7 More Tips for eBay

1. Place your item in the right category. Sometimes people will search just a specific category to narrow the results. You can always add your item to more than one but it costs a little more.

2. Keep your email address and mailing address up to date, in eBay and PayPal. Nothing is more frustrating than getting a package back from the Post Office, it delays the time you receive an item and causes the seller to pay shipping again.

3. Be ready to bid near the end of an auction. Thats when the eBay snipers strike. During the last minutes of an auction, is when the item will get the most bids. If you stayed up all night for that auction be prepared to be sniped, it happens. Some people use programs to out snipe others.

4. Keep the buyer notified. Let them know when you mailed a package, so they know its on its way.

5. Beware of scams, eBay now also keeps what emails they send you also in your message center when you log into eBay. So you can tell if it was sent by them.

6. Make sure shipping costs are in the auction (if its something to be mailed/shipped). No one wants to buy a 99cent item and then find out they have to pay $20 for shipping. Don’t be too greedy on shipping, sure you can add a little extra for the packaging & tape but don’t go overboard on it. They will simply buy from someone else.

7. Double check your auction. You can edit things afterwards but it goes at the bottom if its already been submitted. Be sure to review the preview.


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