A Better Way to Promote Than Using House Ads

If you have a huge website, chances are that you have some promotions for some of your own products, sections or sites in advertisements which are often called “house ads”. House ads get lower priority than paid ads from customers and even from content based ads as such as Google Adsense, Yahoo! APT or your own ad system. However if you have to pay for house ads on your own site, you really need to see how many house ads you are running. Let’s say you are running 1,000,000 house ads a month and you’re getting charged $0.50 per CPM (cost per thousand impressions) then that means you are spending $500 a month just on house ads.

Now it’s important to promote your own items in many cases, but at what cost? Some people like to show house ads in case there isn’t any available paid ads to let potential clients know there are advertising spots available. But your clients and potential new clients will know the spots are available. Why not just leave the area blank or collapse the area? That would decrease the amount of ad blindness, since ads would not always appear on the site in the same spots. If you really need to promote your products, create a JavaScript snippet that randomizes through an array of text and images and decide where would be best to place those promotions. By making it in an external JavaScript file you could update it on the whenever you wanted. If you really wanted to get fancy you could build something with PHP or some other backend scripting language and send query requests and have it generate promotions dynamically. Then you wouldn’t have to use 10 javascripts to have say random auto links on one page and random real estate links on another. And by not using your ad system to display house ads you won’t get charged.

Another idea would be to frequency cap your house ads (only show them once per user per day). That would reduce the amount that you show, if you really need to show them.


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