Zest Soap Sucks

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed that Zest soap dissolves with even 1 drop of water on it. If you have a bar of this in your soap dish by the water faucet for washing your hands, its worthless. Its worthless even if you have little grates that let water drain out the bottom of the dish. As soon as this soap gets wet it dissolves really bad and wont last a week. While all soap will dissolve and get really soft in water this brand is the worst I’ve seen for this. I won’t make the mistake of getting this brand again.

I’ve noticed that they fixed the formula so it doesn’t dissolve instantly in water anymore, although there are probably some cases of the bad formula out there.

I found the following two snippets on their website

Since 1958, Zest has been a leader in personal cleansing with a commitment to improving consumers’ lives.  As a result, Zest launched an Ergonomic shape soap in January, 2007 that created multiple benefits for consumers:

Ergonomic Shape is Easy to Hold: – The exciting aesthetic design of the Ergonomic Shape results in great lather and is practical for your shower.

As far as I can tell that’s only 1 benefit. Personally, I’ve found it harder to hold.

Did you change Zest Bars?

All Zest bars are now made with synthetic ingredients. They’re 100% soap and have a new “surf” shape. I hope you’ll give new Zest a try!

Guess that proves they changed the forumula.


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  1. 201 · CAROL says:




  2. 202 · Listen to yourselves says:

    People People! The zest soap bar is one of the best soap brands out there! it does not leave any residue and I believe that over comes anyother problem. I think we can all deal with holding it uncompfortably for 5 seconds to wash our bodies for the result of clean skin !! Listen to yourselves and listen to me.

  3. 203 · regreting my past 25 years of Zest loyalty says:

    I too have recently bought some Lever 2000. I figured I’d give it a try. Although I’m a sticlker for sticking with time tested brands I’m most comfortable with. So far so good with Lever 2K. Bigger bar, good solid NORMAL block shape like soap aughta be, good frothy suds, a different yet clean nice scent, seems to be lasting longer per bar. When using it the bar doesn’t get so soft and spongy when while in contact with hot water. Zest has gotten too gooey during shower use since the 2006 re-formulation. It seems Lever 2K makes their formula more substancial in “ingredient cohesiveness”. After a few weeks I should also be able to tell if the tub residue scum subsides or lessens with L2K use. Hey PG & Zest…your days are numbered with me!

  4. 204 · RITA says:

    I guess you don’t need another person to comment on the new Zest but what a dissapointment! I too loved the white bar. Looks like a lot of people did. Don’t they want satisfied customers anymore. I have switched to Dove. But would go back to Zest if they brought back the Whitewater.

  5. 205 · sad says:

    bring back the white bar of soap…….please

  6. 206 · cory says:

    Had to try the NEW ZEST, Have to say this stuff really SUCKS!

  7. 207 · Barb says:

    We love zest soap and have used it for years, but I prefer the white or light colored bars and not the aqua. I am not able to find them in any store in our area (zip code 14469) please advise where these bars can be bought.

  8. 208 · mike says:

    Zest had detergent and less tallow before the change. Olay bar soap has no tallow and does a great job in the shower with much less scum. Olay is parrafin and glycerin based and costs more but it will replicate that old zest feeling for most of us sad consumers. Really try Olay bar soap 6 bars for $6.50 and give up Zest. Might as well buy Tone for 50 cents a bar.

  9. 209 · Time to dump the Zest says:

    Zest changed their soap in 2007. It just arrived in the stores in my area Mississauga Ontario Canada. It is terrible. I could live with the new bar–but the formula of the soap is different. It dries your skin and leaves it tackie and itchy. Not smooth like before.
    I HATE IT !!!!!

    Why change a good thing ?? With all these complaints why don’t they just change it back or have the old and the new and let the buyers DECIDE.

    Well, I decided to find something new. So far baby dove is the best. All the body washes leave you slippery and the tub like a ice rink. I too do not like too much fragrance.

    Please bring back the OLD ZEST. Listen to the people.

    The buck stops here. Stop buying and they lose money and will go back to the old zest.

