2d Animation Software

I’ve had these in my bookmarks for awhile and figured I’d share them.

  • Toon Boom
  • Synfig – Film-Quality 2d Vector Animation (open source)
  • Plastic Animation Software – 2D software
    for drawing traditional animation the digital way (free version available)
  • KToon – 2D Animation Toolkit (open source)
  • PD Pro Digital Painter (was known as Project dogwaffle)
  • CreatToon (free software – not sure if any new versions are planned though)
  • the TAB – you can export to video files, flash and setup bones for characters
  • HASH -they offer Animation Master (seems they updated their web site recently)
  • e frontier America, Inc. – they offer Anime Studio and Manga Studio (seems they bought Poser also)


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