Band of Brothers on the History Channel

Granted it was Memorial Day, it seems the History Channel airs Band of Brothers every month. While its a great mini-series (I have the DVD set), I am kinda tired of them showing it ever chance they get. I wrote about the Discovery Channel becoming crap before and it really makes me wonder if more and more the History Channel will follow. As each Television station tries to become more mainstream and gain a bigger audience they ignore their niche. MTV lost their niche long ago, and it seems VH1 (who was supposed to be what MTV was) is doing the same thing MTV has been doing for years. They want to make History less boring, but to their core audience, history is not boring.

And I guess I’ll go off on a tangent here, but has anyone else noticed that the TV Guide channel is now down to 2 bars for thier TV schedule and that it goes so slow. In the past it used to be like 4 or 5 lines of information. And it seems that the Weather Channel doesnt bring you Weather on the 8’s every 10 minutes but when they feel like it.

And is it me or are there like 10 Judge shows on TV now days? Judge Lopez, Peoples Court, Judge Matthis, Judge Joe Brown, Texas Justice, Judge Alex, Judge Joe Lane, Divorce Court and so on.


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  1. 1 · hank says:

    The history channel just called John Muir an “ignorant shepard.”

  2. 2 · Jim says:

    The selfomecial as like to call them speaks of the history of the Aircraft Carrier. First they say that CV 1 Langley was a converted Cruiser named Jupiter. The USS Jupiter was actually a Collier who’s mission was to deliver COAL to the fleet for propulsion. The converted cruisers became the USS Lexington and the USS Sarratoga. Next they incorrectly stated that the first sea battle to which no ship saw or fired on each other was the Battle of Midway. In fact one month earlier the Battle of the Coral Sea was in fact the first sea battle in which neither for came into sight or fire of each other.

  3. 3 · Anonymous says:

    As usual the history of mankind was mostly about white and black America.
    The same old history, does American history only revolve only around blacks?
    At least have the decency the put a Mexican serving his country in ww2 or a Chinese working in the railroad. Enough on the blacks history, they have history month, we don’t even have a day.
    Sign a pissed off Mexican vietnam vet.

  4. 4 · Suresh says:

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