Web Development Tools for Mac OS X

  • ImageOptim – Optimize JPG, PNG and GIF images for the web
  • Less – Compile and compress .less files to CSS
  • Sublime Text – Great text editor. Not free
  • Cyberduck (or FileZilla) – FTP client
  • Shrink-O-Matic – Resize a bunch of images before you ever upload them. This way uploads are faster and any resizing your webapp does is much faster. Just pick a size that is big enough for your biggest usage scenario instead of the gigantic images you have from your camera or stock photography.
  • VMware Fusion – Setup virtual machines for testing your sites in IE or perhaps older browsers. Not free
  • Smaller – Minify HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript files. Not free
  • MAMP – Apache, Mysql, PHP and phpMyAdmin


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