Zest Soap Sucks

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed that Zest soap dissolves with even 1 drop of water on it. If you have a bar of this in your soap dish by the water faucet for washing your hands, its worthless. Its worthless even if you have little grates that let water drain out the bottom of the dish. As soon as this soap gets wet it dissolves really bad and wont last a week. While all soap will dissolve and get really soft in water this brand is the worst I’ve seen for this. I won’t make the mistake of getting this brand again.

I’ve noticed that they fixed the formula so it doesn’t dissolve instantly in water anymore, although there are probably some cases of the bad formula out there.

I found the following two snippets on their website

Since 1958, Zest has been a leader in personal cleansing with a commitment to improving consumers’ lives.  As a result, Zest launched an Ergonomic shape soap in January, 2007 that created multiple benefits for consumers:

Ergonomic Shape is Easy to Hold: – The exciting aesthetic design of the Ergonomic Shape results in great lather and is practical for your shower.

As far as I can tell that’s only 1 benefit. Personally, I’ve found it harder to hold.

Did you change Zest Bars?

All Zest bars are now made with synthetic ingredients. They’re 100% soap and have a new “surf” shape. I hope you’ll give new Zest a try!

Guess that proves they changed the forumula.


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  1. 251 · Anonymous says:


    Are you using a water softing filtering system for the house? Also which brand of Zest was the big foamer or was it any of them? Also may sound real strange but I have been using Rain-X on the tub just as the Windshield to keep the scum down seeing just about and soapbars can produce soapscum. Rain-X will make the water just slide off the shower doors and walls of the tub and sink.

  2. 252 · Anonymous says:

    I really would like to see a more “family size” bar come back. I remember an ergonomically shaped bar, sorta oval shaped with squared off ends, and a flattened bottom that allow air circulation underneath. This really was a lot easier to handle on a washcloth. Please bring back a larger shaped bar.

  3. 253 · Ross says:

    I have discontinued using Zest a few years ago ever since the Whitewater fresh was discontinued. I thought I’d check on Zest to see if they considered bringing back the Whitewater fresh. It does not look like it will ever come back.

    I found a new soap: Dove Men Care Aqua. It feels and smells the closest to the white water fresh. So good bye Zest hello dove!

  4. 254 · Skelator says:

    Whitewater is back and has been back for awhile.


  5. 255 · LeZanne Wallace says:

    I have noticed that Zest has started leaving soap scum on my tub and me. I found an old bar and couldn’t believe the difference! I’m so disappointed! I guess me and Zest will be parting ways after all these years. I will have to find something new! Disgusted!!!! Ugggg!!!

  6. 256 · Skelator says:

    LeZanne if you still have a carton of the soap you had bought can you provide the code date thats on the end of it so it can be tracked. I also had some bad soap and it did the samething and pitched it but changed to whitewater and it was fine.Did that soap suds up at all?


  7. 257 · ted says:

    one needs suction cups to hold these bars of soap! this tells me who came up with this shape MUST REALLY SUCK is not anybody square enough to come up with a square one

  8. 258 · Trevor says:

    I love zest soap,it makes me think back on my childhood and also a much simpler time in life,my grandmother had the aqua bars in her washroom,next to the sink,and in the shower,,, i really miss the old shape of the bars,they lasted longer,and they were much easier to hold onto,,, i hate the new shape of the bars, i cant see how they are supposed to be easier to hold,compared to the older shape, the scent has changed to,,, why cant they just leave things alone? charging the same amount of money as before,but now we have a reduced sized bar.Change isnt always better,,, i miss the old zest,the old shape,and when the bars were 150g,,, now the largest is 113g,,

  9. 259 · Skelator says:

    Those dies cost 30k a set so don’t plan on a change anytime soon


  10. 260 · Anonymous says:

    I miss the whitewater fresh ! Please bring ot back one of if not the best soap ever made….please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  11. 261 · Gilbert from las vegas new mexico says:

    Whitewater zest is well missed…..im surprised i never ate one these bars lol! Shocked and disturbed this was discontinued…walmart and others are losin business…i tried others but not much success…only o.e is slightly comparible…the white safeguard with aloe vera……it does have some comparison to out beloved whitewater…try it guys and leave ur comments…im curious on ur opinions on it..it may b ur desperate replacement 🙂

  12. 262 · Skelator says:

    It’s still being made but maybe it just isn’t in your area because of poor sales.

  13. 263 · Anonymous says:

    After using Zest for about 30 years I’ve switched to Irish Spring. Seems to be harder milled so it doesn’t melt as fast plus I like the conventional shape of their bars better than the dumb-bell shape of the Zest bars..

