Zest Soap Sucks

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed that Zest soap dissolves with even 1 drop of water on it. If you have a bar of this in your soap dish by the water faucet for washing your hands, its worthless. Its worthless even if you have little grates that let water drain out the bottom of the dish. As soon as this soap gets wet it dissolves really bad and wont last a week. While all soap will dissolve and get really soft in water this brand is the worst I’ve seen for this. I won’t make the mistake of getting this brand again.

I’ve noticed that they fixed the formula so it doesn’t dissolve instantly in water anymore, although there are probably some cases of the bad formula out there.

I found the following two snippets on their website

Since 1958, Zest has been a leader in personal cleansing with a commitment to improving consumers’ lives.  As a result, Zest launched an Ergonomic shape soap in January, 2007 that created multiple benefits for consumers:

Ergonomic Shape is Easy to Hold: – The exciting aesthetic design of the Ergonomic Shape results in great lather and is practical for your shower.

As far as I can tell that’s only 1 benefit. Personally, I’ve found it harder to hold.

Did you change Zest Bars?

All Zest bars are now made with synthetic ingredients. They’re 100% soap and have a new “surf” shape. I hope you’ll give new Zest a try!

Guess that proves they changed the forumula.


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  1. 101 · Deez Nuts says:

    ZEST!!! You killin me with the new formula! I feel like I have just been detailed by a car wash! Waxy, is an understatement! I can’t stand the feeling of the new formula and I really dont care if the soap melts in the water. IT’S SOAP! It’s supposed to dissipate in water. The new shape isn’t all that great but I can live with it if you change it back to the old formula. If not, you’re gonna lose a customer for life!

  2. 102 · Henry says:

    The “original Zest” was the perfect soap for me, I am sensitive to soap, but my skin is not dry. If I use regular soap, I will itch; if I use the special moisturizing soaps, I will feel all slick and slimey and it takes forever to rinse off, the same is true for these new bath soaps in a bottle. “Original Zest” went on like regular soap (texture wise) and RINSED OFF COMPLETELY… Why isn’t there a bath soap like that anymore?… I will pay money to anybody who can show me a bath soap that works the same as “Original Zest”.

  3. 103 · Pete says:

    I been using zest soap for 40 years. The new shape sucks.
    Cannot hold on to the new shape.

  4. 104 · Anonymous says:

    I am also suffering from these changes. Hate the new shape. The new formula is causing itching and now swelling around my eye with dry patches of skin. I tried Dial – worse yet. I’m looking for a new soap. These fragance formulas are the worst.

  5. 105 · Henry says:

    If you have itchy dry skin use a non-fragrant moisturizing soap; duh…
    Not hard to find.

  6. 106 · Blue Ruby says:

    We have used Zest for all 42 years we’ve been married because it did not leave a scum behind as quickly as others. However, for the last 3-4 years we have been switching from one soap to another because we find them all TERRIBLE when it comes to SOAP SCUM build up, it is noticable even after ONE shower! With the price of scum removing products it is getting ridiculous to maintain a clean, sparkling, inviting shower. GO BACK TO THE OLD ZEST FORMULA, THE CLEAN ZEST! PPPPLLLEASE !!!!! ALREADY ! At least add it to your line-up instead of dumping it.

    For those who think soap dissolves too quickly-remove the bars from their wrappers to store. In the linen closet or a basket on the counter, the air dries/hardens the soap and you get the added advantage of a fragrant room/closet every day!

  7. 107 · Tony from Indiana says:

    Got married in 1965 and told my new wife she could do whatever she wanted but I want Zest, Crest & Charmon, and don’t care about anything else. She has done a beautiful job for nearly 44 Years! Until Zest Changed!!!!!! I’ll just tell you, Proctor & Gamble needs to Fire some people and get their old employees back!!!!!!! And get their Heads out of their —!!!!!

  8. 108 · Henry says:

    Tony from Indiana, guess what?… They don’t care.

    Just use it as directed, and you shouldn’t have any problems.
    If you use it as directed, and you experience problems, that would be VERY UNUSUAL.

