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If your desk at work is like most, you probably have a lot of sticky notes pasted all over your monitor. While Mac users have had a program like this for years it’s never been something for Windows users to have. And sure Outlook has sticky notes but it has to be running the whole time and it doesn’t have many options. However there are free programs to do this to eliminate the need to use distracting fluorescent pieces of paper.

A Note is an open source solution for sticky notes. Although work on it has seemed to cease since 2004, its still one of the best programs out there. Some of the key features are the ability to change the font, random colors, transparency, alarm and more. Personally I feel the best option of it has is the ability to slide to the left or right hand side of the screen and dock. The only bug I’ve seen with it, is that making your own hotkeys with it doesn’t work right.

A Note

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