  14. 264 · gregmech26 says:

    Have they, or will they ever, change back to the original ZEST formula after being sold from P&G to the new company? Currently it is horrid. It’s the same soap-scum, slimy-feeling, residue-producing product. Yuck!

  15. 265 · Skelator says:

    Greg you would have to ask Brynwood Partners that question http://www.brynwoodpartners.com/ and find the answer. I did notice myself it doesn’t last very long and it does leave scum alot. The same Company who produces it also makes major name brands with different formulas it depends on the owner of the soap brand how they want it made.

  16. 266 · Mike says:

    The newer version of Zest Aqua is terrible. Looking at the ingredient list they added glycerin and vitamin E. I have oily skin and this new version caused more oil to accumulate on the skin and also causes breakouts. Why change such a good product to make it worse, go figure. I bought all the original bars I could find several years ago when I notice the ingredients have changed. Now I am finally running out and haven’t found any soap which is comparable. Almost all soaps make a moisturizing formula; great if you have dry skin but what about those of us who have oily skin! I’m just tired of all the formula and fragrance changes. I wish they’d just bring back the original Zest Aqua. How can they call the new Zest Aqua with all the new moisturizes added, the “Original”, it’s been changed for the worst! I wish they’d bring back the real ORIGINAL that smelled really good and made you clean without the breakouts.

  17. 267 · Stephen says:

    The shape is horrible. You’ve reduced the size of the bar and made it look about the same size with the shape change. Also, we buy the product because we like the characteristics of the soap…the way it feels on the skin, the fragrance, and the compatibility to ones allergy’s to detergents. The latter being one of the most important aspects for me. So when you change the fragrance you mess with my allergy’s and that is game changer. I have to find another soap or go with hay fever-like symptoms 24/7/365. Long and short of it…leave it alone or we will have to take our business elsewhere.

  18. 268 · Anonymous says:

    It’s the formula/product that we care about. It works for us or we would not have been buying it all these years. Selling what loyal customers want still means something to the customer. Why are you trying to reinvent the light bulb guys? Give us what we want or we switch brands. (that is no easy chore for people with allergies.)

  19. 269 · Brian says:

    I, too, will be buying some other bath soap product when the bars of Zest in my bathroom closet are gone, and that’s likely to be SOON — these things dissolve faster than Alka Seltzer in a glass!

    A bar of Zest used to last me more than three months; now they’re gone in three weeks!

  20. 270 · vponce47@yahoo.com says:

    I recently bought one of your new products, called Zest High Intensity, Force Pheromone Enhanced..I must say this is the worst soap I have ever used….to begin with, it’s this” red…sludge… thick- jelly like substance”that does not even lather up!!!! It turns my white shower stall, pink, after you rinse the wash towel……it has stained all my wash towels…what is in this red-sludge? who came up with this invention? really, the worst product I ever used…I wanted to return it for my money back, but thought it was just me…oh, no, kept using it for 2 or 3 more showers, and realized, it’s horrible….it’s not me, it’s your product!!

  21. 271 · Looking for the dark blue scented soap says:

    I purchased a dark blue bar soap within the last year but can’t find the name or the manufacturer. It has a lovely scent. Help

  22. 272 · skelator says:

    Thats High Intensity and it’s produced in I think 3 plants in the USA privatly for a company.


  23. 273 · Suds says:

    The ‘ergonomic’ shape causes the bar of soap to weaken and break sooner. Surely a Christmas bonus was rewarded to the originator(s) of that idea. This has no doubt increased the number of utilitarian minded people who stick the broken pieces into the ‘ergonomic’ recesses of a new bar of soap. (Guests can have the option of using a non reconfigured bar.)

    This is the influence of the bean counters. Someone in this commentary section mentioned that a product can’t be left to ‘grow old’, a philosophy right out of Bean Counting 101. Did you ever wonder what carried more weight…a product not ‘growing old’ or a loyal customer base created by dependable and efficacious products? What do you think?

  24. 274 · S.Williams says:

    I will never buy Zest soap ever again in my life..i have worst allergic reaction in my life..my body is currently filled with 50cent pieces size dry patches all over my skin..im so embarrassed. .i cant wear short sleeve shirts ,shorts nothing..its all over..my behind looks like idk wat..my back arms legs everything. .im so hurt..and i am a black woman..its gona take atleast 4months to clear these scars on my body..never again. PLEASE BE AWARE PEOPLE

  25. 275 · Skelator says:

    That’s yourself not everyone, the soap is safe and there is one that will stop that. A lot of the soap you buy will come from the same manufactuer and they are stringent when it comes to making it to the standards of the owners.