    I got news for them, their MISREPRESENTATION AND DECEPTION, has caused me 3 long terrible months of EXTREME UNUSUAL PAIN AND DISCOMFORT!!!

  9. 109 · furyguy says:

    Zest, your new soap sucks and blows at the same time…I used to use ivory and found that it left too much residue (scum) on my body and on the tub/surround, so about 10 years ago, switched to zest and have been very pleased with this product until about a year ago when the shape and formula were changed….IF IT AIN’T F#@KING BROKE, DON’T FIX IT!!!!! I will be switching brands until p&g gets their shit together!

  10. 110 · pierson says:

    I can’t believe I found this site. I thought I was the only one on the planet that was mourning the loss of White Water. Everybody has described my loyality to Zest all these years, and now sadly I am looking all over the place for something to replace it with. (Don’t bother with Lever, it is worse than the new Zest!) When Zest starting making the White soap, which didn’t make a green mess, and smelled great, I was delighted. Now I am trying to use the old green soap, but it is not the same either. Somebody said they don’t care, and you are right. Most of the people on this site are my age, and they are looking for new customers. To hell with us.

  11. 111 · Nialk says:

    Best soap on the market by far. Bad comments by individuals who work for competing soap companies can not alter that fact…..and God knows they are trying. GET A LIVE JERKS!

  12. 112 · Kim in Florida says:

    I am so disappointed that they have discontinued the origingal zest soap. I have used zest almost all my life. I like the fact that I felt clean,no soap scum and no perfumes. With the new zest there is soap scum and I’ve gotten a rash. I really hope that they reconsider and bring back zest original.

  13. 113 · kevin says:

    don’t really care about shape, i just want to be zestfully clean without the soap scum maybe skim the water scrape it off the shower and send it back to p&g. company only after one thing $$$$$$$$$$$

  14. 114 · Pablo, from Florida says:

    Like most of you, I have been using Zest for many years. Not only do I hate the new shape, but it doesn’t lather like before and it feel like it doesn’t rinse off completely. I just switched to dial (White bar)

  15. 115 · kevin says:

    just found 60 bars original zest bought them all for 16.00

  16. 116 · Anonymous says:

    Man, I thought I was the only one going nuts trying to find “my” soap. This new “Zest” has a smell that bothers my nose — I’m very sensitive to smells, and old Zest was the least offensive soap I could find. This new “Zest” smell is so “off” that I can’t even use it, so I don’t know if leaves scum or not. I’ll believe those that say it does, but I’ll never find out, because I’ll never use this new smelly “Zest”. I most recently have used Coast, and it smells okay, but I do feel a little more dried out using it than I did with real Zest.

  17. 117 · Chris says:

    Has anybody run across “Lemon Squeeze” Zest? It’s 120 grams (4.2 ounces) , a light clear yellow color, very-very delicate lemon scent that even my husband with multiple chemical sensitivities can handle. But it’s not the Whitewater.

    The shape is reasonable, it doesn’t melt away instantly. Pretty nice stuff. From an examination of the packaging, it looks to be a Phillippine product. We got it in a package of emergency-preparedness supplies and fell in love with it, but have no idea how to get more.

  18. 118 · Canada says:

    Well I am glad that I found this site as I too hate the new shape
    and smell. Also don’t like the fact that now lots of soap are putting
    in Aloe. Don’t want that in my soap.

    So Bring back the Old Original Zest and Shape Bar.

    Been using it for over 45 years and never had problems.
    Another thing is that in my area I can’t even find any at all.

    There is no Zest Soap Bars new or old in any of the stores
    around my area.

    Could it be that they are taking them off the shelves with the
    intention of bringing back with the Original Zest Soap ?

    I sure hope so as I have been trying others and not finding one
    that I like at all.

    Bring back the Original Shape and the Original formula…….

  19. 119 · Sandaili says:

    Petition, anyone?

  20. 120 · Henry says:

    That’s right, not seeing it on the shelves. That means nobody wants it. Ha Ha P&G. That must have been some business plan… Has anybody noticed how Colgate is so much better than crud, I mean crest. I just started using it, it foams up better and stays fluffier longer so my teeth feel much cleaner than when I used crest.

