Zest Soap Sucks

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed that Zest soap dissolves with even 1 drop of water on it. If you have a bar of this in your soap dish by the water faucet for washing your hands, its worthless. Its worthless even if you have little grates that let water drain out the bottom of the dish. As soon as this soap gets wet it dissolves really bad and wont last a week. While all soap will dissolve and get really soft in water this brand is the worst I’ve seen for this. I won’t make the mistake of getting this brand again.

I’ve noticed that they fixed the formula so it doesn’t dissolve instantly in water anymore, although there are probably some cases of the bad formula out there.

I found the following two snippets on their website

Since 1958, Zest has been a leader in personal cleansing with a commitment to improving consumers’ lives.  As a result, Zest launched an Ergonomic shape soap in January, 2007 that created multiple benefits for consumers:

Ergonomic Shape is Easy to Hold: – The exciting aesthetic design of the Ergonomic Shape results in great lather and is practical for your shower.

As far as I can tell that’s only 1 benefit. Personally, I’ve found it harder to hold.

Did you change Zest Bars?

All Zest bars are now made with synthetic ingredients. They’re 100% soap and have a new “surf” shape. I hope you’ll give new Zest a try!

Guess that proves they changed the forumula.


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  1. 151 · Jesus says:

    Common, its soap… everyone who posted about soap shape on this page clearly has no life. I mean why take the time to debate soap shape? its not like ur in prison 0_o. Though it shows the intelligence of the word and makes for a good bathroom read I suppose

  2. 152 · Henry says:

    P&G has also discontinued their ‘Crest Complete Toothbrushes’; the best designed toothbrushes, the best designed toothbrush I ever used (not the handle, but the configuration of the bristles) and I’ve tried them ALL. There are other ones with better handles, which relieve arm and wrist tension. But the bristle configuration of the ‘Crest Complete Toothbrush (RIDGED, not the flex head), clean teeth more thoroughly and faster than any other toothbrush bristle configuration, and now P&G has discontinued it, b/c obviously they are the stupidest m. f. ers in the world.

  3. 153 · John G. says:

    Bring back the plain white Zest bar!

  4. 154 · Mary says:

    Hate the new Zest formula!!! I am 66 and am breaking out on my face as if I were a teenager!!!! Stupid, stupid, stupid!!! Used Zest for eons and no problems. Now my face is greasy and breaking out! Never, ever, use it again!!!!!

  5. 155 · Anonymous says:

    My mom started buying Zest in 1958 when we moved to a house with hard water. As an adult, I’ve been living with my own hard water problems, and Zest has been the ONLY soap that wouldn’t leave a waxy scum on me and everything else. So, I wonder what P&G was thinking when they changed the formula and eliminated the very feature that made Zest so unique. They totally blew off their niche market and their devoted customers. When I realized the soap had changed, I scoured every store within 15 miles, and bought up all the old formula Zest I could find. I’m still using the stash I acquired, but I’m in dread about what I’ll use when it’s gone. I’m not crazy about the new shape that keeps slipping off the soap dish, but that’s a minor problem compared with the waxy residue issue. Anybody have any suggestions for a good hard-water soap I can use when I run out of my stockpile?

  6. 156 · Jayhawker says:

    I bought an 8-pack of Zest Ocean Energy a few days ago and I hate it. It doesn’t rinse clean like the old Zest and it smells awful.

  7. 157 · Lori and Alan says:

    We HATE THE NEW ZEST!!! we too are looking for another brand of soap. Our shower walls are covered in white scum that is like cement trying to remove. Please give us back the original Aqua Zest! How dare P&G say they didn’t change the formula. How dumb do they think we are that we can’t read the ingredients? Safeguard and Lever 2000 are in the shopping list!!

  8. 158 · Larry says:

    Looks like everyone agrees, the new shape sucks! What is the problem? Fix it please.

  9. 159 · Sam says:

    Well, like the majority above I have a complaint. I could care less about a shape but when I only have the Aloe Splash version at Wal-mart or Sam’s Club it’ s time to change. After 50 years of using this soap I’m going to miss it.

    The marketing pukes at P&G just really screwed up on this one. Must be part of Obama’s economic stimulus bunch. Hope they monitor this site. There’s still time to save market share.

  10. 160 · Anonymous says:

    I have used Zest for decades. Just always repurchase automatically. Never again. I hate the new shape because it slips out of my hands constantly. Reduction in size (and alteration in shape) allowed them to keep the old box and trick consumers into thinking all was the same. But this is basically a price increase that they were trying to hide. Thankfully, there are lots of other brands of soaps out there. My confidence in Proctor and Gamble has decreased significantly because of this. Marc, Vero Beach, Florida

  11. 161 · Carol T. in MI. says:

    I have also used the original white Zest for decades and agree with all the negative comments. I recently e-mailed P&G with my complaint. If every dissatisfied consumer contacted the company and they were bombarded with complaints, they just might listen and bring back the original product. I am also looking for a new bath soap and it won’t be P&G.

