Amazon Seller Tactics – The Old Product Swap

I’ve seen this tactic on Amazon quite a bit. If you go through your old purchase history you might see it also. Amazon hasn’t done anything about it, but its been used for over a year or two for sure. I mention it, so maybe it will get overused and ruin the site to where they might actually fix it. I doubt it though, Bezos doesn’t seem to care about many of the shady tactics I see on Amazon.

A seller basically takes an item they used to have that sold very well and had a ton of great reviews. Then slowly but surely they change everything about the product and now its an entirely different product they are selling. However, it has all the old high rating reviews. I’ve seen this a lot because many times I read the reviews and notice they are talking about something else or the pictures don’t even match up to what it was before. They might of had a 5 star rating on a Blender, but now they are selling a Printer. It doesn’t matter, they keep the ratings and reviews and it helps them sell the new product.

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