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Do you spend a lot of time creating rich media ads (expandable, floating, video, etc ads)? There are vendors that make it much easier to build these. Some ad platforms, such as Yahoo’s APT requires you to use a third party vendor for rich media ads.

One that I’ve had a chance to work with is adInterax, which Yahoo bought a few years ago.

Their UI looks kind of old, but it’s very powerful. You can easily build ads that float, slide across, peel down or expand. It’s also very easy to create templates that you can modify if you sell a particular type of ad often. The ads will update on the fly when changed in their system, so it doesn’t matter if your ads are live in another ad system. You can also track events such as when someone clicks pause, closes a ad and so on and they have good reporting system.

One thing I have noticed though is adInterax re-encodes videos you upload even if they are FLV files. However, when it does so it can mess up the dimensions of the video. For example a video that was 300×200 might get changed to 304×208 and have weird banding issues on it.

So its best to upload the movie as MOV, AVI, etc into adInterax and let them encode it.
I’ve found the following settings for a 300×200 video (for a 300×250 ad) to work best.

High Quality Settings

  • Video Quality: 50%
  • Audio Quality: 75%
  • Audio Channels: Mono
  • Frame Rate: Keep

I leave the Low Quality ones at their defaults.

Make sure the resulting video is less than 3,000k though. You get charged $2 per CPM rather than $1 per CPM for anything over 3,000k. And 3GB is not the same as 3000k, either.


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  1. 1 · Troy says:

    Do you have any contact info for Adinterax? I would like to use theri service but how do you sign up?

  2. 2 · blogger says:

    Their site only gives:
    Yahoo! Inc.
    701 First Avenue
    Sunnyvale, CA 94089

    and I found a phone number by doing a WHOIS on the domain
    1 408 349 3300
    not sure if anyone answers that though.

    You might try this information seeing how Yahoo owns adInterax now.
    Yahoo! Advertising Solutions:

  3. 3 · blogger says:

    Seems they updated the frontend of their website. I found there contact email now:

    or you can use the email form at:

  4. 4 · Anonymous says:

    If you are ok with your ads not serving in IE, I’d say go for adInterax. They have horrible customer service. They haven’t updated their tool in years – making no strides to stay current in this heavily mobile world.

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