  10. 210 · Anonymous says:

    Thank God!!!! I thought I was the only one I too used Zest for years and never had soap scum in the the tub for this was the main reason I loved Zest . But not anymore Please Please take us back to the old days …with no soap scum …..

  11. 211 · Anonymous says:

    I’ve used zest soap for 40 years but I do not like the shape it’s in today and will not purchase another bar with that shape.

  12. 212 · Mike S. says:

    Come on P&G please bring back the original Zest. I had to switch to another brand which is terrible but still better than the new Zest.

  13. 213 · Zest Cure! says:

    If you Cure the soap it will last twice as long.

    If you have ever wondered why soap is packaged in sealed boxes and then tightly sealed in plastic wrappers it’s so the soap doesn’t “Cure” while waiting to be sold.

    I buy Zest 8-10 pack sizes and take the wrapper off then, open the ends of the boxes and put them in the bath pantry – it will allow the soap to Cure and will also add a fresh sent to the pantry or towel storage area.

    I’m 63 and learned this from my mom fifty years ago. Try it you will be pleased with the outcome.

    Regards, Barry.

  14. 214 · illinik says:

    I have used Zest for 50 years. I like the white bar and its shape. Please bring it back. This new formula and shape is awful. Who is buying it? Bring back our favorite.

  15. 215 · hecho says:

    i just bought some “mexican zest” (zest hidratante) 99cent only store. It has lots of detergent-sounding ingredients to it… from the top (sticker translated from spanish): sodium and magnesium soap, potasic laurlsulfate, water, magnesium silicate, sodium sulfate, sodium laurelsulfate, perfume, sodium chloride, gylcerin, unsapponiable fatty acids, titanium dioxide, sodium citrate, citric adic… (more)

  16. 216 · Anonymous says:

    Zest needs to check the marathon bar soap, it does not smell pleasant once the bar is wet. The bar soap have a displeasing smell and it leaves that unpleasant smell on the skin. The ordor of the bar changes to an unpleasant smell, especially if the bar have been on the shelf for several months. The zest marathon bar soap should be pulled from the shelf.

  17. 217 · Anonymous says:

    why dont they leave it alone, no more lifebouy, no more white dial, no more white zest. the new bars are crap why i lost one in my ass

  18. 218 · Anonymous says:

    just switch to some other brand people…ill always keep zest it is the best get used to dry skin people. there isnt really another option as far as im concerned. use somethin else so you wont smell as good as me.

  19. 219 · 49 Danis says:

    The new shape is hard to hold when you have small hands and did they stop making Whitewater because it didn’t sell?

  20. 220 · Anonymous says:

    Zest used to have great scents especially the Whitewater Zest. The scents were great but, now it just seems like they keep changing their scents every little while. It seems like they can’t make up their minds. One comes out and they discontinue it. Another comes out and the same thing happens. They should stick to their original scents. Whitewater Zest was the best.

  21. 221 · Cheryle says:

    Used Zest for over 55 years. Hate the new shape. Want the old one back. When you have a winner for over half a century, why get sucked in with competing with the other companies changing all the time? Sure, keep the new shape for the few who love it. But I’d say the majority hate it. So have two shapes, if you must.
    New shape slips out of hand in the shower. I KNOW it was all about the recession. Cut the amount (weight) of the bar, and save money. But with success, why haggle over the small stuff. Greed should be left to the companies who DON’T have a product that guarantees revenue. Come on guys!!! What happened to your integrity??? You have the majority that will insure you sell this product and live comfortably!!!!

  22. 222 · Sallie says:

    I don’t care about the shape. I would like you to bring white water back.

  23. 223 · Brenda says:

    I have looked high & low for white Zest! I’m back to using Dove…

  24. 224 · Angelo says:

    I used to buy zest for 25 years, now like everything in AMERICA it sucks due to american GREED. THE soap dissolves in 3days when back in the 80’s it would last almost a month. well anyway, I’ve stop buying zest. Someone should create a better soap and call it TEZT.

  25. 225 · Filmy says:

    whitewater Zest was great,I have a well and it left me feeling clean as a whistle in spite of hard water. Bring it BACK!