  12. 162 · David Garza in TX. says:

    Zest you lost a customer, bring back the original shape and formula and you will regain your customer. Also, put back the 1/2 ounce you took out when you changed the shape. The bean counters may think we don’t notice , but we do.

  13. 163 · Dave says:

    Has anybody else besides me and my family noticed not only the change of the shape, but the formula? We can get more lather out of a block of wood! And it seems to form layers, and breaks in half much quicker than before. I miss the old formula that would really lather up generously. I’m trying DOVE for the first time – perhaps it will give me a better lather!

  14. 164 · Anonymous says:

    I have been using zest all my life, and I have noticed that it doesn’t leave any soap scum in niether my bathtub or on my face and I can’t find it anywhere not the old one or the new one. BRING THE OLD ONE BACK!

  15. 165 · mary says:

    we are life time users of zest. we now hate the new formula and the new shape. it is hard to hold and breaks more quickly (right at the indentation). please bring back the old formula and shape because until you do we are switching to dove.

  16. 166 · insane says:

    i couldn’t believe it after all these years of using zest soap with their slogan “zestfully clean”, meaning no soap scum Lo and behold there is scum all over the bath tub now and i notice on my body after a shower- also my hair. They must have changed the formula with cheaper ingredients, well I’m gonna change my soap brand purchase now bye bye Zest and goog ridance

  17. 167 · feeling dirty says:

    is there anyone out there with some old zest for sale?

  18. 168 · Cat urine says:

    A previous comment described the scent of Ocean Energy as cat urine, and it was so right. When I took off the outer plastic wrap from the six pack the stench was overwhelming. I left the package on my balcony for days hoping the stink would dissipate. It did fade a bit so I tried using a bar just moments ago. I had to get out of the shower and drip my way into the bedroom to find one of my last precious bars of white zest to try to wash off the stink and stickiness. All six bars are going in the garbage. I wouldn’t give it to my worst enemy. I am glad I found this website so I know I am not the only one totally disappointed with Proctor and Gamble. I will avoid buying any of their products in the future.

  19. 169 · Fred in NY says:

    and my wife thought i was crazy!! having used Zest for over 40 years and complaining for the last 2 she’s finally realized i was right ! This is possibly the WORST SHIT i have ever used!!!! Bring back the goods.

  20. 170 · Frank in Drexel Hill says:

    I think that the new shape stinks as with the changing aromas. Either return to the original or loose another client.

  21. 171 · Randy says:

    Been using ZEST for 40 yrs, it’s the only soap I used and it always made me feel clean. Now this new CRAP is like smearing grease on yourself and you CAN’T rinse it off. I’ll NEVER TRUST P & G AGAIN

  22. 172 · Anonymous says:

    My husband & I have used Zest for 37 years and it was wonderful. Clean smeling and no scum in the tub. Now, we’ve noticed there is scum in the water and around the edges of the bathtub. Guess the formula has changed along with the shape & size of the bar, so we are going to change brands. Wish Zest could have remained as always and there wouldn’t be so many unhappy customers.

  23. 173 · Anonymous says:

    Me too, Zest now sucks, they changed all the reasons I’ve used it for my 51 years of life….

    Maybe they could come out with a “Zest Classic”, it worked for Coke….

  24. 174 · regreting my past 25 years of Zest loyalty says:

    Hey P&G I have a great new idea to cheapen the production cost of a bar of Zest even more. Why not make it hollow?

    You may now hire me as the new head of your research and development department. We can negotiate my compensation package demands later.

  25. 175 · boycott says:

    I think we are going about this the wrong way! Dont buy any products sold under the P&G umbrella. Obviouslly they dont care what the customer thinks. I always thought the customer was right. Just say no to P&G.

  26. 176 · Julers says:

    Yup – I’m ANOTHER unhappy Zest consumer. I won’t be buying it anymore either. I used to buy an 8 pack of the white bars and it would last us for months. Now with the new formula and EXTRA SMALL – HARD TO HOLD shape, we’re lucky if a bar lasts for a week! It’s ridiculous!!!!!!

    To P & G: Do you really think that the cost savings of making this product “better” has been worth LOSING all of these loyal consumers???
    I’d have to say that was ONE BAD BUSINESS DECISION!!!!

  27. 177 · Anonymous says:

    Agree with boycott. No more P&G products ever unless we get white zest bar soap that does not leave a soap scum.

