Adobe kills Fireworks

Adobe has announced they are killing Fireworks. Fireworks may overlap features from Illustrator and Photoshop, it does things that Photoshop is way too slow and cumbersome to do. Many UI designers, Web Developers and others know that Fireworks is just easier to deal with. Sure Photoshop has powerful Bitmap capabilities that Fireworks cannot match and I end up using a mixture of the two. I do most of my work in Fireworks, because it helps me get the job done faster. Fireworks has been lagging in features, a much needed live linked files for example. Photoshop is not the future for web design, especially for responsive design. Fireworks may not be the answer exactly, but it comes much closer than Photoshop ever will. Yes, Fireworks text rendering sucks, but it is a excellent tool when used in a combination with the other Adobe products.


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