Adobe Exchange and ColdFusion

Adobe Drops Flash for their Exchange
I never liked using the Flash interface for the Exchange, you could never use your middle mouse button and its search and sorting were limited. Flash forms were basically what Macromedia thought Web 2.0 was going to be all about several years ago. I think they still believe it to be important with Flex, but I never really saw any sites take advantage of the Flash Forms, even ones generated by ColdFusion.

Speaking of ColdFusion (which I use only at work), I wish Adobe would add the ability for post-increment/pre-increment, and if they added some way of doing arrays starting with 0 instead of 1. I’d also like to see a CFScript equivalent of every CFtag, while almost eveything you can do with CFtags you can do with CFScript, its not always the case. CFML is hard to read, because HTML-like syntax was never meant for coding. People say its great for beginners, but I really don’t know many beginners that can afford ColdFusion. And the companies that run ColdFusion are usually Fortune 500 ones, and I seriously doubt they are going to hire “n00bs” to programming. I suppose that’s due to its early roots in the 90’s, where it was meant to be easy to learn and so they decided to use tags like HTML. CFforms are nice but the stylesheets they dump in mid-page are a pain to restyle. Guess I’m just nit-picking now, I’m still a bit of a “n00b” to ColdFusion. CF isn’t that bad though, interacting with SOAP Web Services is very easy and XML traversing is nice (although its kind of confusing to go through nodes with a dash in them). I haven’t tried out version 8, but I doubt they plan to ever upgrade at work from what I’ve been hearing.

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  1. 1 · Steve 'Cutter' Blades says:

    Yes, Flash forms should become a thing of the past. It’s a shame you aren’t working with the latest and greatest. CFScript support has vastly improved with ColdFusion 9 (about 95%), including fully scripting CFCs, and should get full parity once ColdFusion X (10) comes along. I think most developers will continue to use the tags in their view templates, at least with anything inline with HTML. If you have suggestions though, you should definitely should voice them with Adobe.

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