    I am now making my own soap from soap berries (nuts) and there is no film. If you have room plant your own tree and don’t buy from these bottom-liner multi-national corporations that ruin the economy and the environment. They don’t give two thoughts about you – only their profits.

  28. 178 · Andrew says:

    Somebody needs to contact these fools at P%G and let them know that we do not need the sospy feeling after shower and do not need the moisturizer and whatever the heck they have added to the soap. I have bought Zest for over 30 years, but NO MORE!

  29. 179 · Vernon says:

    After months’n months, I’ve finally found a new body bar (not soap) that feels much like the old zest bars. It rinses cleanly, and smells great too. Unfortunately, P&G sells/makes it. I didn’t want anything from them after they changed zest to that new garbage. Try the Olay ‘fresh reviving’ moisturizing bars. It’s a white package with green accents. I’ve tried all the other Olay bars, but the ‘fresh reviving’ bars seem to be like the old style zest. It leaves no soap scum either. It’s my new bar! Ahhh, good times again! Stock up soon before P&G screws it up.

  30. 180 · anonymous says:

    Let’s bring back the original zest…….. the one that left no soap scum. This new stuff is crap !

  31. 181 · Anonymous says:

    We have been a Zest Soap user for years, we have hard water and never had a problem with soap scum, the new that is out is awlful, leaves soap scum on the body as well as in the tub!!!Why did you change it after all this time? I am sure that we are not alone when we say it stinks, we want the Old Formula back!!!!!

  32. 182 · cory says:

    I’ve used Zest for 50 years and havelways been happy with it untill now. This TOTAL CRAP they call soap just plain sucks. You can tell they don’t use their own products or they wouldn’t be making this CRAP. I’m done buying anything made by P & G

  33. 183 · bags says:

    the tangerine tango gave me an allergic reaction. i can’t buy zest anymore; i have to use irish spring….which i was using before the reaction. tried the tango and next thing i knew i had pink, rashy-like blotches – HUGE blotches – all over me. i was itchy, too. got a cortisone shot at the walk-in clinic and 20 minutes later i was back to normal and i didn’t get the reaction again. i’ve never been allergic to anything and i was using original zest somewhat regularly…until this and i was fed up with it breaking and being brittle when it got small.

  34. 184 · Don says:

    We have been using Zest soap for at least 25 years because it made one feel clean after bathing. Since they changed the formula it leaves a slimy feeling. Even the wash cloth has a slimy feel. It also leaves a scum in the sink. I hate it and will be changing brands unless thy bring back the traditional formula. Who was the genius that decided to change it in the first place?

  35. 185 · anita says:

    I have been raised on Zest soap for over 40 years. It use to be the best soap ever. Now it is just like every other piece of “crap” soap on the market. It leaves your skin totally dried out; a beautiful soap scum ring around your sink; and the shape of the bar would fit perfect shoved up the butt of the idiot that made all these changes!! Obviously the S.O.B. never heard of the saying if ” something isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. Leave the damn thing alone!!! I will never buy your product again, and if your smart you’ll fire the person who came up with these changes, and while your at it, fire the person that agreed that these changes needed to happen because obviously neither one of them knows what the hell their talking about!!!

  36. 186 · Bucky Harris says:

    What do you people do in your spare time? As I see it you must spend most of your time trying to make a cake of soap that you can’t hold onto in a shower. I have been a user of Zest for years and have tried to cope with your new and innovative ways of making soap. However, I have reached a point that I can no longer support your product. I hope you all think about this as you pick up the soap out of the shower.
    Age 84.

  37. 187 · Anonymous says:

    Thank you!! I ‘ve been using zest for over 30 years, I ‘ve been looking for the original bar for two years now. I ‘ve been searching the flea markets and every store. I feel like some kind of maniac. I spent ten dollars for the fake zest , they tried to convince me that it’s the original it looked green but when i wet the bar it turn blue i never got a chance to try white water i always use original light green zest wonderful soap. I tried the new zest and it torch my sensitive area. I’m much older now and i don’t need that kind of treatment. So can you please bring back the original while I’m still living or do you care about the older generation who’s been so faithful.

    thank you,

  38. 188 · Lynn Illinoise says:

    How did i benefit from the new zest? I’m allergic to them all. Is this considered the multiple benefits? I love the original formula because of its sensitivity. I don’t give a dam about the size or shape. I came up on using zest fully clean soap. You have wore out my patients, I’m tired of searching and coming up empty. P&G I’m waiting for you, it’s your move so make it.

    Please !!!!!! bring back original zest for all your faithful user. we’re upset and got good reasons to be.

