Bell Bicycle Tube Repair Kit Review

This bicycle patch kit that can be found at Walmart includes

  • 20 glue-less patches
  • 3 tire levers
  • 1 wrench
  • scuffer

However, its pretty much worthless, unless you just want the tire levers. The wrench won’t really unloosen a regular bolt, unless you have hands of steel and a lot of torque. The glueless patches won’t stick to the tire, even if you scuff them up with the little scuffer that it comes with. Even if you do manage to get the patch on there, it won’t stay on when you pump up your tire. The best thing to do is go back to the old rubber cement patches that glue on your bike tube. It really doesn’t take much more time and they last. It can be a little hard to find those kits, but their are a lot of them on ebay for cheap.


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