  21. 121 · Ask The Nanny says:

    Dear God_ Just bring our Zest Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 122 · De says:

    What happen to the old zestfully clean?! This “new” Zest soap is horriorable!!! I agree with some of the post comments. I’ve been using this soap for years and P&G wants to change it!!! Using the “new soap” makes my body “smell and look like sh*t”! I’m using “Jergens” soap wish is somewhat good that help not to leave so much sump on my body and bathtub.

  23. 123 · Anonymous says:

    I have OCD and have used Zest Aqua soap religiously for 20 years. I was devastated when they changed the original formula, shape, and size; however, it allowed me to find a better soap called “Basis.” My dermatologist recommended “BASIS” soap because it’s the best clean-rinsing soap ever. I got my bar at the pharmacy at Target. Zest lovers owe it to themselves to try one bar. It’s around $2.50 per bar. I’ve tried Dial White, Dial Aloe, and Dove Sensitive but nothing compares to Basis.

  24. 124 · kala says:

    i hate soap i want the old soap back

  25. 125 · Jay says:

    Wow people its fawkin soap! and if you can’t hold on to it i guess its a problem on your end cause my 3 yr old son has no problems holding on to it… I guess it could be that the Zest your getting has the age old ID10T end user problem.


  26. 126 · crowcuss says:

    Used the old zest since sometime in the 60’s. Until I found this site I thought it was just me. Will not use zest or any other P&G product until they fix this. Does anyone remember Shlitz beer. One of the largest until they decided to “fix” the formula cheaper. Ran the whole company into bankrupcy and out of the market.
    Jay- I don’t give a rat’s ass about the shape. The formula is changed and one of the “fragrances” smells like rotting dog besides leaving you with itchy skin and an unclean feeling.
    ( Best alternative we have found is Dove.)

  27. 127 · Anonymous says:

    The new shape of the Zest soap bar is not to be ergonomically friendly as P & G says but to cut a 1/2 oz. off the bar while maintaining price. I to shall switch brands to find a consumer friendly soap company.

  28. 128 · Brian says:

    I agree no more zest until you give us back the good stuff.

  29. 129 · Anonymous says:

    I have also used Zest for about 40 years. I can live with the shape, though I would prefer a regular bar. However, the new formula is bad news. It now leaves as much scum behind as most other soaps I have tried. But I’ll keep looking.

  30. 130 · Barb in Wisconsin says:

    Well,..Just got in trouble once again for bringing home the wrong zest for my husband. After looking on the Internet I see that it’s not my fault. There IS no original ZEST for me to buy! I made sure I showed these comments to my husband. Thanks. He too will be switching brands.

  31. 131 · Don in Illinois says:

    I also think the new bar shape stinks. Did you do this with the intent to reduce the amount of soap per bar? Go back to the old bar shape. I have been useing zest soap for years and love the soap

  32. 132 · Cindyh in Indiana says:

    I, like most of the people here, have discovered the crappy change made to our wonderful Zest. I too will not purchase the new, unimproved Zest. I hate the new Zest. I’ve been using Zest since 1974 and had quite a supply in my linen closet–just a few weeks ago discovered it had changed and now feels like I’m still sticky when I use it. I loved the way Zest made me feel–like I was using soft water in my hard water town! Is there any updated information on returning to the old stuff? First they changed the shape, which I figured was to make it smaller at the same price. However, this last change is too much! Bye Bye P&G!

  33. 133 · Whitewater Alumnus says:

    I think I read a year ago that Zest’s official reason for discontinuing Whitewater Zest was that it was made from synthetics ? What does that mean? Too expensive ?

    Hey – I LOVE this site – I wish P&G would get off their asses and start making the Whitewater Zest again. I recently tried Lever (with Vaseline lotion included in the forumla) but it’s still not the same. I still have ONE bar of whitewater that I kept in my linen closet to “remind me of the old days” (LOL) but that tells you how desperate consumers are – they’d be willing to PAY bucks of P&G would wake up some day !!

    What to you guys/gals recommend for a replacment?

