All Links Broken on SourceForge?

Is it me or does it seem that every link to each projects downloads are broken on SourceForge? Wonder if this will make people mad enough to move their stuff over to Google Code Hosting or not. Google Code Hosting doesn’t have forums they use the Google Groups, which isn’t good because you can get your email address harvested by spammers easily and it doesn’t have lots of formatting tools; However, the SourceForge forums suck as well. Don’t get me wrong I like the fact SourceForge host lots of open source projects for free, but this is at least 2 days in a row I haven’t been able to get files for several apps.

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  1. 1 · Anonymous says:

    did this ever fix up for you? if not, you can contact our Support group for it …

  2. 2 · blogger says:

    Seems to be working now. 🙂

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