39 Dollars for FLV Export

On2 (the people behind Flash 8’s FLV Video Encoder, On2 VP6) make a rather inexpensive video exporter for Flash called Flix Standard. They also seem to have other more expensive products but if you pre-edit the video before it ever needs to be made into a FLV this should work pretty good. I learned that Adobe will not let you install the Flash Video Encoder by itself without another license. So if you have several people that need to convert videos for Flash, but will never even use Flash itself, you don’t want to shell out several hundred dollars to do so.

The most affordable, entry level desktop encoding application for FLV video for Adobe® Flash® Player 8 and 9.
Put your video on the web in three clicks. Flix Standard encodes virtually every type of video, audio and image file into Flash, the most popular media format on the Internet. An amazing value, Flix Standard is the perfect entry-level video encoding solution.

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