    Whitewater Zest never gave me a rash, and I can’t say that about all the other soaps. Jergens is good if you want to avoid allergic reactions but it has no (safe) scent at all.

  34. 134 · Anonymous says:

    Zest is the only soap that does make me break out. I found this forum shile trying to find out if Gillette body wash is made by the same people–because I think the Gillette I started trying is making me break out.

    Sure enough–both P&G. I use Cetaphil on my face and it’s fine, so I’m guessing it must be the Gillette wash.

  35. 135 · Knoxville, Tn says:

    Does anyone know were I can find the Original Zest Soap, this new Aqua Zest is aweful. It makes my skin feel so dry and tight it also leaves a bad soap film. So if anybody know where I can purchase the original bar please let me know.


  36. 136 · Larry,Wisconsin says:

    Hallalula- I’m not crazy! Been using zest for all my 54 years. (My mother washed me with it as a baby) When the marketing geniuses began messing with the shape/names/formula a few years ago, I stocked up on the aqua pure as it was as close to the original formula I could find. Last month I noticed that the “pure” was dropped from the “aqua” and they were’nt kidding. I used to be able to wash my eyeglasses with zest. No more! The clean feeling is gone when I bathe (no shower), and the tub is a disgusting, scummy mess. A little advice to P&G from a “grey hair”-lose the diploma-ed bean counters, see if you can find an old guy back in the formula mixing department that still remembers how to make soap, give him a raise and put him to work.

  37. 137 · Peggy in Ca. says:

    I used Whitewater Zest for years untill I could”nt find it anymore. I would drive miles to get it. Now I use Dove because I do not like the other zest soaps. Please start making it again. Do all these comments mean anything to P&G. Your losing a lot of customers.

  38. 138 · Larry,Wisconsin says:

    OK everybody, I’ve found a replacement to get us by until P&G decides to honor their customer base by making soap again. It’s Dove sensitive skin unscented available at Wal-Mart. You ladies might try the scented variety, but for you men out there who don’t want to smell like a fruit basket the unscented is the way to go. The first test was to see if I could wash my eyeglass lenses without leaving scum behind. Passed with flying colors. The next test was to see if it would lather enough to shave with( I’ve never bought shaving cream-always used my zest bar soap). Again passed. Finally took a bath. Good old clean feeling was back and NO SOAP SCUM IN THE TUB TO CLEAN UP! Didn’t drop the bar once either. (Laugh if you want youngsters but you’ll get old someday too)So, it’s not our good old zest that we all miss, but it’s the next best thing. Oh yea, the Dove is white. No dye either.

  39. 139 · Norm Clarke says:

    I too hate the “new” shape. I even worte the company. Been looking for another brand that is shaped like soap I can handle.

  40. 140 · Kevin T says:

    My entire family used Zest for years and noticed it is no longer available. Tried a few of the “improved” zest and they suck. I emailed P&G telling them I was not looking for coupons, just wanted to know why they changed it and that no one I know likes the new ones. Also told them I tried the new ones and did not like them. They sent me coupons for the new zest. I sent them back with a letter explaining how to respond to customer (now ex-customer) inquiries.

  41. 141 · Anonymous says:

    I’ve used Zest for as long as I can remember and I am 82. We just needed more and the new bars with the horrid shape are really BAD. If the old type bars are not reintroduced we will be looking for a replacement brand. So sorry you changed a good, tried and true brand. Please bring back the old product!!!

    A Minnesota former customer

  42. 142 · Anonymous says:

    i dont like zest either personally i like antibacterial soap like dial and i dont ever use zest but my boyfriend does and he seems to like it a lot but i like to feel cleaner and dial dose that best for me leaving behind no scum and no weird shapes and it always has a great smell for men and women whatever type of smell u like just try dial its really great.

