BetterHelp review – it’s not cheap counseling

Despite being promoted by lots of YouTube influencers, it’s not really cheap.

  • You get billed every 4 weeks, not by session. Even though they say it’s $90-$100 a week, they bill you every 4 weeks regardless of any cancellations by the counselor, holidays etc (which means you lose that week’s session). A year of sessions, will cost you $4,680-5,200.
  • They don’t accept insurance.

You are really better off finding someone else that can do remote sessions in your state for less or even looking for counselors outside the US. It can take awhile to find someone international that speaks English, but now days with virtual sessions, there is no reason to pay more for someone local.

I think their target market are people that don’t have insurance, their insurance won’t cover counseling or the deductible is too high (like they would have to spend $5,000-10,000 before it would kick in).

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