Car Theft Prevention Solutions

Some possible deterrents.

While nothing is 100% effective, the name of the game is to make it harder, slower, noisier and more expensive for auto thieves to commit the crime.

  • If you have a garage, keep your car in your garage, it’s more valuable than the other junk you store in there.
  • Do not leave any valuables inside your vehicle, empty it out as much as possible, even your insurance card, should be in your wallet. Items like jumper cables can be put near the spare tire
  • Install a fuel pump switch. When turned off each time you park, no one can drive your vehicle away. Keep the switch hidden somewhere.
  • You could also get a starter or ignition disabler or fuse cut-off.
  • Do not leave your vehicle running idle to warm up, stay inside of it
  • Etch your VIN # on all windows (there are kits to do this cheaply)
  • You could pay for a monitoring system that follows your car by GPS, so in the event it is stolen it can be tracked and found (although there might be a monthly fee for this kind of service)
  • Use lug nut locks to deter tire/rim theft
  • Get license plate security screws (some thieves are stealing license plates to commit other crimes and avoid being tracked)
  • Etch your VIN or license plate # on your catalytic converters.
  • Spray paint your catalytic converter with bright high temp paint
  • Install a skid plate or large cover to the bottom of your vehicle to prevent catalytic converter theft.
  • Use aftermarket products like straps or wire cages to make it harder for your catalytic converter to be cut off
  • On an incline, leave your car in park with the wheels turned toward the curb or some other obstruction to make it hard to tow.
  • Get a key signal blocking case to prevent thieves from amplifying its signal. Companies have started selling these cases to help car owners protect their keys. These cases will completely block your key’s signal so thieves cannot use it to unlock your car wirelessly.
  • Check your car’s manual to see if you can turn the keys keyless feature off. Turning the key off makes it impossible for thieves to amplify the key’s signal.
  • Steering wheel locks, brake pedal locks, theft deterrent decals and/or blinking led light on the dash can possibly deter non-professional thieves
  • Park your vehicle up front & under lighting as much as possible. Parking in a far spot in the parking lot, dark area or on the side of the building, just makes it easier for someone to go unnoticed stealing.
  • Make sure you have a working car alarm, especially one that can activate when the vehicle is jacked up on one side.
  • Install a secondary car alarm in your car for extra protection. Secondary car alarms have a wide range of capabilities. The best on the market is able to tell you if your car doors are open or closed
  • Upgrade your horn to one that is louder so when the alarm goes off, it will be much louder than usual.
  • Install a CCTV (security) camera and motion detection lights at your house.
  • Roll up your windows and lock the doors (this should go without saying)

Don’t wait until your vehicle is stolen, take these measures as soon as possible.

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