  26. 226 · regreting my past 25 years of Zest loyalty says:

    I dumped Zest a year ago after 25 years of satisfied useage. It is a lesser quality now. You pay more and get less. So now I’m using Lever2000 and I have been pleased with it. Also…check out the bottom of a Skippy peanut buter jar. See the large concave inside hump. Once again you’re paying more and getting less. Skippy was my favorite all my life. Now I buy Jif peanut butter. Jif hasn’t climbed on the “secretly-rip-you-off” bandwagon yet.

  27. 227 · The man says:

    I HATE HATE HATE HATE all and I mean ALL Zest products. Every time I have used it feels like I burnt myself with a flamethrower and topped it off with an icing of soap scum. I hate their soap cause of it’s disguting smell, scum, and all the agonizing pain it gives me. Yuk!

  28. 228 · Cam says:

    On January 4, 2011 P&G sold Zest to High Ridge Brands, a portfolio company owned by private equity fund Brynwood Partners VI L.P. This move seems to follow a longtime pattern of P&G divesting itself of legacy brands that no longer fit into its current mega-brand marketing strategy. After more that 50 years on the market, P&G’s sale of Zest certainly marks the end of an era and it will be interesting to see what happens to the Zest brand in the future. Whatever happens, I guess we won’t have P&G to kick around anymore.

  29. 229 · lex says:

    I have always like Zest until this week. I bought an eight bar pack of Ocean Energy, and noticed a faint scent which seemed to be getting stronger. This scent is NOT!!! pleasant, but rather vile. I ended up putting all the bars outside in a sealed plastic bag. The vile odor is still in my house. I am tempted to return to Walmart. I might place the bars in my garden to repel insects, but risk the wrath of the HOA for foul stench from my property.

  30. 230 · smokey the bear says:

    the few times that i can hold on to a bar and a fire is not chasing me it slips out of my paw when i try to scrub rember hold those butts and prevent forest fires be careful keep it green smokey

  31. 231 · Canadian says:

    Why mess up a good thing? 10 years of Zest, and now I have to find a new soap. The aloe in the new fragrances wasn’t half bad.. but you discontined that too… so now I discontinue you PG!

  32. 232 · Concerned Consumer says:

    Please,please,please bring back the Linen Fresh or Whitewater Fresh white Zest soap. I also used it for many years and loved the fresh scent of it. Why did you discontinue it, was there something bad in the formula of the soap, possibly a cancer causing agent??? This has come across my mind. Please inform us of the reason for the change and the discontinuation of this product. I’m very concerned!!

  33. 233 · Sherry says:

    I agree with all above, i googled original white zest and found this site. I want the whiter water fresh back too, it was my favorite and the orignal aqua was awesome too, we used it for 45 years!! Now the aqua zest feels like it leaves us filmy and the white water fresh we LOVED is not available, PLEASE BRING IT BACK , I am now using Caress but want my white zest back

  34. 234 · dayzee says:

    Haven’t used Zest in years, but bought a twin pack recently. Upon using it this morning, the shape was intolerable, hard to hold
    onto. Will not buy again and am contacting the company.

  35. 235 · Pam says:

    I”ve been useing Zest for 61 years .It the only soap I can use .Because it rinse clean .I won’t travel with out my Zest .I just found your Zest with honey, love it .My skin is so soft clean .All your Zest are great .i don’t have soap scam.

  36. 236 · Ruth says:

    I am VERY put off by the fact that I cannot fine ‘WHITE ZEST SOAP’. I won’t use the colored Zest products for showers (not face soap). I want the purity of NO COLOR CONTAMINATES. I am for natural and/or organic as much as possible to stop polluting this planet. I also purify my household water. We (people) have done enough damage to the planet. I’ll look elsewhere for similar but thus far have not found anything remotely close.

    With the ‘stupidity of youth’ of the buying public it appears that Zest has followed them into the gaudy/flashy/aromatic way of doing business. You might want to consider watching the movie ‘FOOD, INC’. You’ll learn alot.