    You didn’t have to take original off the market completely just to try your new formula made zest, why not please both new and older generations. Get over the madness and hear our plead, let us hear from you good news soon or how about now -December 6, 2009

  39. 189 · Lee says:

    Your new Zest formula sucks….cost me over $200 to go to the Dr. to tell me I had a Zest rash and to change to Dove which I now have, any suggestions as what I should do with the remaining 3 bars I have?

  40. 190 · Alex says:

    I, too, had used Zest for years. It was by far my favorite soap. I loved the aqua and white versions. The reformulation a couple of years ago was a mistake. The new shape is awful (I was not fooled by the reduced size) and this is now one of the worst lathering soaps I have ever used. I used to be able to lather once in the shower. This morning it took 4-5 separate latherings to finish. The original Zest truly was different from other soaps. had a very soft lather and it lathered profusely. It used to leave a nice clean fragrance on your skin and made my skin very soft and smooth. Now there is no distinct fragrance and the lather is awful. The shape is infuriating. Who did they survey in designing this shape?

    This is just another example of P&G screwing with popular, well-performing products in order to maintain “interest” in the product line. Other examples include the reformulation of the Herbal Essences hair care line (new versions do not perform as well as the old ones) and the discontinuation of the Tide Simple Pleasures Vanilla and Lavender. The numerous posts at the Tide website are proof that people miss this product.

    I will not try Zest again until they bring back the original formulation in the original shape and size. Lever 2000 is sold in the original 4.5 ounce size and the tapered shape. I suggest you try that brand as an alternative.

    P&G, are you listening?????

  41. 191 · JR says:

    After using Zest soap bar for almost 40 years. I can’t believe some new Exec. Went along with some R&D guy to change the shape and fragrance. Who’s ever decision this was change it back.
    This change must of been really profitable, because you thought you were going to sell more because the new bars don’t last long.

    Good luck
    Really Pissed Off

  42. 192 · real people says:

    The economy can’t be that bad, still a lot of really stupid people employed with Proctor&Gamble. If this was a communist country (remember communism?, college graduates, business geniuses.) they’d be shot.

  43. 193 · Ducksoup says:

    I bet someone at P&G has wondered how those large, profitable companies in the past ended up in the dust of history. P&G just took the first step by turning Zest into a soap. Don’t you remember “It isn’t soap, it’s Zest!” as a slogan? Now what’s the slogan — “It isn’t Zest, it’s soap!”??? Now they can do the dip test commercial with two bars of Zest — the old formula and the new soap formula.

    I’ll never buy another P&G product again without a copy of the old ingredients on hand to compare to the ones on the shelf, so I don’t waste money buying more bait-and-switch products.

  44. 194 · Gary P says:

    I have used Zest soap ever since I can remember and have always enjoyed its benefits (especially with hard water). They produced a bar soap a few years ago that was marketed as an “antibacterial” soap. I know its been a while since its been removed from the shelves but I really miss it. It had all the benefits of the old soap but had an aroma that was very appealing to me as a man (my wife liked it as well), (it was like cologne). I don’t know why it was removed (maybe because it was marketed as an “anti-bacterial” soap). If that is the case, I would like to see it remarketed as a men’s soap”. Thanks for reading

  45. 195 · Soaper says:

    The shape is designed by the soap makers FOR THEIR BENEFIT. The bar is designed to wear out the middle of the bar first and you are left with two end pieces. You either try to squeeze these pieces back into one piece to get optimum use out of the bar or do what the majority of people do, throw it out and open a new bar. This results in more SALES which results in more PROFIT. Don’t believe for a second that the shape of the bar has anything to do for the user.

  46. 196 · ben says:

    where can i buy zest soap bars ? i’ve looked in every shop in london!!

  47. 197 · Doris says:

    Need the white bar of soap back quick, before I change to another brand. What’s the problem? Used to love Zest.

  48. 198 · Anonymous says:

    zest soap does wonders for me. it helps with every last thing that needs washing

  49. 199 · Stanley says:

    I totally agree with everything said about Zest. The original white bar was the only one I would use. The new shape may be ergonomic, but it breaks into small pieces as the bar gets down to 25%. What a waste for us, but what a business coup for P&G. I beg you, return to the original formula and shape or lose the thousands of customers who now looking for another scum free all in one soap.

  50. 200 · Former Zest Fan says:

    I’m telling you …

    P&G doesn’t give a crap about people who loved the old Zest.

    Give it up, people. It’s not coming back.

    I’ve even thrown out the Zest bars I recently bought because the formula dries my skin out, doesn’t lather worth shit, and the aggravating “ergonomic shape” splits in two long before the bar is used up.

    I’ve switched to Lever 2000. It lathers great, has the nice shape that Zest used to, and it’s a full 4.5 ounces. Speak with your pocketbook and don’t buy any P&G soaps again.

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