  43. 143 · Henry says:

    I have found a replacement for me, after wasting too much time and money (do you hear that P&G?) trying Ivory, Dial, Safeguard, Glycerin and Dove bath bar soaps and bath soaps-in-a-bottle. All of which, either dried me out and made me itch like you don’t want to know (especially if you work for P&G) (that would be the soap soaps) OR they made me feel too slick and slimey while washing (that would be the moisturizing soaps and watered-down bottled soaps). The replacement I found, surprisingly enough is, Irish Spring bath bar soap. It lathers up fast and hearty, rinses-off just as fast and thoroughly. And my skin feels good and I DON’T ITCH!!! So your off the hook, P&G. Good Bye and good riddance.

  44. 144 · Henry says:

    Oh yeah, and I don’t give a bleep about the shape or the fact that “it dissolves in water”. Or if it’s ‘natural’ or ‘synthetic’. I just don’t give a rat’s A$$.

  45. 145 · Henry says:

    I remember reading one of the previous comments here, that one of you thought one of the ‘new’ Zest fragrances smelled like CAT URINE. At the time, I was focusing on the other terrible things about the ‘new’ Zests, but BELIEVE ME, I know exactly what you’re talking about, SMELLS JUST LIKE CAT URINE. LMAO!

    P&G should put a picture of a cute little kitty on their “new’ soap.

  46. 146 · B.B.Lopez says:

    My family and I have used zest all our lives, at least 50 years.
    I will continue to use it. But If the company keeps messing with
    It, I will look for an alternative soap.We have allergies and we
    are limited on our choices. Aqua is our favorite and that white
    one they changed the name of that we can not find any more.
    Keeping up with the times I get, but constant change is not good for any company.

  47. 147 · John & Family (Illinois) says:

    Like many others, I’ve been using Zest for nearly 50 years. My Dad first introduced it to our family because he was a chemist and knew (very well) the ingredients and their properties. The “no soap scum” was a big one. Then they went and changed everything. I switched to the Whitewater because it didn’t leave the stains that the other artificially colored versions left. Now I’m reading that Zest discontinued the Whitewater version? Is their marketing department retarded? I’ll bet a surprise trip to the homes of your so-called marketing specialists would discover the fact that they don’t use their own products (Zest). Otherwise, they’d know that the shape of their soap is stupid and the grossly over-colored and heavily scented bars are hard to hold and leave residue stains. I got to hand it to their CEO, he must have some enormous balls. For anyone who would tinker (no, screw up) a long lasting product that people have counted on for over half a century in the middle of the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression – well that takes balls.

    For the rest of the consumes like me who are searching for a replacement to Zest, here are some suggestions you might find helpful. Stay away from Dial soap and Coast soap (made by Dial). Both of these melt as soon as they are exposed to moisture. I tried to substitute Dial for Zest and within months I noticed that I had to remove the strainer from the bottom of the shower every 3-4 months and manually pull out a huge glob of hair and undissolved material. I thought my plumbing was going bad. Then I switched to Whitewater Zest and it never happened again. But now that Whitewater Zest off the shelves, I’m looking for a white bar alternative. I just bought an 8-pack of Safeguard. It’s more expensive than Zest but I don’t care as long as it’s not made by Dial and it doesn’t leave a scum like Zest didn’t.

    Good luck former Zest lovers.

  48. 148 · Disappointed says:

    I have used zest all My life. I called the company because the soap is different. I asked if the soap had changed, and was told no. I’ve never had problems with dry skin. I no longer use zest. By changing the original they lost a long time customer.

  49. 149 · Bigfoot Rod says:

    Congrats are in order!!! Zest has managed to get the TWO absolute worst shapes of soap into the same brand. My question? Did you do this with your own people or did you have help from the people that got fired at Coca-Cola.

  50. 150 · Curmudgeon says:

    Zest has changed from a detergent base, which left no film on your skin or on your bathtub, to a soap base, which leaves both. They also added glycerin to the formula. Totally dislike the new. My skin feels sticky and coated after using the new product. Bought a four pack and threw it all out after using it twice. You might still find some of the old in stores, labeled “Aqua Pure”. It’s got the stupid new shape, but the old, non-film formula. Not as good, but better than the new Zest is Lever 2000. And if you like shower jells, I would highly recommend Gillettes new line. Their “oil control” cleans well, smells good, and rinses clean. No left over stickiness or oily feeling.

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