Adobe Photoshop CS3 Is Fast

I finally got to try out Photoshop CS3 and it is faster, but I noticed that the first time you load it after a reboot, it is a little faster than it was before. However if you close it and start it back up later on it will load up very fast. I’m thinking that when Adobe did their live web cast awhile back, this is what they must of done, because it wont load super fast unless you have started it at least once before.

Adobe Bridge is still slow as ever though. I wish they would of kept the feature Photoshop 7 had, which was that it would make the icon for any PSDs show up as a preview. Although if you need to preview PSD’s in Windows ThumbView is a good app to use for that (it also supports many other formats).

ImageReady was discontinued
and all I can say is that its about time. I think Fireworks would be a better replacement for it. Of course they also dumped Freehand for Illustrator and they also dumped GoLive for Dreamweaver. Those were definately good moves as they moved forward with the strongest products. I didn’t see FlashPaper anywhere but I didn’t mess around much with Flash CS3. Director 9 will probably be released later on down the line, Macromedia always released it like a year after their other apps.


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