the iBooks App

Saturday, November 17th, 2012
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One thing that really bothers me about the iBooks app, is that if you want to search your books, you have to scroll all the way back up to the top to do so. It would also be nice to have a A-Z/0-9 shortcut navigation on the right like the Music app. Right now if you have a ton of books, its very hard to go through your list.

iOS native apps needed

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012
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iOS6 finally adds a clock, alarm, timer and stopwatch. I’m still surprised they haven’t added weather, calculator, and possibly a stocks option. Siri seems to pull up a Yahoo Weather widget when asked about weather and can look up stocks, but you would think they would just have those apps since most basic phones have them. Having a built in calculator would mean Siri wouldn’t have to go out on the internet to get basic calculations. A native program for basic note taking or drawing would be nice. However I can understand them maybe not wanting to step on developers toes and besides many apps that do this are rather cheap. However, I’ve yet to use an app that wasn’t free.