Alternatives to Digg

Just incase you don’t like the Digg version 4, here are some alternatives to check out.

  • DZone – Great site for development news and blog stories, they have plenty of tags to let you filter out what you use. The site gets a lot of submissions but not enough votes on the submissions to figure out what is really good (the top stories for 24 hours may only have 15 or 8 votes). Also the AJAX scrollbar is irritating to me.
  • DesignFloat – Focuses on web design news and tips, but most of the submissions are nothing but lists.
  • DesignBump – Another site about web design news and lots of lists
  • Sphinn – Dedicated to internet marketing
  • reddit – Similar to Digg, but the design is too plain and submitting stories can be a pain as they make you wait a long time before submitting again. The submissions are pretty general so expect a lot of weird images, funny videos and bizarre news.
  • Slashdot – The classic technology news site is still around and has improved a bit, but it doesn’t have as that much information on web development and design.
  • Mixx (classic) – The submitted stories aren’t as good as they should be, but you’ll get the top news stories. The site has a general audience, so the technology news isn’t what it could be. I really dislike how they changed the homepage for because they wanted to promote tweetmixx which doesn’t seem much more than something that could be a sidebar.
  • Propeller – Another general news site.
  • Yahoo! Buzz – Another site to find the top news stories online


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