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I’ve been using‘s web search for a week instead of Google.

Some things I dont like about Ask’s search are

  • The TITLE tag always says “ What’s Your Question?” rather than putting my search string, so if I have many tabs open I can’t see what is what.
  • Wikipedia links go through a template. There is a link to go straight to Wikipedia’s version below the search engline listing and on the templated entry.
  • The sidebar has Related Searches and Search History, but why not more a date range option like Google has? Sometimes I want a newer result for what I’m searching for and I’d rather not have to go into settings change it and then change it back later.
  • For some reason sometimes the calculator wouldn’t compute, but if I refreshed it would work.
  • does offer search features such as a calculator, weather, conversions and more; However, I noticed the spelling check that it does automatically like Google does, is not as good.
  • Ask’s maps are powered by Bing and always default to New York, but then tries to figure out your location via JavaScript and is slow to update it.

Apparently they just redid their homepage a few weeks ago, but I’ve really never used the site before. I still use Google products (Maps, Reader, Docs), but I think I’ve moved from Google search for the most part.

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