  37. 237 · Anonymous says:

    Zest Whitewater is being made right now and will be on the shelves by next month but the inventory needs to be built up.Look for others that were discontinued to come back also.

  38. 238 · Anonymous says:

    Try the Zest now and see if you see the Quailty of it has been improved. A new manufactuer and Owner is producing all of it’s products with a higher standard instead of skimping to save a couple of dollars.

  39. 239 · Itchy Scratchy says:

    I’ve used Zest for 52 years now. Somethings wrong! We want the original Zest (itch….itch….itch………SCRATCH).

  40. 240 · robin says:

    haha…I got off the zest wagon long ago for a more natural and locally made soap. Not only does it work better, smell better, it lasts about 3 times as long!

  41. 241 · mark from vancouver says:

    I miss the white bar of soap. White water fresh! The new shape of the bar of soap is not good. I don’t like it. Why mess with a good thing? Bring back the good soap. Zest was a good soap for my skin, making it nice and soft. Thanks zest!

  42. 242 · Jan W says:

    Just opened Zest I bought last year – what a disappointment!!! I don’t feel clean after using your product. Have been a Zest lover most of my life but now must find another product that doesn’t contain the what feels like lotion in it. – You’ve lost another customer.
    PS What have you added to the formula? Whatever, it isn’t good!

  43. 243 · Anonymous says:

    Purchased white bars of Zest for years. A couple of years ago, I purchased one with a greenish color (can’t remember the scent name) with the new shape. Thought/hoped it would be white…it wasn’t. The scent was awful…smelled like tobacco. Stopped buying Zest for a couple of years because of this. Recently purchased another package (foolishly the large package) in a different color box – blue this time. Once again the scent is disgusting!!! It smells like cat urine!!! What happened to the white bars of Zest soap with the pleasant scent? And, that “easy to hold” shape? If I could have seen the color or smelled the soap scent before purchase, I wouldn’t have bought it…that’s probably why they hide it away in those cardboard boxes and shrink wrap. No longer a customer.

  44. 244 · Anonymous says:

    What was the brandname of Zest that smells like cat urine lol that would be interesting to know!

  45. 245 · Savannah says:

    Zest has changed the shape of their soap bar, but I did not found it harder to hold. Yes it don’t last as long,and it don’t hold true to those old ads.,,,that it won’t leave soap scum in the shower. My family have used Zest for many years now, and we have a problem finding the original formula, the white bar

  46. 246 · Anonymous says:

    geeze give a chance for whitewater to get on the shelves it only started manufacturing in the last 2 months! As for the dog bone shaped bar,whats better holding in your shower wall a round bar or it?

  47. 247 · Anonymous says:

    glad white zest is back, i like it

  48. 248 · DAN says:

    I used Zest since the mid 1960’s. I haven’t used Zest now for about 4 years. I don’t have any beefs about the new shape. I didn’t like the new formula, it would leave soap scum on me. After a shower it felt like I had a thin layer of wax on my body. I use the bath washes and gels now. The after shower feel is a lot cleaner.

  49. 249 · Derry says:

    Have used Zest since the 70’s, after a college roommate, who was taking a course in organic chemistry, told me that his prof explained that it used a different salt that didn’t react with hard water to form precipitates (“scum”). I hated the change of shape. Only recently, after putting in a drain filter, did I really notice the scum that it caught. “This can’t be.” But it was. I discovered an older bar (in the original shape (at 4.5 oz. and not 4.0 oz.)), used it, and found much less scum — though I was surprised to find even any. Considering making a complaint to the maker, I did a little internet research and found a revealing article in Wikipedia, which outlined the changes this brand has gone through, including its sale to High Ridge Brands Co. I may switch to Dove bars (soap, not chocolate 🙂 ) or the more expensive Vanicream bar, which I just read about on another on-line review site.

  50. 250 · Matt says:

    I see Zest would OK used in the shower, but for me I tried it out in the bathroom sink and it is horrid. It foams up everywhere, and if not cleaned quickly it leaves soap scum not only in the sink but on your hands too. My drain has been clogged countless times from this product and I am not going to purchase it in the future.

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