Bathroom Attendants

Bathroom attendants, you know the person that hands you paper towels and dispenses soap on your hand in the bathroom and expects a tip? Why do places have a need for this kind of employee? Is it because they expect people to use drugs or have sex in the bathroom? And since they cannot put up security cameras inside the bathrooms, they need someone in there? Sometimes they sell small items such as mints, lotions, cologne or even condoms. In women’s restrooms they are known for allowing everyone to share the same eyeliner or lipstick. Do people really want to use a community lipstick with everyone else that has been in that bathroom? Who knows if they really washed their hands and if it fell on the floor. Although maybe the restroom attendant assures that everyone gets their hands washed. I can’t imagine having to stand around in a bathroom, watching people come in, hearing them take a crap and plop out turds and have to smell farts and poop. Then have them come by with their dirty hands and having to squirt some soap into their hands, turn on the water, get the right amount of paper towels and then hope for a tip. Maybe they take care of any gas problems in the restroom with some air deodorizer. Maybe they are their to also keep the bathroom clean at all times? Can you imagine if butlers were required to do this? Heck, why not have them wipe my butt while they are at it. However, washroom specialists are probably needed at gas station and truck stop restrooms.

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