  26. 276 · Dave says:

    Zest —– Bring back Whitewater Fresh Soap —– Please!

  27. 277 · Yekini says:

    This soap would be perfect if it only wkored!It smells very good but there’s something missing in this soap. As good as it smells, I’m left with a faint lingering odor after bathing with Irish Spring soap. Coast is another great smelling soap but I don’t find it to effective in combatting odor either. It has the same consistancy as Irish Spring. I find that using ordinary deodorant soap, like Palmolive, does the job.

  28. 278 · Anonymous says:

    The original Zest Aqua soap was the only soap I could use on my face without leaving dry skin or breakouts and soap scum on the tub. Another great product totally destroyed. This formula changed around 2007. You lost an entire family of dedicated uses for life!

  29. 279 · Anonymous says:


  30. 280 · Cool says:

    What is in it?

  31. 281 · Hattie says:

    As a child my family used Aqua Zest. That started in 1957. When I became an adult with children I continued to use zest for them and the white formula was it. I continued to use it for many, many years and then, one day, it was gone. I cannot tell you how disappointed I have become with P & G. We, your pay checks, have been complaining and literally begging you to bring the white water bars back for years. I will gladly tolerate the shape if I could just get the original white water back. I can’t believe that you, as a for profit business, would continue to ignore the will of millions, I am sure, of your loyal customers. The White Water. Please? Isn’t anyone listening? You mean to tell me that you could really care less! Sigh!! The White Water, Please!

  32. 282 · Skelator says:

    Whitewater is being produced currently and the demand for it is hard for the manufacturer to keep up with the demand. You need to ask the store you shop at to stock it.

  33. 283 · Danis klatt says:

    Zest has a different manufacturer & not gonna elaborate but I had major problems from new formula!

  34. 284 · BUCKEYE says:

    Wow I cannot believe I am not the only one that noticed the change in the soap and I started using it in the 70’s. There is something they put in the middle and is white -greasey and leaaves a white residue in my sink. Never did this before and worst off all 3 bars do not last a month. They need to be turned into the consumer complaint agencey and see what they R putting in it to make it desolve so quickly. It is a way to ripp us off to buy more so R regulations dept needs to step in and do a class act suit. Our gov’t is letting us down, not doing their job and we pay them just like the sizes changing on bags of chips(the price is the same just smaller) and many many other items like a bag of noodles, not a pound anymore 14oz and now even 12oz. MUST STOP THE CO. FROM GETTING AWAY WITH THIS.

  35. 285 · Gizmo says:

    I agree with Buckeye!!! The Gov’t needs to step up to the plate for we the people. If we would all try a new soap, then the zest co.would disappear just like their soap. LOL!!!

  36. 286 · Robby Simmons says:

    I started using Zest and a few days later I started itching real bad and as the days progressed it got worse, I opened a bar of coast and within 2 days the itching went away. During the itch time I noticed my skin getting real dry.

  37. 287 · L. Wood says:

    I have had difficulty finding Zest Whitewater Fresh in stores as well. I only buy the body wash. I resorted to buying it online through Walgreen’s. The price was much less than what I used to pay when I was able to buy it in stores. It may be available to buy online through your local drug store. I looked on Amazon first, and their prices were outrageous. Plus the shipping charges were ridiculous. You would spend more on shipping than on the product itself! I even contacted the seller and they were not helpful at all.

  38. 288 · Virtual Private Server says:

    This can be modified with a hanger to create a hanger swirl, by pouring the stripes into the mold on a piece of cardboard so that the stripe slide into the mold, by pouring the stripes down the mold walls, or in the center to create sections of striping in a full loaf of soap.

  39. 289 · NANCY BAKER says:


  40. 290 · Lifelong User No More says:

    I have used Zest my whole life. When the bars changed shape and became very small, I still stuck with Zest. I cannot do this anymore!! The last bar I opened and used started leaving huge amounts of soap scum in the tub. I couldn’t imagine what had happened at first. I cleaned the tub and after the next shower, the same thing!! Who wants to clean the tub EVERY day?? Whatever this soap is, it isn’t the Zest I have used forever. But I am definitely done with it.

  41. 291 · Anonymous says:

    Are the people who make this product even reading these rants? What’s wrong with them that they do not respond?

  42. 292 · Zest fan says:

    So I recently went to dollar tree and bought the zest for men 2 pack for my boys..after 2 days of them using it i noticed that it didn’t have a cologne scent it smells 99.9% exactly like the whitewater fresh smell so I was wondering is the whitewater discontinued or is it packaged different?

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