Are OfferUp Promotions Worth Buying?

If you are selling items on OfferUp (an app that lets you sell things similar to Craigslist but much faster and easier), you have the option to pay for promotions. Promotions vary from bumping your item up one time to featuring your item for a limited period (3 days, 7 days or 14 days). I decided to try this out on a piece of furniture I had.

So I started bout the Feature 7-day option at $11.99 on a Thursday afternoon. The furniture I put on there I started at $400. However, the next day (Friday) I lowered it to $350, then the down to $325 on Sunday, and then down to $300 on Monday. In total I received 2379 views, with 4 messages. One person offered me $100 (a third of my asking price), another $150 (half of my asking price), another offered to trade me a diamond, and another said they liked it but couldn’t afford to buy it right now.

So while I got a lot of views, the item never sold and I think most people are looking for something cheap anyway. These promotions are how the OfferUp company makes money, but unfortunately I didn’t have any success with it. And to be honest, I don’t think I would pay for this again. I definitely wouldn’t suggest paying for the “bump” as you can easily delete your item and post it again.

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  1. 1 · Matt says:

    Maybe you were just overcharging? That amount of views means the promoting was working well.

  2. 2 · Phil says:

    Sounds like the classic case of overcharging in the first place to me. You got over 2000 views and no buyers? Sounds like you priced it too high…..

  3. 3 · Melissa says:

    I don’t think that you gave it enough time. For me,if I see something that I like, I will take up to 14 days to decide. Here’s why, it gives me real TIME to investigate. What happens if something else comes up and then I regret buying? Then my money is tied up until I can resell it. In today’s economy people are more cautious.

  4. 4 · Big bob says:

    You overpriced the item. You took bad pictures. Bad description. Bad title. You are in a very competitive category (furniture…) You need much better keywords for that item and a very detailed description of the specifics for furniture. I get 20-100 views on certain items and sell within one day on my flips. The person who said 14 days to list something is dumb, if you do it right you’ll have any item sold in a matter for a day or days if you know what you’re doing, take good pics, be honest, communication, good area, and have it priced right. That type of exposure is extremely good.

  5. 5 · Big bob says:

    I hope I didn’t offend anyone and I wish everyone the best of luck.

  6. 6 · Jason says:

    Look at all these ridiculous comments. Have any of you sold something of value.

    These losers probably work for a leftie tech company, defending a very bad service. OfferUp has the worst buyers but it’s probably a close tie with MarketPlace, even Craigslist is better. This guy didn’t have bad photos, and wasn’t over charging, OfferUp just sucks.

    And I don’t expect this to be approved, I just want to tell the moderator, fuck you.

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