Yahoo subscribes all Mail users to Daily Yahoo stories

Seems Yahoo! subscribed everyone that uses Yahoo Mail to their Daily Yahoo stories. Pretty common for Yahoo to do something like this, I marked a few as spam then unsubscribed.


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  1. -49 · Anonymous says:

    I am not getting “your Yahoo stories” since Saturday, April 15, 2017. I do not know why they stopped it. I would like to get it regularly. I have Yahoo email account for many years.

  2. -48 · Anonymous says:

    I am not getting yahoo daily stories. I have been receiving them for years. What happened?

  3. -47 · Anonymous says:

    my daily yahoo stories stop coming 17 April 2017 don’t know why.I would like to continue receiving it regularly I have a yahoo account.

  4. -46 · Anonymous says:

    My daily news just stopped how do I get them back?

  5. -45 · Anonymous says:

    Lost yahoo daily stories how do I get it back ???

  6. -44 · Anonymous says:

    My yahoo daily stories seem to have stopped…why??? I enjoy reading them!!! Please keep sending them to me!!! 🙂 Thank you!!!

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