API Christmas Wishlist

I’d like see an API for TV schedules. But I wouldn’t expect this from TV Guide, but I think every TV station should provide a API for their shows and when they air. Of course this would mean you would have to grab the information from the tons of stations out there to have a station guide, but at least the information would be out there.

What about a API for pulling sports scores, stats and schedules? I wouldn’t expect such a thing from ESPN or Sports Illustrated, but each sports league or team (preferably the league) should provide an API.

And why not a API for Movie releases and movie theaters? Surely, the big movie studios could provide an API to find out what new movies are released and to look up ones that are already out. And perhaps big movie theater chains, could provide an API to look up local movie theater times for movies.

And why is there no API for automobiles or for cooking recipes?


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